May The Forks Be With You: What Would Star Wars Characters Eat in Asia?

May The Forks Be With You: What Would Star Wars Characters Eat in Asia?

Can you imagine the fearsome villain Darth Vader tucking into a fiery Mala Xiang Guo? Well, we channeled our inner Jedi sense and paired Star Wars heroes and villains with delightful Asian dishes this May the 4th

As one of the most epic sci-fi popular films ever created, Star Wars has captured the hearts of billions of humans worldwide (including ours!). This May the Fourth Day, we channeled our inner Jedi and soon sensed their stomachs... getting hungry. From fearless Princess Leia to darkhorse Rey, we put the forks into this delightful compilation: What would Star Wars Characters eat in Asia?

1. Darth Vader: Fiery Mala Xiang Guo 

Tall, dark and menacing, the classic fictional villain had only 1 goal throughout the years- to crush the Jedi Order and Rebel Alliance. Absolutely nothing fazes this once Jedi (aka good guy), thus he would breeze through even the most extreme of spicy Mala Xiang Guo, even adding more of those Sichuan peppercorns and perhaps ticking through this recipe list of Mala Salted Caramel Popcorn, Mala Molten Lava Cake and a Bursting Mala Meatballs Soup. His relentless nature would surely relish this tiny bit of spice challenge – when he’s not out being a Sith Lord (aka evil guy), hunting and killing Jedis across the galaxy, of course.

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi: Energy-Packed Sesame Roast Beef with Cauliflower Mash 

Intelligent, noble and an expert light-saber wielder, Obi-Wan is dedicated to mastering the ways of the force. Our most memorable moment of him was when he clung to dear life while fighting the villanous Darth Maul, but eventually won the heated-battle. We can totally imagine him having a hearty Keto Sesame Roast Beef with Cauliflower Mash after these intense battles and training sessions with Anakin and Luke Skywalker. After all, he needs a protein boost to keep his tiptop fighting shape. 

3. Luke SkyWalker: Playfully Fusion Beef Rendang Lasagna 

Luke was probably the greatest Jedi that the galaxy had known. Together with friends Princess Leia and Han Solo, he fought the evil empire and ended the Sith’s reign of terror. Headstrong but adventurous, we believe Luke would be open to trying out new flavours such as the fusion Beef Rendang Lasagna, which combines the classic Beef Rendang flavours that we all know, tucked under layers of cheesy baked pasta sheets. 

4. Princess Leia: Spicy Ayam Masak Merah

The darling starlet Princess Leia is definitely one of everyone’s favourite Star Wars characters. Strong willed and fiery, the twin sister of Luke Skywalker is also a Rebel Alliance agent. She is often caught in action, gunning down the henchmen of the evil lord Darth Vader. We think she would definitely relish the spicy kick of an Ayam Masak Merah that's full of sharp ginger, galangal, invigorating turmeric and the heat of chillies. What a way to keep the energy flowing! 

5. Han Solo: Comforting One-Pot Tom Yum Risotto

If you a Han-Solo, you'd probably go for the ever dependable, comforting One-Pot Tom Yum Risotto. He's known best as an egoistic, reckless and greedy smuggler, we love the many humorous situations Han Solo always gets himself and his best buddy Chewbacca in. Remember how he took the Millennium Falcon out into an asteroid field to escape the Empire’s forces in The Empire Strikes Back (1980)? We were blown away by his brazen and crazy maneuvers which ultimately got everyone safely out. That's why he'd love a one-pot. When in doubt, just throw it all in and hope it turns out well.

6. Chewbacca: One-Pan Slow-Baked Wuxi Pork Ribs

The sidekick Wookiee of Han Solo is not to be taken lightly! He often intimidates others with his growls and tall, bulky frame. It doesn’t help that most people (with an exception of Hans) don’t understand his language of grunts from planet Kashyyyk. For all their treasure hunts, battles and narrow escapes, Chewbacca definitely needs more than a human’s fair share of food! Given his love for meat, we would definitely introduce some One-Pan Slow-Baked Wuxi Pork Ribs. In fact, we think we might need to prepare several pans of those in advance given Wookiees’ notorious appetites.

7. Yoda: Healthy Brothy Miso Carrot Kale Stew

Ah. The calm, collected and mysterious wise one. A Jedi of over 800 years old, Yoda had experienced and learned much of the history of the Galaxy, serving as a grandfatherly mentor to the younger generations of Jedi. It is well-known that during his years of self-inflicted exile on Dagobah, Yoda relied constantly on rootleaf stew, a mix of roots and swamp weed. We are certain he will find comfort in our Healthy Brothy Miso Carrot Kale Stew as well as it is jam-packed with healthy vitamins from plants of the earth.

8. Rey: Grab-and-Munch Curry Puffs 

As the newest female protagonist in the latest Star Wars movies, Rey is stubborn yet loyal. Born as an orphan on the planet Jakku, she started off as a scavenger in the harsh desert climate before rising to become a Jedi in the war between the First Order and the Resistance. Given her frugal upbringing and taxing battles, a load of Curry Puffs is surely handy for Rey to carry around as a perfect energy-replenishment snack.

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