Meatless Monday: 100% Plant-Based Meal Plans for a Healthy Halo

Meatless Monday: 100% Plant-Based Meal Plans for a Healthy Halo

Reap all the nutritious benefits of 100% plant-forward eating in these meal plans sprinkled with unMEAT's plant-powered magic

Being a vegetarian or vegan in a largely meat-eating world is tough. Your carnivore friends pull faces when you suggest trying out the new plant-based restaurant down the road, and your nearby supermarket’s plant-based options are pitiful. It’s no wonder that 84% of vegetarians and vegans abandon their diet (Faunalytics, 2014).

Instead of forcing yourself into a miserable meatless diet, you can enjoy the perks of a healthy plant-based diet by creating unCHEAT days for yourself. Pick a day or two of the week where you substitute meat with 100% plant-based options like unMEAT’s range of products, or choose vegetarian dishes over meat ones. With this much choice, you'll be so happy to unMEAT!

Well, can't wait to get started? We’ve got some yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner unCHEAT options worked out for you and your family below. unMEAT's ingredients are so simple that even kids can spell them, and they're so tasty that they'll keep asking for seconds. 

unCHEAT Day: Breakfast Ideas

1. Tofu Stew Porridge with unMEAT Minced Meat

Under the weather days call for a nice, steaming pot of congee, and this Bubur Ase (Tofu Stew with Porridge) will definitely rescue you from the clutches of a bad cold. The rice porridge based is softened over half an hour – coconut milk can be added for creamier textures at this stage – before homemade pickled vegetables and pillow-soft spicy tofu chunks are added on top. With flu-fighting spices like lemongrass, ginger and garlic steeped into this porridge, every mouthful of this savory congee will set your immunity back on track. 

For a pinch of savory morsels, throw in some unMEAT minced meat in a pan and let it sizzle for about 4 mins, then fold into soft pillowy porridge for a lip-smacking bowl. There you have some delicious, 100% plant-powered protein! 

2. Delectable Dark Chocolate and Caramelized Banana Oatmeal

An infallibly quick and yummy breakfast recipe you can use over and over again is this Delectable Dark Chocolate and Caramelized Banana Oatmeal recipe. Soft, chunky caramelized bananas on top of a steaming, mildly sweet bowl of oatmeal give you the slow-releasing energy to keep you going throughout the morning. Dark chocolate bits give that bit of bittersweet caffeine boost and make a classic pairing with bananas.

You won’t even realize that your unCHEAT day has started with this classic breakfast that everyone will enjoy.

3. Curry Puff with unMEAT Minced Meat

Creamy curry potato with egg hugged in crispy golden pastry, it is no wonder that the Curry Puff is a popular snack throughout Southeast Asia. This delicious pillow of goodness, while not the easiest to prepare, is well worth the effort! The difficulty lies in the pastry –the dough must be allowed to rest for 20 minutes and deft hands are required to fold the filling into the pocket. Once you have it down though, the rest is easy! Curry puffs freeze nicely so make a big batch and save some for the future! 

To add a juicy taste of meat, while still being meat-free, fry up a palm of soy-based unMEAT minced meat and add to the assortment of egg and curry. We promise it's heavenly, and makes a quick snack of 100% plant-powered protein! 

unCHEAT Day: Lunch Ideas

1. Zesty Thai Style Tri-Colored Quinoa salad

Supercharge your midday with this vibrant Zesty Thai Style Tri-Colored Quinoa salad. Shredded veggies are tossed with quinoa and a zesty, spicy sauce to give you a refreshing, 100% plant-based lunch.

2. Green Curry Baked Rice with unMEAT Luncheon Meat

Creamy, mildly sweet with addictive umami flavors, Thai Green Curry is a hot favorite wherever you go. This Green Curry Baked Rice lets you skip the steps of preparing the green curry and rice separately by infusing those addictively good curry flavors directly into the rice.

Use unMEAT Luncheon Meat to replace the beef mince – it’s cholesterol-free and completely plant-based. Simply mash, or pinch up the luncheon meat slices and crumb into this oozy, curried bake. Then, bake till the cheese on top is a beautiful golden brown and you’re ready to dig in!

3. Wonton Noodles with unMEAT Minced Meat 

Wonton mee, or wanton mee, is a popular noodle dish in Asia. This Malaysian version with fresh egg noodles tossed in a special dark soy sauce and with plump wontons.

For a meat-free meal that's bursting with flavor, simply replace the pork and shrimp with unMEAT minced meat for a delicious bite and "meaty" taste. It'll be sure to impress your friends and family.  

unCHEAT Day: Dinner Ideas

1. Dan Dan Noodles with unMEAT Minced Meat

unCHEAT your way to slurp-worthy goodness with the numbing Szechuan spices of Dan Dan Noodles. The aromatic nutty taste of sesame with red hot chilies and numbing peppercorns infuse the longevity noodles with a distinct taste, setting it apart from other noodle dishes.

You can easily make this into a 100% plant-based meal by swapping out the ground chicken for unMEAT minced meat and chicken for vegetable stock. We promise you can’t even taste a difference with the substitutes – that’s how close to real mince unMEAT minced meat is.

We recommend making a bigger batch of stock for freezing so you can easily reheat them for quick, delicious weekday dinners.

2. Pizza with unMEAT Luncheon Meat

You can achieve the addictive, meaty flavors in pizza without the meat. For a 100% plant-based option, rely on unMEAT Luncheon Meat and simply scatter over pizza or let it sizzle a little in hot oil to heat it up. The soy-based 100% plant-powered protein is cholesterol-free, trans fat-free, and with no added preservatives. Who would have thought you could get fiber with luncheon meat? 

Plus, to make this in double quick time, switch out the typical doughy pizza base for a soft-shelled tortilla instead (the ones used in quesadillas). 

And, to balance out the big flavors, make a citrusy mango salsa and a zesty yogurt-lemon garlic sauce on the side. This taco pizza’s a big nod to Mexican inspirations of salsa and quesadillas, which has influenced so much Filipino food.

3. Giniling with unMEAT Minced Meat

You don’t have to forego your favorite Asian meals just because you’re on an unCHEAT day. Recreate the simple yet flavorful Giniling in 100% plant-based style by swapping out the pork with unMEAT minced meat. As the cholesterol-free and non-GMO unMEAT minced meat comes pre-seasoned, you can reduce the amount of salt used.

Tuck into this hearty stew with rice, and use the leftovers to make palaman or sandwich filling or Tortang Talong, an eggplant omelet.

You can get your unMEAT at Fairprice and Redmart Lazada.

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