Great Singapore Snacks to Celebrate National Day: Part 1

Great Singapore Snacks to Celebrate National Day: Part 1

Looking for food ideas on Singapore National Day? Here's your online guide for delicious snacks that is enjoyable to eat. Read this article now to know more.

Come 9 August, grab a flag in one hand and food in the other and you’re all set for National Day. Pick from the island’s famous food offerings, from old-time flavours like kaya, to new best-sellers like salted egg yolk fish skin and unusual rendang chips. Most are either finished in a few bites, or come in resealable bags. All are available in major supermarkets and convenience stores at Singapore.

1. Kaya Pocky by Pocky and Ya Kun


Kaya Pocky is here. Finally, famous Japanese biscuit-stick maker Pocky has made a Singapore exclusive with local coffee brand Ya Kun –with Pocky sticks covered in Ya Kun’s famous kaya spread. While typically spread thickly on buttered toast, this one’s coated on a plain mess-free biscuit stick. It tastes a little sweeter than regular kaya, but you still get a good punch of pandan and coconut. Exclusively available at the Singapore Tourism Board's annual Singapore Food Festival, STREAT, and all Ya Kun outlets island-wide. We’re hearing though, that some places have already sold-out.

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Kaya is a jam made of coconut milk and flavoured with pandan leaves, and forms part of a regular Singaporean breakfast. 

2. Singapore Laksa Potato Chips by Snacky & Crisps


This is an intensely laksa-spiced chip, that is, the hard-hitting flavours of curry leaves, sambal, coconut-milk and shrimps without the noodle soup broth. While not exactly how laksa tastes, it’s a close-equivalent. The star of the pack though, is not thechips but the dried taupok, which is plenty, and is another impressive reason to try it. Available at all major supermarkets.

In Singapore, while there continues to be sharp rivalry over who makes the best laksa, it’s generally agreed that you’ll be able to get an excellent bowl of the spicy shrimp coconut noodles in the eastern neighbourhood of Katong. There, you’ll find long-standing peranakan laksa stalls that always attract crowds. 

3. Rendang Chips by Mister Potato


A limited-edition flavour created originally to celebrate the Islamic month of Ramadan, this lightly-seasoned Rendang chips are so popular that they’re still selling now, nearly three months after celebrations. The thick oval potato chips are dusted with a trace of sweet, spiced rendang powder. And here it comes in a tin, which is resealable, sturdy enough to drop into a carry-on, andmore than easy to pass around. Available at all major supermarkets.

Rendang is a heavy blend of caramelised coconut milk, garlic, fried shallots and other Southeast Asian spices, a gravy of which is widely used in chicken and beef dishes in parts of Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Singapore. Try out one of Southeast Asia’s most famous dishes, beef rendang, or opt for chicken instead.

4. Avocado Kopi by LiHo


This time, Singapore’s famous cheese-beverage brand combines two well-loved favourites -avocado smoothies and coffee. An exclusive National Day drink, it blends creamy sweet avocado with thick bitter coffee, or kopi, the kind found in hawker centres in Singapore. While the double-act is not new, its novelty lies in the way it’s sold -in a traditional take-away plastic kopi bag.

Avocado doesn’t just go with coffee, blend some with gula melaka in a great-tasting avocado gula melaka smoothie.

Available until September 30, only at these outlets:Orchard Gateway, Wisma Atria, Centrepoint, Bugis+, Lucky Chinatown, Haji Lane, The Central, V Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa, Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, Vivo City

5. Nonya Chicken Ba Chang by Joo Chiat Kim Choo


Made by time-tested dumpling maker Joo Chiat Kim Choo, this nonya chicken bachang, or rice dumpling with spiced chicken is as tasty as it gets, for a convenience-store dumpling.

Each dumpling is fist-sized, stuffed with chicken and a spice paste inspired by nonya flavours of shallot, dark soy sauce and pepper. But perhaps the draw is how convenient it is to unwrap the dumpling.

Here, traditional pandan leaves used to wrap the sticky rice triangles are replaced by an easy peel-off plastic container. While convenient though, it takes away the trademark floral fragrance left by the steamed leaves. They’re made daily in halal-certified kitchens at Joo Chiat Kim Choo and sold in two flavours, nonya chicken and salted chicken. You’ll need to microwave briefly before eating.

Available at 7-Eleven stores.

6. Chicken Satay Onigiri by 7-Eleven


Chicken satay joins the ever-growing list of ingredients you can stuff into an onigiri. This ready-to-eat seaweed rice wrap with chunks of cold chicken leans towards the sweet rather than savoury, like satay. And its sweetness comes from a delicious satay sauce mix, that’s rich with the signature taste of peanuts.

Available at 7-Eleven stores.

Satay, usually made from grilled chicken or beef, is a popular street food found in parts of Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. 

  • More snack recommendations in Part 2 of the series here.
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