Doña Elena Olive Oil: Brand New Look, Same Great Taste
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Doña Elena Olive Oil: Brand New Look, Same Great Taste

Everything you need to know about the new bottle design from Philippines’ No. 1 olive oil brand.

Philippines’ favourite olive oil brand, Doña Elena is proud to launch their new and improved bottle design while delivering the same great taste! Extracted directly from the olive fruit, olive oil offers fresh herbaceous flavours, a lovely aroma and proven health benefits that can’t be matched by regular cooking oil. Olive oil is also rich in good monounsaturated fats and packed with large amounts of antioxidants and nutrients, which helps to reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of chronic diseases, making it the perfect choice for cooking healthy meals and providing you with an extra immunity boost especially during these trying times.

Variations of Olive Oil

As with any good food product, an aesthetically pleasing packaging that is practical and functional is just as important as its taste and nutritional value. While Doña Elena offers three olive oil variants - Pure Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Pomace Olive Oil - it is now easier to identify which one to use depending on your cooking needs.

Kimchi Cream Pasta

As the label suggests, Pure Olive Oil is perfect for making a hearty pasta and can generally be used for everyday cooking while Extra Virgin Olive Oil is more suitable for fresh vibrant salads and flavourful dips. Pomace Olive Oil, on the other hand, is best for any recipe that requires roasting and frying. With a diverse range of olive oil available, it is so easy to whip up meals that are both delicious and nutritious!

Suggested recipes:


The Bottle

Over two years in the making, the exclusive Doña Elena bottle is finally born with the help of a renowned French package designer and intensive research through trials and direct consumer surveys. And let’s just say all the hard work and effort have paid off – ‘cause olive oil has never looked this good.

Each improvement has been carefully thought out to give the bottle a unique character which reflects and resonates with Doña Elena’s brand qualities of a Premium, High-Quality Product that is Authentic and Mediterranean.

With a design trademark that applies not only in the Philippines but also in countries all over the world where olive oil is produced, one can undoubtedly say that this elegantly designed bottle is one of a kind!


1. Consumer Friendly

A sleek packaging would count for nothing if it is difficult to use. Keeping this in mind, the designer came up with an expertly-crafted bottle that is easy for consumers to grip and hold on to. With an ideal circumference that fits nicely in your palms, it also comes in glass bottles of three different size variations - 250ml, 500ml, 1L. Fear not, for each bottle size is optimized and has a maximum height that will perfectly fit on most commonly used shelves in any kitchen.

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2. Attractive and Informative Labels

Additionally, this elegant cylindrical bottle design has a size impression of a rectangular shape to accommodate for a bigger label. More space on the label means that besides the basic nutritional information, they have also included useful tips and recommendations on how to best use the product.

To complement the new bottle design, other attractive improvements to the label include an eye-catching colour palette of red, green and yellow, that is vibrant yet retains the familiar heritage look that is usually associated with Doña Elena.

3. Sleek Enhancements

To further encourage brand familiarity, a Doña Elena insignia and an olive fruit is stamped on the front of the bottle, flanking the label from the top and bottom, and adding texture to its smooth surface. The classic insignia rightfully represents the brand while the olive fruit symbolizes Purity and Authenticity; both of which are qualities that Doña Elena stands for.

You can rest easy knowing that despite the changes in packaging, positive as they may be, Doña Elena Olive never fails to offer consistently amazing flavours to enhance your favourite dishes and recipes. 

This article was created in association with Doña Elena Olive Oil. For information, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also buy Doña Elena Olive Oil on Lazada and

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