Canned Tuna: How to Make Flavorful, Fast and Filling Meals
In partnership with San Miguel Del Mar

Canned Tuna: How to Make Flavorful, Fast and Filling Meals

Among the recipes, the tuna kimchi fried rice bowl, topped with San Miguel Del Mar Tuna Chunks in Water, makes a bright, protein-packed dish in under 20 minutes.

Canned food had its moment during the lockdown when they were flying off supermarket shelves, with the increased demand for shelf stable products. Since people were experimenting in the kitchen more and turning into home cooks, a lot also turned to canned food such as our ever reliable - canned tuna to make faster, simpler, but still delicious meals. This allowed us to balance the numerous tasks that needed to be done as we also worked from home. Pretty soon, we were seeing plenty of brilliant recipes, including one by our resident dietician and cook who taught us how to make the most of these tinned treasures

Now, our love affair with canned food continues with more recipes like the ones we're showing you today. We're using San Miguel Del Mar's canned Tuna Chunks in Water to make an exciting Kimchi Fried Rice. This Tuna Kimchi Rice is more assembled than cooked, really. It will be an exciting and substantial meal, packed with protein and is made in under 20 minutes. Let's start with this first easy combo: 

Tuna + Rice: Tuna Kimchi Rice

Whether it's big meaty chunks or more bite-sized ones, either will work just as well in this Tuna Kimchi Rice recipe using San Miguel Del Mar Tuna Chunks in Water

This dish is so easy to make and has so much flavors in it too! You will need some leftover rice, store-bought kimchi, sweet- peppery gochujang sauce, chopped carrots and onions, and of course, a can of big delicious tuna chunks from San Miguel Del Mar. We used their Tuna Chunks in Water variant which we love since it's made only from 100% pure tuna, no extenders and no preservatives, and is also rich in Omega-3. The combination of these ingredients gives a right balance of soft, chunky and crunchy textures which is truly exciting!

San Miguel Del Mar Tuna also gives us another option- their Chunks in Vegetable Oil variant. For this recipe, either variant will work perfectly! If you prefer Chunks in Vegetable Oil over the Chunks in Water variant, you can skip the additional spoon of extra oil and use the flavorful one that comes with the tuna chunks in the can. The umami-filled oil can also be added to pasta dishes, with toppings on your bruschetta, or on its own with rice. 

You can add or swap canned tuna in these basic combos, too - 

Tuna + Pasta: Broccoli and Mushroom Pasta

Add canned tuna to this recipe of broccoli and mushroom pasta

If you'd want (or need) a shot of protein in a heavy-carb pasta plate, pull open a can of tuna. The recipe here doesn't have tuna, but it's a good addition to the nutritious broccoli and mushrooms. If you're looking for a lighter, oil-free meal, go for San Miguel Del Mar Tuna Chunks in Water (there's only three ingredients in that can - tuna, water, and salt). However, if you want your pasta strands to be tossed in a nicely salted, tastier oil, go for the one in oil. You can add it in when frying the broccoli and mushrooms.

Now spaghetti's the pasta listed, but if you want more tuna bits in each twirl, choose a pasta with twists, like fusilli or farfalle. Our AFN Foodie from Manila, Matthias, shows us how he makes a quick and easy bowl of microwave tomato farfalle. He uses a spoon of oil to keep it moist, but if you're using tuna-in-oil, there's no need for more. Once out of the microwave, simply mix it all in. 

Tuna + Bread: Tuna Roti John

This Roti John recipe swaps out meat for canned tuna 

This recipe offers another satisfying one-plate meal, with bread, eggs and canned tuna! It is an even more delicious variation of the classic Roti John, an omelette sandwich usually sold as street food in Singapore and Malaysia. This time, we're swapping the meat for the delicious and chunky San Miguel Del Mar Tuna Chunks in Vegetable Oil. It is another quick and easy dish to make since it will only require you to place all the ingredients together in a pan. 

Tuna + Salad: Quinoa Veggie Salad

For a more flavorful salad with contrasting textures like this one, use Tuna Chunks in Water

Canned fish is a go-to protein usually added in salads - some use the addictively salty anchovies and others, the classic canned tuna. You can level up this healthy quinoa-loaded veggie salad with more texture by adding chunky and delicious canned tuna. For salad dishes like this, San Miguel Del Mar's Tuna Chunks in Water variant would be more suitable. To make sure your salad stays crunchy and that the flavors of your dressing are not watered down, drain your tuna chunks well to remove any excess liquid. You can be creative with this mix of salad ingredients since it will pair well with either a light vinaigrette or cream-based dressing.

And a few more bite-sized ideas 

  • Crackers: Celebrity chef Michelle Lean used sardine-mashed butter for that savory, fishy base, but we think tuna works wonderfully too. Smear some canned tuna on a buttery shortcrust cracker, as in our tray of easy baking one-bite hors d'oeuvre (first pictured recipe). If you want a richer butter spread for a mid-afternoon treat, go for the San Miguel Tuna Chunks in Vegetable Oil. To keep it a snackable appetiser, as how it's typically served in Europe, use the Chunks in Water variant.
  • Sandwiches: Swap out meat (chicken ham is used in the middle pictured recipe) for a tuna-mayo/cheese classic. Either variant of San Miguel Del Mar - Chunks in Water or Oil - works just as well here. The global lunchbox staple almost needs no instructions. We had a little fun with the presentation though, rolling it up and using bursting cherry tomatoes for some heart-shaped sweetness. 
  • Veggie snaps: A light-on-taste and big-on-texture cucumber appetizer (the third pictured recipe) that is great topped with tuna morsels. You might want to flake the tuna chunks off into smaller pieces so you can fork into the cucumber and tuna bits together. The choice of San Miguel Del Mar Tuna Chunks in Water is preferred, so you still keep the cucumber dish lightweight - just splashed with rice-vinegar and chili oil. Chili oil is optional.  

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This was created in association with San Miguel Del Mar Tuna. Find out more about their canned tuna, and where to get it on their facebook here

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