AFN Recommends ID: 5 More Places To Try In April

AFN Recommends ID: 5 More Places To Try In April

Need more ideas on where to eat in Jakarta this April? Here are another 5 delicious picks for you to try.

Spend the rest of April in Jakarta with meals and desserts that can help you soothe your soul.

Claypot Popo

Claypot Misua Tahu Telur Asin (front), Cah Sayur Bok Choy, Claypot Siram Telur Mentah (back) Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Claypot Popo is a lovely place with Chinese food that warms and comforts the soul. Whether you come with friends or family, just sitting there enjoying a bowl of Claypot Sapi Cah Bawang Putih (IDR 42,000) and warm tea over conversations is a heartwarming experience. And that's how Claypot Popo made us feel — the taste of home in a clay pot with meals made from passed-down recipes. The choices of dishes may be limited, but they carry a family history and are full of flavors — which is why we recommend you to taste everything off the menu. Bring a friend or two so you can share and get a taste of everything.

We came for lunch at their Melawai branch and dined in the outdoor area; ordered the delicious Claypot Misua Tahu Telur Asin (IDR 28,000), Claypot Siram Telur Mentah (chicken IDR 28,000, beef IDR 30,000), Cah Sayur (Fumak/Kailan/Sionmak IDR 20,000) and warm tea (unsweetened IDR 4,000, sweet IDR 5,000). Nothing but a gorgeous and hearty meal to fill you up with energy to go about the rest of your day.

Only e-money is accepted (e.g. GoPay, Shopee Pay), no cash or debit. So be sure to top up your e-wallet!



Melawai, Sabang, Gading (check their Instagram for exact locations)


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Ayam Goreng Wijen Set. Photo: Bani M. Rahadian

Sometimes all you need is a plate of authentic Hainan chicken rice to make your day. Wancan does just that with its delectable and affordable meals in Jakarta. Located inside a well-known shopping complex in Fatmawati, South Jakarta, Wancan is tucked neatly in the quiet area and away from the crowd.

The place is small and charming, so it's best to come during non peak hours. Whether you're ordering the a la carte poached or roasted chicken (regular IDR 28,000, large IDR 33,000), or the scrumptious sesame seed-coated one (IDR 28,000), you are guaranteed a delightful and pleasing meal that will keep you full throughout the day. The set menu (regular IDR 38,000, large IDR 45,000) includes chicken, rice, and soup and would be perfect for lunch or dinner. And if you're still hungry, side dishes, such as Siomay and Fried Mantau (each IDR 20,000) are available.

If you take the MRT, stop at Cipete Raya station and exit through the stairs at Exit B Jl. Teladan. You can either go through the complex’s main entrance or through a shortcut as shown on here.



Komplek Golden Plaza blok e-26, Jl. RS. Fatmawati Raya No.15, South Jakarta


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Strawberry Cheesecake, Honey Lavender. Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

When the weather has been scorching hot, what better way to relieve the heat than with gelato? Lemondiscofish has a wide variety and an adventurous array of flavors. Way back when, they had the seasonal Rujak-flavored gelato - you must be wondering how that must taste, but believe you me, it was gorgeous with the dominance of a mango’s sweet and sour flavors and balanced with a hint of chili.

They’re not shy when it comes to experimenting with flavors. And for Ramadan, they have come up with a very special “Eid-ition” range of treats. This limited and special edition will be available throughout April and May, offering iconic Ramadan flavors, such as Es Jeruk Kelapa Muda sorbet with tiny flakes of coconut that is truly invigorating during a hot day, and Sticky Date, which is a truly sweet divinity. Other flavors are Kaastengel, Nastar, Ketan Hitam, and Kolak Pisang.

Aside from these exclusive flavors, do try their On The Regular (Strawberry Cheesecake, Honey Lavender) and Sometimes There (Hot Cross Buns, Earl Grey). Prices for Single Cup is IDR 37,000 (up to 2 flavors), Medium Cup IDR 53,000 (up to 3 flavors), Large Cup IDR 79,000 (up to 4-5 flavors); and for tubs, IDR 165,000 for 1/2 liter and IDR 330,000 for 1 liter.

Swing by during your birthday and get a free treat. Or if you're a student, enjoy a student discount.



Jl. Kemang Selatan I No.8, RT.6/RW.2, Bangka, South Jakarta


Pizza Place

Bacon Olive, Pesto, and Pepperoni Pizza. Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

When in doubt, have pizza. Get a slice or two from the famous Pizza Place, sit on the bench near the dog park at Como Park and have yourself a very nice day. Enter the tiny space of Pizza Place that is situated at the back of the building (right beside the dog park) and make sure you know what pizza you want because it’s always packed and service is fast in this grab-and-go joint. 

The New York pizza is thin-crusted, oven-baked and quite large, with flavors such as Pepperoni, Pesto, Bacon Olive, and Ricotta White (slices start from IDR 25,000 - IDR 35,000). If you’re keen on sharing, you can get it in 8 or 16 slices: Classic Cheese (IDR  190,000), with toppings (IDR 230,000), Special Pizza whole (IDR 270,000), or Sicillian Square (IDR 300,000).

Remember to socially distance, wear a mask when not eating, and have a hand sanitizer ready at all times.



Como Park, Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No. 998, Kemang, Jakarta


Moon Chicken by Hangry

(Clockwise from left) 10 pcs Korean Chicken Wings Moon Original and Gangjeong flavor, 2 pcs Moon Fried Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, and Jumeokbap. Photo: Dinda Nancy Nugraha

Ever since the delectable flavors of Korean chicken and K-Drama entered our subconscious, the pair have become inseparable. If you're looking for some Korean chicken to munch on as you watch your favorite Korean drama (or any TV show and film for the matter), the newcomer Moon Chicken by Hangry is here for you, already making rounds as a crowd favorite.

You can get chicken wings in 5 to 40 pieces with prices starting IDR 38,000*. We got the 10 pcs Korean Chicken Wings in Moon Original and Gangjeong flavor in rice set (IDR 92,400), the Moon Fried Chicken (2 pcs IDR 43,000) and Sweet Potato Fries (IDR 15,000). So treat yourself and enjoy your nights or weekends with delicious Korean fried chicken. And be sure to check their Instagram for discounts, such Moon Tuesday offers.

*Online delivery prices may slightly differ from store price



Branches are spread across Jakarta and easily found in food delivery apps


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