AFN Recommends ID: Top 5 Eats in June

AFN Recommends ID: Top 5 Eats in June

If you've been spending your meals at home these past months, here's five places in Jakarta to get you eating out again

Looking for someplace interesting to get your grub on this month? From hidden gems to crowd favorites, here are 5 spots you have to try in the capital.  

1. Kamadoya Nizaemon 

Bombori, Sasami, Kawa Yakitori, Gyu Saikoro Steak, and Iku Atsuage Dengaku. Photo: Ratri Arifin 

Tucked inside Century Park Hotel, Kamadoya Nizaemon is a haven for Japanese food aficionados. With its Kyoto-style atmosphere, it will feel like you’ve escaped to Japan just for a while.

From yakitori, udon, sashimi, miso nabe to their scrumptious selection of seafood, beef and even tamago, don’t be surprised if you spend your first 15 minutes here to pick your order. A quick cheat sheet for orders are our recommendations: Gyu Saikoro Steak (IDR 98,000), soft, tender cubes of tenderloin, Iku Atsuage Dengaku (IDR 78,000), fried squid and bean curd with a sweet bean curd paste, and Unagi Ishiyaki Meshi (IDR 138,000), an eel rice bowl that packs a punch of umami flavors.

If you’re visiting during lunch hours, their bento set specials are the best way to go. Take the Nizaemon Bento (IDR 198,000) deal as it comes with Sashimi, Grilled Fish, Beef, Fried Chicken, Rice and Miso Soup. For noodle lovers, try their Soba Salmon Don Set (IDR 138,000), which comes with fresh slices of salmon and a choice between cold or hot thin soba noodles.

Be sure to reserve your spot ahead when coming here, especially as they are only open for lunch and dinner hours. Tell them you’d like the bar seat for a first-class view of the yakitori grill area, but if you’re coming with a group, choose their private rooms. Just remember to have your cards ready when paying for a safer experience. 

2. Pasta, Bitte

Aglio e Olio with Tuna. Photo: Pasta, Bitte 

In a little corner of Kemang’s quieter streets, you’ll find Pasta, Bitte, a home for fresh, homemade pasta, run by a German-Indo couple with a passion for Italian food. This welcoming, humble establishment also has an open-kitchen concept so you can peek at your order being prepared fresh before your eyes.

You can pick between 6 different types of sauces at Pasta, Bitte. There’s the simple yet classic Aglio e Olio (IDR 67,000), the rich, beefy Classic Bolognese (IDR 95,000), the creamy, cheesy Smoked Beef Carbonara (IDR 81,000), and their guilt-free meatless Creamy Lasagna (IDR 105,000). Beside their lasagna, you can also choose between fettuccine, angel hair, spaghetti, rigatoni, and even squid ink spaghetti for your meal. Don’t be shy to ask which pasta goes best for your order!

Feeling hungry? Add your own toppings like Tuna (IDR 23,000), Mushrooms (IDR 17,000) and Black Olives (IDR 9,000) for a more fulfilling meal. Pair your meal with Pasta, Bitte’s Fresh Italian Salad (IDR 45,000) if you’re looking for a dose of something healthy.

Pasta, Bitte welcomes all sorts of payments, but to be safe, pay with your card. Their menu is also available for delivery on Go-Food and GrabFood, but remember to eat it fresh!

3. Wanfan

(From left) Cereal Chicken Rice, Butter Chicken Rice, Szechuan Chicken Rice. Photo: Wanfan

Rice bowls have become the national dish of Jakarta and there’s one eatery with an ever growing fan base: Wanfan. With Chinese-style dishes perfect for quick eats, this is one place you have to try if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary.

When you see Wanfan’s menu, it’s no wonder their tagline is “No Fun Without Wanfan”. For the spicy fans, try their Szechuan Chicken Rice (IDR 38,500) for a guaranteed sensational ride, but for those seeking something creamy, you can never go wrong with their Butter Chicken Rice (IDR 38,500). They also have the crunchy and downright delicious Cereal Chicken Rice (IDR 38,500) and Mongolian Beef Rice (IDR 44,000) if you’re looking for a different take on beef bowl rice.

