Boost Your Lunar New Year with these Healthy Reunion Dishes
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Boost Your Lunar New Year with these Healthy Reunion Dishes

Gift your loved ones a nourishing start to the this Lunar New Year with these healthier options from foodpanda before the crazy snacking kicks off

The age-old adage of “health is wealth” holds more truth than ever this upcoming Lunar New Year. Thankfully, there are no lack of nutritious and delicious festive dishes of different Asian origins to feed your hungry family. Get all those immunity-boosting vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants into your reunion dinner with these healthy sharing dishes below.

1. Chap Chye

Chap Chye or mixed vegetables embodies the traditional Asian values of not wasting food, and when done right, this dish takes on a beautiful charred wok-hey taste. This large Nyonya or Fujian sharing plate is usually vegetarian, but roast meat or prawns (like in this recipe) can be easily added for a protein punch and succulent bite. Grab your key ingredients like Fresh Shitake Mushrooms, Chinese Cabbage and Timur Black Fungus from foodpanda, and save yourself from lugging back a heavy bag of groceries!  

2. Yu Sheng

This raw fish dish originated from the Canton province in China from a time where ingredients in this colorful dish were simpler, when sweet sour plum sauce wasn’t included and grass carp was the choice fish. Fast forward to the modern Southeast version of Yu Sheng and you can have everything from smoked salmon to spicy sauce over this auspicious salad. Shred up some refreshing white radish and Australia carrot, slice up some young ginger and Brightfields Red Chilli for heat and flex those biceps for some Lo Hei action!

3. Mala Steamed Fish

Sure, you can have a delicate steamed Teochew Style Steamed Pomfret – which is definitely a healthy option this reunion dinner – but why not spice things up with a Mala Steamed Fish? Almost any kind of fish works, from local tilapia and sea bass to foodpanda’s frozen Kami Dory Fish Fillet, as the flavors of doubanjiang (spicy bean paste), red chilies and tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorns will take center stage in this dish.

4. Lotus Root Soup

Remember the time before Mala Xiang Guo or Mala hotpot infiltrated all the hawker centers and food courts? Lotus root then was more synonymous with herbal soups such as this Lotus Root Soup. Lotus roots sweeten up your soup naturally, and are high in dietary fiber, plus low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Using half a chicken or sections like the Aqina Pineapple Chicken Whole Leg to make the base of your soup (don’t forget to tear off and fry the chicken fat with garlic and ginger beforehand), add the peeled and sliced lotus roots into the broth, along with peanuts to infuse the broth with nutty flavors. The resulting concoction is definitely a comforting treat for the entire family!

5. Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Need a quick protein dish to fill up the reunion dinner table? Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry to the rescue. This bright, sweet savory dish features the traffic light Capsicum Mix, juicy Hosen Pineapple Cubes, crunchy green Brightfields Broccoli Stir Fried and tender beef slices (go fancy  with Graze Farms Chilled Beef Aus 100 Days Grain Fed Striploin). All these ingredients are coated with your own homemade teriyaki sauce made out of soy sauce, ginger, honey and garlic for a flavorful finish in the pan.

6. Green Goddess Vegetable Pilaf

Look beyond the typical Chinese fare and you might just find yourself with a Green Goddess Vegetable Pilaf as your main carbohydrate dish instead of just plain old steamed rice. Fluffy basmati rice contains about 50 less calories compared to jasmine rice per cup, and pairs well with many traditional Lunar New Year dishes. Toss in a hearty serving of steamed greens like asparagus, Chinese cabbage, zucchini and long beans to the rice mix, and finish off with zingy lemon zest, mint, spring onions and olive oil drizzle for a vibrant, nutritious main dish!

7. Ga Kho Gung (Ginger Chicken)

Bite-size chicken pieces braised in an aromatic ginger sauce make for a versatile accompaniment to any reunion dinner, and it’s light and delicate flavors will be much appreciated by those who can’t handle spice. Ga Kho Gung or Ginger Chicken is made by marinating chicken chunks like Aqina Pineapple Chicken Cube in a garlicky fish sauce before being fried to caramelize the exterior and simmered in chicken broth or coconut juice to create an addictively good gravy that goes well over rice.

8. Snow Fungus Dessert

Round up the reunion dinner on a sweet note with a delectable Snow Fungus Dessert that has gelatinous and crunchy pieces of snow fungus, sweet chewy pieces of dried longans, juicy goji berries and soft ginkgo nuts. This dessert is super easy to make and boasts high-fiber, anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting benefits.  

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