AFN Recommends PH: 7 Delicious Delivery Options For Mother's Day

AFN Recommends PH: 7 Delicious Delivery Options For Mother's Day

Because moms deserve nothing less than a delicious feast!

It’s that time in the year again when we can go all out in showing our mothers just how much we love them. And what better way to let them know how much they mean to us than by spending quality time accompanied by a meal filled with unforgettable dishes? That is why we have compiled a list of stores in the Philippines that are ready to take your Mother’s Day orders and deliver food that is guaranteed to impress and satisfy the whole family.

Whether you’re planning early or you're scrambling for last minute ideas, we have something that your mom will surely love.

Kawali ni Mamu

Seafood Paella. Photo: Kawali ni Mamu

Kawali ni Mamu is a small business that started with only 10 pieces of Embutido (PHP 550) to sell. Now, they are one of the most reliable shops that provides up to 2,000 food packs everyday for all types of occasions. Their bestseller is the Seafood Paella (starts at PHP 1,100) that comes with a very generous serving of aromatic rice and fresh seafood. Best paired with Inihaw na Pusit (PHP 450) and Kare-Kare (PHP 650), everyone at the table will surely have a great time feasting on these delights.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Handaan PH

Caldereta, Ribs, Cordon Bleu and Shrimp. Photo: Handaan PH

You can never go wrong with Handaan PH and their take on Filipino celebration staples. With recipes being passed on from generations to generations, each bite will give you a beautifully nostalgic feeling of all the times you shared these dishes with your loved ones. Their Beef Caldereta (starts at 329), Sweet and Spicy Pork Ribs (starts at 329), Chicken Cordon Bleu (starts at 399), and Buttered Cheesy Garlic Prawns (starts at 800) are a must-try.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Mr. Boneless Lechon House

Original Boneless Lechon. Photo: Boneless Lechon House

Now that most of our celebrations will be held at home, Mr. Boneless Lechon House provides a more practical yet tasty alternative to the whole roast pork that we are used to. Their lechon recipe proudly originated from Cebu which makes it flavorful even without the sauce. It comes in both Original (starts at PHP 210) and Spicy (starts at 223) variants. The best part? They are open for same-day deliveries - no advance reservations needed!

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Café Amarela

Seafood Pasta Negra. Photo: Café Amarela

If you're craving for pasta, look no further. No one does it better than Café Amarela. Their menu is inspired by international dishes and their Italian specialties are a no-fail way to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Their Seafood Pasta Negra (starts at PHP 998) and Truffle Mushroom Pasta (starts at PHP 898) are best paired with their Baked Salmon (starts at PHP 1,198). Now, you can have an easy and effortless yet world-class feast delivered to your home!

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.


Cream puffs. Photo: CreamPuffsMNL

Say hello to one of the best cream puffs in Metro Manila! CreamPuffsMNL will be a great gift for breastfeeding moms as they have Lactation Puffs (starts at PHP 225) filled with galactagogues that helps boost milk supply. Also available in Classic Flavors (starts at PHP 200) and Premium Flavors (starts at PHP 250) such as Boston Cream, Strawberry Cream, Coffee Cream, and Matcha Cream. They will really win your hearts and taste buds with their simple yet innovative approach to this well-loved pastry.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Patrina Bakes

Mother’s Day Dedication Cake. Photo: Patrina Bakes

If you’re looking for that IG-worthy cake with a satisfying taste, then Patrina Bakes is here for you! Their customized cakes (starts at PHP 400) will give you the chance to sweetly express your gratitude to your mother in your own unique and creative way. Whatever design you have in mind, you can count on them to deliver with great talent in baking. Available in butter vanilla, chocolate espresso, crimson-red velvet, and spring carrot, their 19-year old baker will surely make your celebration a whole lot more special with such impressive creations.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Heart Shaped Smashbox for MOM. Photo: Apéritif

Treat your mother to the most exciting cake of the season! Apéritif’s Heart Shaped Smashbox for MOM (PHP 2,950) will open a world of sweet surprises to anyone who will receive it. Filled with a splurge of bite-sized treats, including Ooey Gooey Cookie Nibblers dipped in chocolate (and a rose!), that is hidden by a crunchy chocolate shell, this cake comes with a complimentary wooden hammer for you to break it open. Why cut a cake when you can smash it, right?

Pro tip: Throw in their Strawberry Filled Croissants! Made from freshly baked croissants, fresh strawberries and real strawberry compote, they are topped with 24K gold leaf for an extra wow factor.

Available via delivery apps and direct order through their Facebook page.

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