Our top tip for Wanfan is to take their offer on upgrading to their Signature Rice (IDR 5,000) for a more flavorful bite and adding a Sunny Side Up (IDR 5,000) for a more fulfilling meal. Another tip is to follow their Instagram so you can catch their monthly promos. There’s also a 20% discount for new users if you order from Qraved.

Wanfan has 7 outlets across Jakarta and Tangerang and is only available for delivery and self-pickups from Go-Food, GrabFood, TravelokaEats and ShopeeFood.

4. Bakmi Sedjuk

Bakmi Ayam Oven. Photo: glawreuhs

Just as their name suggests, Bakmi Sedjuk is big on cosiness. With all their branches hidden between neighborly homes, their noodles, too, are the epitome of comfort. While simple, their Bakmi Ayam Oven Original (IDR 33,000) can turn anyone to a fan at the first bite. But if you like your noodles with everything on top, their Bakmi Ayam Oven Komplit (IDR 40,000) tastes like a hug in a bowl.

Too basic for you? You can try their Bakmi Ayam Oven Sambal Geprek (IDR 39,500) for a spicy twist, Bakmi Goreng Kecombrang (IDR 43,000) if you like things gingery, Bakmi Iga Membara (IDR 55,000) for lovers of ribs and all things spicy, or Mie Shirataki Ayam Oven Bakso (IDR 67,500) if you’re looking for a healthier alternative.

Bakmi Sedjuk also has rice versions of their funky alternatives like Ricebowl Ayam Oven Sambal Matah (IDR 39,500) and Ricebowl Ayam Oven Salted Egg (IDR 39,500) that taste just as good as their noodle renditions. Other things you have to try are their crowd favorites, Gyoza ala Sedjuk (IDR 37,500) and Pisang Goreng Aren ala Sedjuk (IDR 25,000). For a more complete Sedjuk experience, don’t forget to order their Kopi Sedjuk (IDR 18,000) or Cincau A-Soy (IDR 27,000).

It’s best that you reserve ahead if you’re dining in at any of their 3 branches and keep it cashless when paying. Bakmi Sedjuk also encourages diners to have their food delivered through Go-Food or GrabFood with their monthly promos!

5. Dopa Coffee Studio

Yakitori Chicken Bowl. Photo: Dopa Coffee Studio

Another day, another new cafe to explore in Jakarta and Dopa Coffee Studio is not one to miss out. Nestled in between the bustle of busy Senopati, it’s the perfect stopover after a Sunday bike ride or before your next meeting in the city.

If you have a knack for breakfast food, try their Steak and Egg (IDR 85,000). With a tender striploin cut topped with mushroom sauce and fries on the side, it’s a meal you can enjoy for any time of day. For a good pick-me-up, their Yakitori Chicken Bowl (IDR 65,000) is a sweet, fulfilling meal that you can enjoy with a cup of Iced Black Summer (IDR 40,000), a fresh, sparkling peach espresso concoction.

Dopa Coffee Studio also has a monthly special menu that ranges from caters to any type of craving. For something savory, go for their Thai Minced Beef with Basil (IDR 65,000), but if you want something local, they also have Soto Betawi (IDR 65,000). Need something healthy? Their Go Immune Smoothie (IDR 45,000) is both great for your body and to beat off the Jakartan humidity. As their specialty is coffee, try these brews for some brain juice: Pedal Pop (IDR 43,000), Magic (IDR 38,000), and Iced Dopa Coffee (IDR 32,000).

You don’t need reservations to come here but it’s best if you go off-peak hours to avoid the weekend crowd. Dopa Coffee Studio is fully cashless, so remember to top up your e-wallets and use a card when paying. Want it delivered? Chat to their admin over Whatsapp, or deliver through Go-Food.

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