How To Use Fish-Free Tuna In Different Delicious Ways

How To Use Fish-Free Tuna In Different Delicious Ways

From light lunches to hearty dinners, here’s how a humble can of unMEAT Tuna can elevate your meal and leave you wanting more

Pop the lid and enjoy it from the can, or tip it out on your salad. Canned tuna goes back over a 100 years, and its rich flaky goodness has been incorporated into dishes worldwide, from refreshing salads to gooey cheesy casseroles. What if we told you there’s an equally delicious, sustainable and pocket-friendly 100% plant-based version of it out there? Here at AFN, we put unMEAT’s Tuna Style Flakes to the taste test….and walked away craving for more. 

We’re not the only ones impressed with unMEAT Tuna’s closeness to regular tuna. Over 70% of participants in a consumer taste test found that it closely resembled regular canned tuna in taste, appearance and mouth feel. With zero mercury and high amounts of protein and fiber, unMEAT’s plant-based tuna is a more sustainable and healthier option you can enjoy daily. 

unMEAT’s Tuna can be easily used in the same classic or fusion dishes that feature regular tuna. If you need a little more inspiration on how you can use fish-free tuna in your everyday meal prep, we’ve got it covered below.   

We simply love it straight out of the can

Don’t be shy – like how one takes a dip into an open Nutella jar when you think no one is looking, we won’t judge you for eating straight out of the can. We did it too. unMEAT’s Tuna looks just like what you would expect out of a regular tuna can, moist flakes sitting in either oil or water and all ready to be consumed or used. Tasters from the consumer study enjoyed how unMEAT’s fish-free tuna tasted “similar to traditional canned tuna but doesn’t have an overpowering taste that some traditional tuna can have”.

We loved its pleasant aftertaste, and the overall flakiness of it. As it tastes so good on its own, unMEAT tuna paired well with light or neutral carbs like crackers or a refreshing salad. Top it off with chili flakes or freshly cracked black pepper for an extra oompf!

Gather round the campfire for classic tuna pasta

unMEAT’s convenience in a can makes it perfect for whipping up a plate of classic tuna pasta, which is perfect to take on a camping trip or use in a kitchenette of a hostel or studio apartment. 

You can also vary your pasta base by using different shapes. Sauté it with olive oil, cooked and drained little orzo pasta grains, some peas, tomatoes or diced up vegetables you like for an easy pasta meal that goes beyond just plain pasta and tuna. You can also create a fish-free and meat-free Sicilian tuna lasagna by layering sheets of lasagna between chopped tomatoes, unMEAT fish-free tuna flakes, black olives, mixed peppers, cream cheese and a sprinkle of mixed herbs. Bake till golden brown on top and enjoy yet another fish-free tuna pasta variation!

Who doesn’t love a quick tuna sandwich or wrap?

With its moistness and savory flavors, unMEAT’s protein-rich and cholesterol-free tuna flakes also go perfectly with tuna sandwiches or wraps. unMEAT Tuna is preferred by consumer test participants over alternative vegan tuna brands thanks to its appearance, flavor and texture. It’s not overly sweet, salty or peppery for most consumers, making it an ideal main filling for sandwiches and wraps. 

Slice up some omega-3 rich avocadoes, juicy cherry tomatoes, fresh lettuce to compliment unMEAT fish-free Tuna in a Tuna Wrap or sandwich. You can also add a dash of mayo or sweet sauce to hold your condiments together better!

Wok-hey it into fried rice

Busy mums love canned tuna and for good reason – it’s fast, delicious and is high in protein. unMEAT Tuna has all that and more, while containing zero harmful mercury. Refrigerate any leftover white rice and turn it into a one-pan family dish the next day. Enjoy it Korean style with a Tuna Kimchi Rice recipe or Malaysian style in a tasty Nasi Goreng. 

unMEAT’s tuna flakes don’t require any cooking, just a light reheating. They can be added towards the end of the dish, just before frying your eggs if you are including them. Top with chopped chives or scallions and serve up hot for a fulfilling family dinner! 

Tuna Style Sushi is another family favorite

Like how sushi is almost synonymous with seafood, unMEAT Tuna flakes goes well with California rolls, maki rolls or even baked into a fusion snack like Spicy Tuna  Kani Sushi Bake. As a source of fiber and high protein, it makes for a healthy snack or light family lunch. In fact, 66% of current canned tuna users are willing to switch or add unMEAT fish-free tuna to their diet as they view unMEAT tuna as a healthy option with a clean taste. 

When it comes to having unMEAT Tuna Style Sushi, we like it best with a dollop of wasabi mayo on top. Share it with friends and family without telling them what it is at first – they will be surprised to learn that it’s fish-free tuna!

Get addicted to Tuna Fish Cakes

For fried snack lovers, Tuna Fish Cakes made from fish-free unMEAT Tuna is a definite treat. Sauté a spice base of shallot, garlic, ginger and chili oil before adding in carrots, zucchini and mushrooms in, and let the veggies soften for a couple of minutes. Take it off the flame and mix in two tins of unMEAT Tuna,  diced water chestnuts, olive oil and an egg. Shape into patties and fry them till golden brown. 

With 82% of the tasters agreeing that unMEAT is a healthy option, and more than half of them willing to serve it to their own families, we bet you might just get as hooked as us to the new fish-free, zero mercury  100% plant-based unMEAT tuna.

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