Food Made Good HK Awards Shines A Spotlight On Sustainability
In partnership with Food Made Good

Food Made Good HK Awards Shines A Spotlight On Sustainability

Meet the trailblazers that are at the forefront of the Hong Kong food scene when it comes to sustainability and delicious planet-friendly meals.

It’s time to roll out the green carpet for the launch of the Food Made Good HK Awards! Taking place on the 25th of November at the Eaton Club Central in Hong Kong, this ceremony aims to highlight top chefs, restaurants and food service businesses that have made a positive impact this past year in both the industry and the planet by serving food that are delicious, ethical and sustainable.  

While it’s heartwarming to see such efforts are being made to recognize these accomplishments in the F&B industry, this event is not just about applauding the winners. It also provides a platform for them to share the secrets to their success, showcasing their climate-friendly initiatives and best practices, and presenting solutions to tackle recurring challenges so that others are inspired to follow their lead and make positive changes of their own - from how they source their food, to how they dispose of it. 

Staying true to their values and pledge to be kind to our warming planet, Food Made Good HK has also ensured that all details within the event have been carefully considered to have minimal environmental impact. These include the various packaging and the trophies, which have been made from the wood of local trees that naturally fell during a typhoon.   

It might be the first time the ceremony is being held in Hong Kong, but the Food Made Good Awards has been running in the UK since 2012 and previous winners include British chef, restaurateur and food activist Jamie Oliver and environmental activist Greta Thunberg. Hosted by our very own Foodie Debbie Wong, the Food Made Good HK Awards will also feature an impressive line-up of chefs and F&B industry members such as acclaimed food educator and artist Charles Michel, and President of Food Made Good HK, Shane Osborn.

Heidi Yu Spurrell, CEO of Food Made Good HK, says “We are thrilled to be bringing the Food Made Good Awards to Hong Kong. Over the past year our membership has grown significantly and we have a committed group of engaged and motivated food businesses who are striving to make long term, holistic, sustainable change. This is about the future of food! We can’t wait to share their successes and inspire the wider food industry.”

Award Categories and Nominees

Seven awards are up for grabs at this special event and each category is based on the Food Made Good Sustainability Framework. While four awards are open only to members of Food Made Good HK, the remaining three Industry Awards are open to the larger F&B community in Hong Kong.

Industry Awards:

One Planet Plate Award

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Launched in Hong Kong this year, One Planet Plate is a movement that encourages chefs to create simple yet delicious planet-friendly dishes so that we can eat our way to a sustainable food future. Many have submitted their mouthwatering recipes for the campaign but this award aims to identify the best of the best. Overall, the dishes will be judged based on their taste, nutritional value, whether they are easy to replicate at home and most importantly, their impact on one of the six following categories: features more vegetables, includes better meat, celebrates local and seasonal ingredients, has a lower carbon footprint, sources fish sustainably, and wastes no food.


  • Flow Farm & Sanctuary
  • Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Good to Go Award

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While deliveries are usually associated with excessive plastic packaging that harms the environment, the finalists in this category have proven that serving takeaway food doesn’t necessarily equate to producing waste. The winner will need to take the extra step and lead by example to motivate the larger community to not only take measures to lessen their environmental impact but also demonstrate wider innovative practices that span across the Food Made Good Sustainability Framework.


Landlord Choice Award

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Food sustainability is not a one-man job. Everyone plays a part to support this movement and this includes the landlords who are committed to helping their tenants integrate sustainable initiatives into their business operations. In this category, landlords in Hong Kong are invited to nominate up to 6 F&B tenants for this award. The winner is judged based on their score in the Food Made Good 50 rating, which takes into account ethical sourcing, social responsibility and environmental management.


Members Awards:

Sourcing Award


As its name suggests, this category is for those who have excelled in creating outstanding business models for sourcing food. Pushing the limits with innovative ideas, the winner would need to provide a variety of local and seasonal ingredients as well as offer high welfare meat, sustainable fish, and a range of ethically sourced products that support global farmers.


Society Award


This award goes to the business which has done exceptionally well in the Society pillar of the Food Made Good Sustainability Framework. The winner would have demonstrated, to the best of their ability, how to support their staff, by providing opportunities to keep them happy and productive, as well as serving customers and engaging the local community, showcasing their true social responsibility in supporting the people that support their business. 


Environment Award


This category is for Members who have shone when it comes to initiatives that directly impact the environment. The winning business would have carried out effective practices across all environmental areas which include valuing natural resources by improving energy efficiency and managing water usage, recycling whenever possible as well as reducing food waste. 


Business of the Year


Last but definitely not least, the Business of the Year award goes to the Food Made Good Member who has showcased outstanding results across all three pillars - Sourcing, Society and Environment - of the Food Made Good Sustainability Framework. Demonstrating true innovation and best practices in food sustainability, the winner would be an inspiration and the perfect example on how we can take steps to ensure a brighter climate-friendly future in the food industry. 


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This article was updated on 26 November 2020 to reflect the winners of each award category.

This article was created in partnership with Food Made Good HK, and this event was made possible thanks to co-organiser WWF-Hong Kong, lead developer sponsor Henderson Land Group, category sponsor Deliveroo, drinks sponsor Moët Hennessy Diageo, venue sponsor Eaton Club, and media partner Asian Food Network. For more information, visit Food Made Good HK's Facebook and Instagram pages. 

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