AFN Recommends MY: Top 5 Eats in February

AFN Recommends MY: Top 5 Eats in February

Here is a list of top 5 eateries in Malaysia to try out this February - from mouth-watering staples on the menu to special Chinese New Year promos available throughout the month.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to some good food this month, available for takeaway and delivery (until the end of the MCO period in Malaysia).

Jari Treats

Homemade dried pineapples, persimmon and apples. Photo: Jari Treats

Looking for some yummy munchies to snack on? Jari Treats is a home-based business offering you a variety of addictive homemade dried fruits, made-to-order every day just for you. Made with all-natural ingredients, these treats can be enjoyed as an add-on to elevate your baked goods, with desserts and beverages, as a topping in your bowl of breakfast oats and yoghurt, or just on its own. Take your pick from the best-selling Cinnamony Apples, Gingery Oranges, Pineapples and the seasonal Persimmon – all packed up nicely in a glass jar. You can even order these by weight!

Get your hands on their Chinese New Year Floral Gift Set, perfect as a present for your family and friends this festive season, with jars of dehydrated pineapples, gingery oranges & persimmons. Available now at only RM18 per set, with free delivery for orders above RM100 (one location).

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ChoCha Foodstore

Beef Tongue Sarnie. Photo: ChoCha Foodstore

ChoCha Foodstore brings you modern Malaysian cuisine done right. If you haven’t tried any of ChoCha’s fun kitchen project eats yet, you’re in luck – introducing their SANDOS / SARNIES / SAMMIES. Indulge in the Steak Sammie (RM35), Beef Tongue Sarnie (RM28) or Chicken Sando (RM25) with the choice to enjoy with sides like Chicken Poppers (RM18) and Sauerkraut (RM8).

That’s not all! ChoCha also offers Meal Box sets to choose from: Snack + Plate or Plate + Sweets (both RM65 each) and even a Vegan Meal-Box (RM45). If you’re still not sold, give one of their best sellers a try, such as the Bread + Pate (RM25), Marinated Duck (RM50) or Rice Custard (RM25) to end your meal on a sweet note.

If you order from their Beepit menu for delivery or pickup, you can get 15% off on all food and drinks by using the promo code: STAYHOME15



156, Jalan Petaling, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

Mobster Lobster

Classic Lobster Salad Roll & Sambal Lobster Roll. Photo: Mobster Lobster

The folks behind Mobster Lobster want to make sure that you can “party like a lob-star” as you take a bite into their lobster roll. If you’re craving for big fat succulent lobster chunks generously stuffed between a hot buttery toasted brioche roll, fret not – Mobster Lobster can make this a reality and deliver these straight to your doorstep.

Choose your fighter: the Classic Lobster Salad Roll with lobster tossed in homemade mayonnaise, celery and scallions (RM93), Hot Lobster Roll (RM91), Sambal Lobster Roll with creamy sambal sauce (RM101) or Sweet Chilli Lobster Roll (RM93).

They also have Salted Egg Lobster Bao (RM99) if you’re looking for something different and the Cheese Baked Lobster (RM189), drizzled with bechamel, topped with 3 types of cheese and baked to perfection. Comes with a side of salad, homemade chips and lemon butter sauce, and available for pre-order for delivery.

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Jeda Cafe & Diner

"Ayam Geprek Jeda” on a bed of steamed rice. Photo: Jeda Cafe

Nestled in the popular Taman Tun Dr Ismail food hotspot lies a neighborhood eatery run by Jessica (JE) and David (DA), the super couple duo that makes up Jeda Cafe & Diner. Enjoy their dual-menu of Indonesian rice bowls for lunch and Southern fried hot chicken for dinner – talk about the best of both worlds!

In the Weekdays Lunch Sets, feast on What’s The Mattah (RM15) which is fried chicken fillet with Balinese sambal “Mattah”, the Ayam Geprek Jeda (RM15), a “smashed'' fried chicken fillet with sambal bawang, or Obladi O Balado (RM15), a vegetarian dish of sambal “Balado” eggplant, all served on a bed of steamed rice (upgrade to Jeda Rice for fragrant rice cooked with shredded kaffir lime leaves, torch ginger flower and crispy shallots). Also, introducing a new addition to their sambal repertoire: Ayam Cabe Ijo, made with green chilli and is the zesty, milder, ‘greener’ cousin to their sambal bawang used for their Ayam Geprek.

The Dinner Menu is unavailable during the MCO, but once they bring it back, expect to enjoy Southern fried hot chicken (RM20-22) and Hot Chicken Bun (RM25), with 4 heat levels to choose from.

Fun fact: Jeda is an Indonesian word that translates roughly to rest time, or “waktu rehat” in Bahasa Melayu.



24A, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, TTDI, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Farisya Bakes - The Cake Therapist

Vanilla Bean Choux Au Craquelin. Photo: Farisya Bakes

There is a reason ‘stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘desserts’. The woman behind Farisya Bakes believes in passionately crafting desserts to boost your mood, and produce happy hormones! Dig into sweet treats like Vanilla Bean Choux Au Craquelin (RM45 / box of 6 or RM85 / box of 12), No-Bake Chocolate Tart (RM90 for 9” or RM45 for 6”), Banoffee Pie with the choice of coffee or original toffee (RM75 for 8” or RM25 for a small portion tin foil container).

That’s not all – she also has a No-Bake Cheesecake with choices of Snickers, Toblerone or Mars that comes in 6” (RM65) or 8” (RM120). Available for pre-order to satisfy your sweet tooth, or it can also be perfect as a gift for your loved ones.


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