9 Satisfying Low Carb Alternatives for a Productive Week

9 Satisfying Low Carb Alternatives for a Productive Week

Low in carbs doesn't mean low in flavor! Tuck into these delicious meals that are packed with wholesome nutritious goodness to get you through the day

In a modern day desk job or as a stay-at-home parent, refined carbohydrates such as white bread and sugars stand in the way of your productivity. Ultra processed foods like sodas, white pasta and sugary cereal are digested very quickly, providing only a brief burst of energy and ultimately leaving you tired and grumpy later in the day. Switching to low carb meals doesn’t mean giving up any of the wonderful flavors of Asian food. Our delicious low carb dishes below are brimming with umami goodness that will leave both your mind and body satisfied and ready to tackle the day ahead.  

1. Miso Glazed Salmon

Simple, tasty and nutritious – this Miso Glazed Salmon is a reliable go-to option for busy weeknights, and when paired with some colorful grilled vegetables, it is the perfect quick meal to brighten up your day. Miso flavors from fermented soybean offer a nice changeup to western salmon with lemon butter and herbs, and you can tuck into this yummy treat on its on or serve it on a bed of quinoa for a protein-packed dinner. 

2. Chicken Curry Dhaba Style

Curry is often thought of as a heavy, indulgent main, but when you remove the white carbs like naan and prata out of the equation, it actually leaves you with an amazing spiced stew filled with goodness! The aroma of roasted mustard, garlic, cumin and coriander is a delight for the senses in this rustic Chicken Curry Dhaba Style. Match it with some bright kerala green beans and spinach for a fiber boost and a beautiful contrast on your plate. With low carb meals looking this delicious, it’s not hard to plan and enjoy healthier meals everyday.   

3. Meat Free Lor Bak

While a bowl of hot curry is the Indian remedy to cold, rainy days, Lor Bak, Lou Bak or Tau Yu Bak is one of the ultimate Chinese comfort foods for chilly weather. Though Lor Bak is traditionally made with pork, vegetarian homecooks or those looking for a meat free meal option can tuck into this classic dish that is equally protein-rich from Quorn fillets, quail eggs, tofu and beancurd. Go easy on the soy sauce and sugars if you’re having it on its own as a low carb alternative, or pair it with a small bowl of brown rice on the side to soak up all that yummylicious gravy.

4. Chicken Bulgogi

Craving for that unmistakable sour tang of gochujang or Korean fermented bean paste? Look no further than this hearty Chicken Bulgogi that’s bursting with the naturally sweet flavors of carrots, bok choy and bean sprouts. The best part about going low carb is that you can literally pile on the crunchy, sweet veggies without worrying about the calorie intake. Serve up with a side of tangy pickled cucumber to freshen up your tastebuds!

5. Japanese Beef Bowl

Gyūdon or Japanese Beef Bowl is such a classic one bowl meal that you can actually have over and over again for a satisfying lunch that fulfills your protein and fiber needs. Mirin or the Japanese version of rice wine, along with dashi and soy sauce infuses the beef with mild flavors that make for a perfect pick-me-up during lunch hours. Low carb alternatives of pumpkin and mushroom replace rice in this version of Gyūdon, and they perfectly soak up the umami gravy while lending earthy notes to the dish.  

6. Meat Free Thai Red Curry

Many Asian curries outside of India often feature pork, chicken or beef as the main ingredient, but if you are going meatless, you can achieve the same spicy wholesome kick with soy-based and vegetable alternatives in this curry! This Meat Free Thai Red Curry contains succulent Quorn pieces, juicy mangoes and the herby freshness of coriander. For a low carb option, pair it with keto bread made from coconut flour or a colorful mix of quinoa!  

7. Chicken Tikka with Turmeric Cabbage

Nothing packs a flavor punch better than an Indian curry and this Chicken Tikka with Turmeric Cabbage will definitely inject some vibrancy into a dull day. Turmeric and tomatoes give this dish its distinct sunny yellow and orange hues, while providing bitter sweetness that goes well together with the classic garam masala spice mix. A hint of coconut sugar and coconut milk offsets the spicy chilies and gives this dish the coveted sweet creaminess that the chicken and cabbage absorbs while cooking.

8. Meat Free Kung Pao Pieces

When you want to take the spice levels up, there’s few things hotter than Sichuan cuisine. Kung Pao Chicken is literally one of the hot favorites from that region, but if you crave that spicy kick without the meat, this Meat Free Kung Pao Pieces is the ideal recipe for you. Prep is super easy if you have the ready-made kung pao sauce, and juicy Quorn pieces make for the perfect chicken substitute in this dry, fiery dish. Boost this dish by stirring in ultra low carbs such as Kombu noodles - which is made from kelp - and slurp up all that red hot goodness!

9. Tandoori Chicken with Mint Yoghurt

Tandoori Chicken with Mint Yoghurt is a great way to spice up your poultry dish, and when your chicken fully absorbs the sour, spicy, savory flavors of the garam masala and yogurt mix overnight, every bite will be simply bursting with delightful flavors. A refreshing mint sauce balances out the dryness and spiciness of the dish, and a side of broccoli gives it an added layer of contrast in terms of colors and textures.

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