AFN Recommends PH: 5 Korean Food Delivery For Community Quarantine

AFN Recommends PH: 5 Korean Food Delivery For Community Quarantine

Have a little taste of Korea in the Philippines, without leaving your home!

The Korean invasion in the Philippines is real! K-Pop and K-Drama have been steadily winning our hearts for years, and it’s no wonder that Korean cuisine is also finding its way into our dining tables. Here, we have compiled a list of our go-to food businesses that offer delicious Korean dishes that would make you feel as if you've traveled to The Land of the Morning Calm.


Beef and SPAM Kimchi Bowl. Photo: AlwaysEatingMNL

AlwaysEatingMNL opened in order to provide the best kimchi in Metro Manila. When the pandemic hit and famous samgyupsal places are not as accessible as before, they have decided to spice things up and meet the demand with their Kimchi Bowls (starts at PHP 450) topped with either beef, caramelized SPAM, or both. Best paired with their Tteokbokki (starts at PHP 200), these creations made by a chef who interned in Korea will give you a satisfying feeling with every bite.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Donya’s Specials

Cream Cheese Garlic Bread. Photo: Donya’s Specials

From watching mukbang videos to recreating dishes and selling them, Donya's Specials have surely gained its rightful popularity. Their Cream Cheese Garlic Bread (starts at PHP 80) is made from freshly-baked buns filled with cream cheese that are all made from scratch and mixed with fresh garlic and parsley. Their other bestsellers such as Japchae (PHP 170), Stir Fry Odeng (PHP 170), and Bento Box (PHP 190) are totally worth trying.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Ishaan’s Kitchen

Tteokbokki and Fish Cake with Overload Cheese Cream. Photo: Ishaan’s Kitchen

Want to enjoy Korean dishes but have a low tolerance on spicy food? Ishaan’s Kitchen is here for you. Their Tteokbokki and Fish Cake with Overload Cheese Cream is a delicious take on this very popular dish with its homemade sauce that you would not find anywhere else. Aside from this, they also have a lot of other dishes you shouldn’t miss such as their Authentic Kimchi (PHP 120) and Cheese Baked Samgyup (PHP 320).

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Gyeonggi Samgyupsal

Samgyup sa Bahay. Photo: Gyeonggi Samgyupsal

Gyeonggi Samgyupsal is a go-to spot for unlimited Korean BBQ and chicken wings. Now that dining in restaurants has been restricted during the community quarantine, they have adapted with their Samgyup sa Bahay packages (starts at PHP 949). This ever-reliable food business ensures that you get all of your K-BBQ favorites with different flavors, complete with japchae, kimchi, lettuce, pickled radish, and cheese dip. Their Wingster (starts at PHP 129) is also a great way to make your samgyup experience a lot more special.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Ichigyupsal Makati Station

Seafood Kimchi Rice. Photo: Ichigyupsal Makati Station

Say hello to the rice bowl that you will not get enough of! Ichigyupsal Makati Station has a unique take on Kimchi Fried Rice (starts at PHP 129) that comes in plain, bacon, beef, and seafood variants. Each bowl makes a perfect partner for their Ichigyupsal Packages (starts at PHP 899) that is composed of your favorite samgyupsal staples.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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