AFN Recommends ID: 5 More Places To Try In February

AFN Recommends ID: 5 More Places To Try In February

From rice bowls to rice cakes, there’s a little something for everyone.

Running out of ideas to eat? Look no further, because we have sought out five more dishes in Jakarta for you to try this month. Enjoy the limited offers and giveaways before February ends!


Lunar New Year specials: Sweet and Sour Chicken & Beef Black Pepper with Onsen Egg. Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Rice bowls may be the most common choices for lunch or dinner as it is the right amount of fulfilling. Mangkokku does just that and more with their selection of delicious rice bowls. If you’re in the mood for beef, opt for best sellers Beef Onion Rice with Onsen Egg (IDR 54,000), Beef with Sambal Korek Bawang Bone Marrow (IDR 54,000), or Ox Tongue Dabu (IDR 49,000). For chicken-based menus, there’s Endog Chicken Truffle Mayo (IDR 45,000) and Endog Fried Chicken (IDR 43,000).

They’ve recently introduced a new menu to celebrate the Chinese New Year. There's the Sweet and Sour Chicken (IDR 49,000), which is made of fried chicken bits doused in sweet and sour sauce with crunchy chicken skin on top of fluffy white rice. Their Beef Black Pepper with Onsen Egg (IDR 56,500) is exactly what the name implies and best eaten while hot - the perfect indulgence during this rainy season.

Mangkokku is generous with their promotions, and are currently offering a GrabFood 25% discount (terms & conditions apply) till 21 February. Head to their Instagram page for more offers! 



Jl. Tanjung Duren Barat Raya No. 359C, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat


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Nasi Rames Bali

Nasi Ayam Betutu. Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Missing a taste of Bali? The pandemic may have restricted our ability to travel, but that doesn’t mean our cravings can’t venture out. Nasi Rames Bali brings Balinese food to the city with portions you can share or have to yourself. Definitely get the Nasi Ayam Betutu (IDR 45,000), Nasi Ayam Sisit (IDR 35,000), and Nasi Besek (IDR 70,000) or opt for the ala carte menu (with items like Cumi Sambal Bangkot, Tongkol, Sambal Matah, Daging Sere Limo to name a few) with prices ranging from IDR 5,000 to IDR 125,000.

Order via GoFood and get discounts for selected menus until 22 February. 



Jl. Raya Cirendeu No. 69 D, RW. 3, Tangerang Selatan


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Lawless Dogbar

Doggy Maguire with extra jalapeno (front), Dog Nasty (back). Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Need a quick bite during a busy day? Hotdog is the answer. A new member of Lawless Jakarta, Lawless Dogbar is already attracting the interests of not only existing Lawless fans, but new ones as well. If you’re unsure of what to order (they all look delicious), the staff are happy to recommend.

There’s the classic Dogstar (IDR 39,000), combination of beef sausage with Russian dressing, garlic butter in a toasted bun. Add an extra IDR 10,000 for a beef bacon-wrapped sausage. We recommend Doggy Maguire (IDR 77,000), sausage wrapped in beef bacon dressed with spicy mustard, garlic butter, caramelized onion and topped with beef pastrami Soejasch; and Dog Nasty (IDR 73,000), bacon-wrapped beef bratwurst with Teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo, katsuobushi and garlic chips. Pair your dogs with side dishes to go for a complete meal: French Fries, normal or with toppings (starting from IDR 23,000); Onion Rings (IDR 28,000); or Corndog (starting from IDR 25,000).

Lawless Dogbar is hosting a giveaway to celebrate their Grand Launching. Visit their Instagram for more info on how to participate and stand a chance to win a special collaboration BMX bike between Mongoose and Stranger Things!



Melawai 5 blok M/3 No. 67. Blok M (Across Blok M Square Berlian Lobby)


Thirsty & Hungry

Chicken Burger from Thirsty & Hungry and Es Teh Lemon from Sagaleh. Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Burgers. There’s always room for it whether you’ve already eaten or not, and we made sure to make room for Thirsty & Hungry’s Chicken Burger (IDR 45,000) - crispy fried chicken with American cheese, pickles, and cocktail sauce tucked between brioche buns and served with French fries.

There’s also the Classic Burger (IDR 45,000), Hungry Burger (IDR 60,000), Fillet oh Fish (IDR 45,000), and the larger than life Ultimate Burger (IDR 55,000), comprising of brioche buns packed with beef patty, beef bacon, sunny side up, and onion rings with cocktail sauce. Quench your thirst with a wide variety of drinks from Sagaleh, the coffee shop that Thirsty & Hungry shares a space in. 

Be sure to visit the store before 28 February to enjoy a 15% dine-in only discount for the burger menu.



Jl. Wijaya IX No. 6A, Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan


Gildak K-Street Snack

Busan O-Bokki. Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Who doesn’t love Korean street food? With almost everyone binging on Korean dramas and films, it’s easy to crave for what our favorite characters are eating on screen.

Gildak to the rescue! Fairly new yet already ubiquitous in towns across Indonesia, your days spent at home binge-watching the lastest K-Drama will feel authentic with Gildak’s affordable menu: Itaewon Crispy Chicken (IDR 30,000), Itaewon Mozzy Chick (IDR 35,000), Seoul Chicken Skin (IDR 22,000), Hongdae Crispy Dori (IDR 30,000), Gangnam Cheese Ball (IDR 23,000), Busan Odeng (IDR 18,000), Busan O-Bokki (IDR 30,000), Sindang Tteokbokki (IDR 18,000), Daegu Ramyeon (IDR 9,000), Jeju Squid Peanut Sauce (IDR 30,000), and Jeju Squid Nugget (IDR 18,000).

You’re in for a treat this February, because you can get a IDR 25,000 discount with a minimum purchase of IDR 80,000 via GoFood.



Available across Indonesia. Check their Instagram for an outlet near you.


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