Review: A big taste of American burgers in 1 pound, or less

Review: A big taste of American burgers in 1 pound, or less

At 25 Degrees, a premium burger joint direct from Los Angeles, you can eat a range of classic American burgers with US Angus beef, sharp cheese and hot fried bacon. Those hungrier can go for a 1-pound beef patty that's here for a limited time. Hungrier still? Juicy onions rings and crisp curly fries are sides big enough to share. The alfresco burger diner is located off Singapore's busy shopping district of Orchard Road, and it only gets livelier as the sun sets.

SINGAPORE - Located near popular shopping street Orchard Road, Hotel G’s 25 Degrees is a place where you can find premium American grub done well.

That’s a menu of mainly beef burgers made with US Angus sirloin, sharp cheese and delicious fried bacon. Now the description is for burger “Number 1”, which remains the most popular menu item since its opening in 2004. But if you're feeling extra hungry, eating a 1-pound burger might do the trick.

And on this occasion we came for just that. The Pounder Burger, a hefty 1-pound, or 450g burger that dares you to eat it in four minutes, with attractive dining vouchers to be won.

But first, preparation for the burger is quick and intense, taking place in a tight kitchen with a well-worn grill. Watch how it's done here. Well it begins with a heavy pound of US Angus beef seared on each side, then salted and topped with French morbier cheese. The finger-width thick cheese slices are laid on the patty and covered to let it melt. And in just a few minutes, you smell an intense aroma that’s a little similar to blue cheese. That’s the signal for the final assembly, where the chef skillfully lifts it off the grill and puts it onto thickly buttered brioche buns. Then it’s finished with a heap of grassy arugula and garlic-parsley chimichurri sauce, originally an Argentinian creation.  

Sounds good? Well our friends at HungryGoWheregamely took the four-minute challenge, but were they successful? Take a look.

The Pounder Burger, priced at SDG 18, is just one of 25 Degree's regular kitchen experiments. They have monthly specials, where new burgers are put on the menu for a limited time.

But if you’re like us, looking for a pressureless (and pleasurable) meal, then forego the challenge and take your time, or have something else.

The regular burgers, priced at SGD 14 are a big punch of flavour. The best-seller, Number 1, mentioned briefly up there, is a lean, morish beef patty topped with fat-fragrant bacon and sweet onions, caramelised to a sloppy mess. Thousand island sauce is generously spread between two toasted buns, before the whole thing is wrapped in old-school brown paper. It fits in one hand, if you decide to grab and go. But if you have time, sit by the street-facing long table where you might enjoy watching busy businessmen passing by.

Sides are substantial, so sharing is recommended. Onion rings are big and juicy, and curly fries deep-fried to a crisp golden brownand placed into a big cone. Both start from SGD 5.

25 Degrees is the temperature difference between a raw and well-done burger.

Find it at street-level of Hotel G, 200 Middle Road. It opens everyday, 7am -3am, with wine and whiskey for when the sun sets.



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