AFN Recommends ID: Top 5 Eats in April

AFN Recommends ID: Top 5 Eats in April

From the newly-opened to the long-time favorites, these are 5 places to eat in Jakarta this April.

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick bite or a fulfilling meal to sustain yourself throughout the day, we’ve got you covered!

Supper Sandwiches & Burgers

Hot Chick (left), Goin’ Fishin’ (right). Photo: Dimas Danang Suryonegoro

From the brains behind Bansan, comes a surefire classic burger joint, Supper Sandwiches & Burgers. Tucked inside on the ground floor of its neighboring Bansan building, Supper Sandwiches & Burgers is intimate, warm, and welcoming. Enter the red door and you are transported to a classic New York burger joint. Dine by the bar where you can see your burgers being made, on the cozy sofa, or right outside where you can peek into the action.  

Must try, you ask? Everything on the menu — especially if your belly has the capacity for it. But if we really had to narrow it down, it would be their best seller Cheese Burger (IDR 50,000), Goin' Fishin' (IDR 45,000), Hot Chick (IDR 46,000), and their ode to Bansan's best-selling Chicken Nanban adapted into burger form, the Bun-San (IDR 43,000).

Pro tip: Come early, because they sell out fast. But don't worry, they'll keep you posted when food has been restocked!



Jl. Cipete Raya No. 65, Cilandak, South Jakarta


PÒ Noodle Bar

Shòu Mian (front), Tang Mian, Beef Brisket (back). Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

It’s easy to see how PÒ Noodle Bar is a favorite of many; it’s the perfect Chinese comfort food for the soul. Have a bowl of dry or soup-based noodles, and all your worries dissipate with every slurp. There are two outlets, at Joko Sutono and Bintaro— the latter is perfect if you fancy dining outdoors where you can enjoy your noodles on a cool breezy afternoon.

Basically everything on the menu is delicious — there’s Ja Mian Chicken (IDR 38,000), made with OG/Garlic sauce with pan-seared chicken, sauteed mushrooms and negi, and Ja Mian Beef (IDR 46,000), which includes OG/Garlic sauce, braised brisket, sauteed mushroom and negi. Go for Shòu Mian (IDR 58,000) for slim dry noodle, niurou beef, soy egg with garlic gai lan, or if you're a fan of a clear aromatic broth, try the Tang Mian (IDR 58,000) with braised brisket, sand ginger, gobo roots, chili oil, negi, and coriander. 

If you have a knack with all things spicy, there’s Mamu Mian (IDR 63,000), which consists of devil broth, braised chicken, ito togarashi, fried dumpling skin, coriander and negi. And of course, there is Lu Mian (IDR 46,000), a chun vegan noodle with plant-based belly, fried tofu, fried chickpea, sauteed ear mushroom, with mushroom sauce and negi.

Bring your own container and get a 10% discount on all their broth menu (terms and conditions apply).



Jl. Prof Joko Sutono No 7B, Jakarta Selatan

Jl. Elang Blok HG8/9, Bintaro Jaya Sektor 9


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Nasi Ayam Ori

Nasi Ayam Ori. Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

You know a dish is good when it is made using a tried and true passed-down family recipe. Nasi Ayam Ori may look simple, but its simplicity makes it simply delectable. Its flavorsome grilled chicken is plentiful and sits on top of a bed of warm white rice, accompanied with stir-fried baby cabbage and garlic sambal for a kick. Enough to keep you full and energized during a busy day with no spare time to cook.

Nasi Ayam Ori comes in three different options: Nasi Ayam Ori (rice box complete with vegetables and sambal) in two sizes, Medium (IDR 37,500) and Large (IDR 47,500); Ayam Ori Doang (IDR 60,000), where you get half a chicken, stir-fry baby cabbage and garlic sambal; or Paket Keluarga Ori (IDR 200,000) for a 1 quarter chicken, garlic sambal, anchovy sambal, grilled gravy, and three Telur Hitam Manis (eggs in sweet black sauce).

Keep a look-out on their Instagram for online delivery promos.



Cipete, Bintaro, Santa (in front of Pasar Santa)


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Fantastic Four (Spicy Korean Chicken, Lobster Stack, Steak Stack, Creamy Wagyu Stack, french fries). Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Not in the mood for rice? How about a sandwich? Stack has a wonderfully-curated menu that will satisfy your tastebuds. There’s the Spicy Korean Chicken (IDR 59,000) for those who love spicy food. Crispy chicken thigh tucked in a brioche bun with coleslaw and spicy gochujang sauce, this sandwich will wake you up in an instant. 

Other choices include the Steak Stack (IDR 77,000), which consists of Australian sliced steak, caramelized onion, and cheddar cheese, served with their Signature Stack Sauce on a topside bun, and Creamy Wagyu Stack (IDR 77,000) made with Wagyu striploin, onion, cheddar cheese and mushroom sauce. For the seafood lovers, there's the Lobster Stack (IDR 85,000), which features freshwater baby lobster served on a topside bun with three choices of sauce: Original, Creamy Mushroom, or Singapore Chili Sauce. Get the Fantastic Four (IDR 160,000) if you want to try all of the above in mini versions, with french fries on the side.

New on the menu: Reuben Sandwich (IDR 195,000); homemade pepper crusted wagyu beef pastrami, melted cheese, topped with Russian dressing on sourdough bread

Get 20% off all menu items and free delivery (terms & conditions apply)



Jl. Bumi no 20, South Jakarta

Jl. Wijaya 1 no 64, South Jakarta



Truffle Gyudon (left), Truffle Chicken Sambal Matah (right). Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Trust in Tubo to serve you a bowl of goodness that fills your tummy with pleasure when you’re at work and on a tight deadline. It’s been somewhat a staple amongst office workers, because there’s no fuss to it and it’s just great for a quick lunch or early dinner.

They only have three choices on the menu, but it's enough to guarantee that you'd come back for more. There's the Truffle Gyudon (IDR 55,000) made with rib eye steak, sunny side up, homemade soy sauce, and truffle oil, the Truffle Chicken Sambal Matah (IDR 39,000), which consists of fried chicken with sunny side up, sambal matah, and truffle oil, and last but not least the Truffle Gyudon with Mushroom Sauce (IDR 55,000) which includes rib eye steak, sunny side up, with creamy mushroom sauce on top, and truffle oil.



Jl. H. Baun No. 10 RT 4 RW 1, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta

Jl. Cipaku 1 Jl. Senopati RT 5 RW 4, Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta


Read the article in Bahasa Indonesia: AFN Recommends ID: 5 Tempat Makan Untuk Dikunjungi Bulan April Ini

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