Healthy Asian Takeaway? Fete Up Shows Us How, With The Help Of  ‘Rainbow Vegetables’
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Healthy Asian Takeaway? Fete Up Shows Us How, With The Help Of ‘Rainbow Vegetables’

As the winner of Food Made Good’s ‘Good to Go’ Award, sponsored by Deliveroo, Fete Up invigorates the popular fast casual bowl concept with healthy twists on classic Asian dishes. Guilt-free Nasi Lemak? In an eco-friendly takeaway box? Fete Up has you covered.

My first impression of husband and wife team Wei Kwan and Janet of Fete Up, was their generosity of spirit. I got lost heading to their Kwun Tong location, (a Hong Kong neighborhood I was not familiar with). For some reason, my Google maps took me to a spot a good 15 minutes’ drive away from the restaurant. Confused and hungry, (I’m being dramatic) I called Wei Kwan for directions. Little did I expect, he and Janet jumped in their car to come pick me up! 

Fete Up’s conception as a business is also a story that is relatable and human. After welcoming their children into the world, Janet set a goal to get her pre-baby figure back. Having a history of fluctuating weight and unhealthy eating habits, she instinctively felt an extreme diet was not for her, and she turned to a method tried and true, but often overlooked – a balanced diet of good fats, lean protein, healthy carbs and lots of veg, along with regular exercise. Janet’s friends and family noticed her physical transformation and asked what her secret was; then, a lightbulb went off. Janet partnered with her husband Wei Kwan and his old military buddy from Singapore, William Tew, former head chef of the Qantas lounge, and Fete Up was born. 

Fete Up is a refreshing and thoughtful take on the fast casual bowl concept: A conscious curation of protein, healthy carbs, and their signature “Rainbow Vegetables” all combined with flavors that lean decidedly Asian. 

My favorite part of their menu was their seasonal specials, which are healthy twists on familiar comfort foods – the one constant? Rainbow veggies.

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Nasi Lemak Bowl. Photo: Fete Up

There’s the Mapo Tofu Bowl with mala meat sauce, brown rice, choy sum and peanuts, Taiwanese braised pork with brown rice, braised egg and cucumbers, and even a Thai Green Curry Beef Bowl. I decided on the Nasi Lemak Bowl, Fete Up’s ode to the local favorite so popular in Wei Kwan’s home country of Singapore. Their version features turmeric spiced chicken, their signature coconut rice, cucumber, pumpkin, cherry tomato, jicama, red onion, peanuts, ikan bilis and house made sambal belachan. 

I am a huge fan of traditional nasi lemak, so was curious to try their health-conscious version, - and I have to say, it captured all the flavors I love from the original, but left me feeling energized, light, and satisfied - what is it about the sight of a colorful bowl of food that brings a smile to my face? It’s almost as if my body is already responding to the benefits of the ingredients.

‘Vegan Crunch’ - Fete Up’s Falafel Bowl. Photo: Fete Up

Wei Kwan and Janet also offered me a taste of their crispy, fluffy falafels - beautifully moist and seasoned perfectly; I could pick out the fresh coriander right away. 

Another stand out was their Thai roasted cauliflower: golden brown florets, flavored with Thai red chili and kaffir lime leaf - I could imagine this as the perfect veggie side dish. And finally, their sous vide chicken breast, one of the many protein choices available, seasoned simply and cooked to perfection. 

Pad Kra Pow Bowl (available in 2021) featuring Thai roasted cauliflower. Photo: Fete Up

Fete Up came into green practices later into their business, inspired by their customers’ increased interest and consciousness. As a predominantly takeaway concept, they chose to focus on their containers and utensils. 

Fete Up’s takeaway boxes are made of recycled materials and fully biodegradable. Not only that, their thoughtful design makes them sturdy and leak-free. Fun fact: Wei Kwan came to know about such containers from his time in the Singapore military, where these very boxes were used for their daily rations. 

When asked about his thoughts on becoming a sustainable business, he says that ultimately, real change needs to come from the top down, citing Singapore as a few steps ahead of Hong Kong when it comes to going green, however, he also believes that real sustainability lies in the power of small steps taken by many. 

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Fete Up’s takeaway boxes. Photo: Debbie Wong 

The food at Fete Up feels personal - from their creative healthy twists on Asian comfort foods, to the whimsical exercise-inspired names of the bowls, to the simple, wholesomeness of their flavors; tasty, yet approachable, something like you might make to nourish yourself, but with the convenience of (eco-friendly) take away. 

Fete Up showed me that sustainability takes on many forms, and while they are actively making conscious choices to better serve the environment, sustainability also encompasses SUSTENANCE, a topic which Janet and Wei Kwan clearly have a passionate connection with. 

Thank you Fete Up, for sharing your story and food with me. 


Debbie Wong is a self-taught cook and classically trained actor based in Hong Kong. She is the host of Food Wars Asia, Kitchen Quickies, and her ongoing international culinary series on YouTube -Debbie Wong’s Wok and Gong. Follow her on all socials @ms.debbiewong.

This article was created in partnership with Food Made Good HK.

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