AFN Recommends ID: 5 More Places To Try in June

AFN Recommends ID: 5 More Places To Try in June

End your first half of the year on a delicious note with these 5 places you must try in bustling Jakarta

With so many things happening in the year so far, we truly believe that you deserve to treat yourself to some real good food! Unsure of where to go? This list of eateries around Jakarta will help you with just that. 

1. Pizza Krust 

Beef Pepperoni, Margherita, Zucchini and Toscana in one. Photo: Pizza Krust 

No day could ever go wrong when pizza’s involved and in Pizza Krust you can trust for a great day. What we like most about this joint is its wide selection of pizza that caters to meat lovers, cheese fanatics and even the sweet tooth.

For those who like things meaty, their Prosciutto Funghi (IDR 115,000) is made with tomato, mozzarella, smoked ham, and slices of mushroom, but try their Parma (IDR 145,000) if you like the taste of rockets and basil with your slices of cured Parma ham.

Not big on ham? Their Valtellina (IDR 135,000) is just like Parma but with beef, and their Beef Pepperoni (IDR 95,000) is a classic that you can definitely count on. For those who love mozzarella, their D.O.P. (IDR 90,000) uses a fresh mozzarella base that’s gooey and soft at every bite. Like your pizza sweet? Try their delectable Kinder (IDR 95,000), that’s made with Nutella and crushed pistachios.

It’s greasy, it’s delicious, and it’s also available by the slice or even different slices made into one pie. With so many tempting flavors, we highly recommend you do this to try everything from Pizza Krust! Dine-in if you love the smell of fresh pizza, but all their menu is also available for takeaway and delivery if it gets too full. While you can pay in cash, it’s much safer if you pay with a card. 

2. Lunch For My Husband

Qaseem. Photo: Lunch for My Husband

If you like a challenge, Lunch for My Husband is a tough one to order. With 75 sandwiches for deliveries on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, it’s a mouth-watering race to take part in. And ever since they started in August last year, their sandwiches have never not sold out!

What makes Lunch for My Husband unique is that they specialize in one menu, which changes every 3 weeks. Their most recent one is Qaseem (IDR 78,000), inspired by the Middle Eastern Mezze platter. Filled with herby falafel, roasted beetroot hummus, olives, homemade purple onion pickle and a Tabbouleh-inspired salad with kyuri and tomato, this flavorful focaccia-bunned sandwich is unforgettable and also vegetarian-friendly.

Qaseem is their ninth masterpiece, with former creations that explore other cuisines like the Japanese Hiroshi (IDR 68,000), Korean Gong Yoo (IDR 82,500), Vietnamese Mekong (IDR 70,000), and Italian Roberto (IDR 78,000). All their sandwiches are made in-house, including their pickles, sauces, and relishes, by husband and wife duo in their home kitchen. With so many fans around the city, don’t miss out on this hype. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Lunch for My Husband is delivery-only and payments are made by bank transfers so it’s not only delicious, it’s definitely safe for you to order. Just remember to put a reminder, because if you snooze, you lose!

3. Suji Suan Cai Yu

Kerapu Sayur Asin. Photo: Suji Suan Cai Yu

Suji Suan Cai Yu is the place to go if you’re stuck on where to feast with your loved ones. With bold, soulful flavors of Sichuan cuisine, it sits just right on the Indonesian taste buds. And with a range of menu from seafood, vegetables, dimsum, to duck, there’s something special for everyone.

It’s obligatory for you to order their signature menu and best seller, Kerapu Sayur Asin. This wholesome, soupy dish comes with soft pieces of garoupa and pickled greens that everyone will definitely love. Coming with a big group? We recommend their Suan Cai Yu Family Package (IDR 478,000) as additional toppings like fried bean curd skin and sweet potato noodles are part of the deal.

Other dishes that you have to try at Suji Suan Cai Yu is their Roast Duck (IDR 190,000), Salted Egg Corn Flakes (IDR 78,000), Sichuan Beef Lamian (IDR 58,000) and Sze Chuan Fried Rice (IDR 58,000). If you’re visiting their PIK and Central Park branches, there’s also a scrumptious selection of dimsum like Lo Mai Kai (IDR 28,000), Fried Turnip Cake with Eggs and Bean Sprouts in XO Sauce (IDR 34,000) and Polo Bao (IDR 32,000). For an even more wholesome dining experience, order their iced jug of Lo Han Kuo (IDR 98,000) to quench your thirst.

Suji Suan Cai Yu is best enjoyed while dining in, so remember to reserve ahead. Not to worry, their branches follow a strict health protocol where they highly encourage cashless payments. If you’d like to have your food delivered, you can always chat to their friendly admins on Whatsapp.

4. Bangkok Tom Yum

Pad Thai Seafood. Photo: Bangkok Tom Yum

Who said you have to fly out to Bangkok just to get good, affordable Thai food? Located in Bintaro’s Taman Jajan, Bangkok Tom Yum is a no-frills food stall that offers a glimpse of Bangkok’s street food scene.

Boasting authentic flavors by an actual Thai chef, Bangkok Tom Yum is the place to go if you’re in the mood for some spice and everything nice. It’s almost mandatory for you to try their Pad Thai Ayam (IDR 42,000) and Tom Yum Udang & Jamur (IDR 44,000) to give your tastebuds a rich, flavorful ride. Larger portions are also available for order if you’re eating with the family and you can even get complimentary Thai Tea to go with it!

For a bigger slice in the Thai street food experience, complete your meal with other ubiquitous Thai dishes like Som Tam (IDR 35,000), Pad Kra Phao (IDR 42,000) and Namtok Neua (IDR 48,000). Don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note with their Iced Thai Tea (IDR 20,000)  and Mango Sticky Rice (IDR 42,000). But here’s a secret from us: you can also get a free Thai Tea for every food order!

You can order all of Bangkok Tom Yum’s goodness for dine-in, delivery or even self-pickup, but there’s more in-app promos from GoFood and GrabFood, so you know which option is best! E-wallet payment is also heavily encouraged so remember to top it up before you go.

5. Warung Sekar Taji 

Nasi Sambel Tumpang. Photo: misshotrodqueen

A lunchtime favorite for Panglima Polim and Dharmawangsa dwellers, Warung Sekar Taji is a hidden gem for lovers of East Javanese cuisine. Tastes just like home, as they would all say, and we completely agree.

Open from 7AM onwards, have breakfast like how the East Javanese do and order their signature Nasi Pecel Pincuk (IDR 22,000), a spicy, healthy and comforting plate of greens blanketed with a peanut-based sambal, topped with crunchy peanutty peyek crackers. There’s also Nasi Sambel Tumpang (IDR 22,000), which is a soupier rendition of pecel that uses fresh and old pieces of tempe.

If Javanese spicy dishes isn’t up your alley, there’s also the refreshing Rujak Cingur (IDR 47,000), the quintessential Nasi Rawon (IDR 37,000), and the appetizing Tahu Tek Telor (IDR 28,000) that really capture the Javanese food scene. One of the best deals in the house is their Nasi Rames Begana (IDR 34,000), which comes with 4 side dishes –two of which are chicken and beef – and a sambal you can’t get enough of.

Warung Sekar Taji’s joint is homey yet small, so we highly encourage you to have it to go or even delivered. You can pay with cash here, but it’s best to pay with your e-wallets for a safer experience. Just remember that they close at 5 PM, so save this one for breakfast or lunch.

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