Frontliners and Family Favourites: How Philippines' Comfort Food Brand CDO Delivers To Each Doorstep

Frontliners and Family Favourites: How Philippines' Comfort Food Brand CDO Delivers To Each Doorstep

With their classic sticky sweet pork strips and creamy cheese slices, the country's family food brand CDO feeds frontliners and more with doorstep deliveries

Can a small group of mums feed 7000 frontliners in Philippines’ fight against the coronavirus?

Well, with some help from the country’s family food brand CDO, they’re raring to go.

It all started when a member of a small parent blogging community, PR professional Clara “Gie” Ramos, saw a video of a homeless elderly man who said people like him could die first because of hunger than the virus.

Brand Buzz Mommas are a Filipino parent blogger community that kick-started deliveries to those in temporary shelters, and now with CDO's help, are providing meals to frontliners (pictured). Photo: Brand Buzz Mommas

That image prompted Gie to rally her community to help him. Eventually they found out that the man was staying at the Delpan Evacuation Center in Tondo along with many others like him.

Quickly, Brand Buzz Mommas raised P18,000 (over USD 350) to buy ingredients and cook for him, as well as the families at Delpan, a residential area in Manila. Gie reflected that it was not easy to shell out money, but a lot of people still helped. Those who couldn’t donate in cash sacrificed their time. JM Lavadia, a single mother volunteered her home as a storage and dispatch center, coordinating with suppliers, cooks, and delivery riders.

Eventually, when they saw photos of grateful old folk tucking into the meals, they were spurred on to do more.

That’s where the 45-year-old household food brand CDO stepped in, offering to provide everyone's best-loved Filipino food to them.

Filipino frontliners receiving packs of CDO Holiday Siopao, a popular frozen doughy meat dumpling that needs only reheating before eating. Photo: CDO

Under its CSR program #CDOnates, the company donated food products that enabled the mommas to cook home-style meals for the frontliners. “There are about 5 of us volunteers who cook 50 meals each per day,” explained Krisha Nandwani, a mom of two. “Then we distribute them to different government hospitals. We would prepare pasta dishes topped with Danes cheese, and rice meals with CDO Funtastyk Tocino,” adding that the frontliners loved the meals.

Now biggest challenge for the volunteers was no longer sourcing and delivery (CDO took care of that), it was the physical and emotional exhaustion that came with feeding so many. Gie shared, “I became so busy to the point of sacrificing my time with my family. But so were the frontliners, that’s why I can’t stop. Things got better once we figured out a system.”

“And when the doctors and nurses send their photos enjoying the food, seeing their joy and reading their messages make everything worth it,” mused Krisha.

For JM, she too, feels encouraged when sees her 7-year-old daughter writing notes to cheer the frontliners on, “I know we are doing something right.”

Now, CDO and Brand Buzz Mommas are now aiming to feed 7,000 frontliners in Metro Manila and Bulacan, a province in the capital's North. “With partners like CDO who are committed to working with volunteers like us in feeding our brave frontliners, we can do this,” said Gie.

Beyond them, the company has launched their home-delivery service where Filipinos can place orders for their favourite products over Facebook Messenger, Viber or Text Message, and make payment online.

Spread of CDO family favourites for quick cooking at home. Photo: CDO

Pick from classic ones like CDO Funtastyk Tocino, Sweet Ham, Karne Norte, San Marino and Danes Cheese. Try too newer products such as the CDO Loaf Bread and CDO Premium Tonkatsu. The next day, orders are picked up and delivered by Grab, Lalamove and other third party delivery services.

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