8 Home-Based Businesses In Singapore To Consider For Your Christmas Feasting

8 Home-Based Businesses In Singapore To Consider For Your Christmas Feasting

Support local and consider these home-based businesses in Singapore offering delectable festive offerings for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

We might still be limited to gatherings of five people, but that’s no reason to deprive yourself of a good meal over Christmas. After all, it’s still a reason to gather and spend some quality time with your loved ones. 

But if you don’t feel comfortable going out to a restaurant to eat, where it’s bound to be crowded, why not opt for food and desserts to be delivered so you can enjoy your Christmas with your family in the comfort of your home? 

Here are eight home-based businesses that have a festive menu you should absolutely check out:

1. Project Grace Pasta

Spinach Tagliatelle. Photo: Project Grace Pasta

How about an option that not only looks good, but will also make you feel good? A collaboration between @noodfamous, a home-based business selling pasta kits, and @bigyellowclarecooks, the Christmas menu pasta kits are a fundraising venture for Grace Mission Agriculture, a social enterprise that offers counselling and provides employment for youth at risk or with special needs. 

There are three pasta kits that can feed either 2 or 4 pax, and come with all the ingredients necessary to cook up some delicious mains like lasagna with ricotta cheese or a unique kang kong pesto spaghetti. All pasta kits come with a salad that utilises Grace Mission Agriculture’s locally grown produce and a tangy roselle hawthorn drink.

Since Christmas is a time for families to gather, what better way to connect with your family than by cooking these pasta kits together? 

Check out Project Grace Pasta on Instagram here, or order from them here.

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2. Fab Foods Collective

Beef Wellington. Photo: Ivan Joshua Loh/Pigs Can Fly Photography

If you don’t want the hassle of having to clean up after cooking though, take a look at Fab Foods Collective’s Christmas menu. Previously a home-based business, the founders decided to move to a cloud kitchen to expand their capacity. While there aren’t any photos available of their newly announced Christmas menu yet, their normal menu looks absolutely mouthwatering and will also be available in limited quantities for order during the Christmas period. 

Some items to take note of: the signature Beef Wellington with grain-fed black angus tenderloin enveloped in a layer of mushroom duxelles and baked in puff pastry, which can be jazzed up with prosciutto, foie gras or both for Christmas, as well as the Spiced Cola Gammon Ham which sounds absolutely decadent, with a 2kg gammon joint braised in cola and spices before being roasted with a maple and wholegrain mustard glaze. 

You can view the menu here, or order from them here.

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3. Let’s Jiak! Laksa

Laksa platter. Photo: Let’s Jiak!

Want something a bit more Asian at your Christmas gathering? Well, Let’s Jiak! has an exclusive year-end dry laksa platter, available only from 21 to 30 December! With their signature dry laksa topped off with flame-seared Hokkaido scallops and pan-seared Ang Kar sea prawns, the platter ($98) can feed 8 people, so you’ll even be able to have it for lunch the day after!

Check out Let’s Jiak! on Instagram here, or order from them here.

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4. Cuts & Slices

Christmas goose. Photo: Cuts & Slices

Barbecue might be one of the most unexpected products from a home-based F&B business, but Cuts & Slices is offering some mouthwatering festive additions to the menu, with an orange honey glazed 5 Spice Christmas Goose smoked over apple wood ($140) as well as a Spiced Almond Crusted Rack of Lamb ($120/kg) that will definitely go over well with the family!

Check out Cuts & Slices on Instagram here, and message them for orders.

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5. Sourbombe Bakery

Festive doughnuts. Photo: Sourbombe Bakery

Moving on to desserts, we have a pretty unique one to start. Masterchef Singapore runner-up Genevieve Lee’s brainchild, Sourbombe Bakery’s offerings are a combination of sourdough and Italian bomb-shaped doughnuts stuffed with pastry cream. 

With six festive flavours, these are the perfect small bites for an after-meal treat. We’re particularly excited by the Fig & Wine, Burnt Honey & Safe Walnuts and Basil & Rhubarb flavours. At $48 for a box of six, you’ll definitely want to get a few boxes to make sure everybody gets a chance to try the different flavours! 

Check out Sourbombe Bakery on Instagram here, or order from them here.

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6. Ade’s Homebake

BLACKOUT Chocolate Cake. Photo: Ade’s Homebake

Logcakes are fantastic, and home baker Adeline Ng has a sinful BLACKOUT Chocolate Cake ($52) with 72% chocolate fudge, dark chocolate sponge and valrhona chocolate crunchy base that will definitely excite chocolate lovers. If you’re looking for something on the lighter side though, Adeline’s signature ondeh-ondeh ($48) and durian ondeh ($65) cakes now come in a logcake form. 

Check out Ade’s Homebake on Instagram here, or order from them here.

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7. Munch-kins

Christmas Fruitcake. Photo: John Heng (@daphotographer)

What says Christmas more than fruitcake? With Munch-kins' Hong Kong-style carrot cakes propelling them to Instagram fame and resulting in a month-long waitlist, you’ll be pleased to know founder Karen Yuen is bringing back her Christmas Fruitcake ($88), without that long wait time! 

With a 60-day soak in cognac for the medley of dried fruits used (including sultanas, raisins, cranberries, green chelory and orange rind), the cakes are then fed with four weekly cycles of rum feed, resulting in a dense and potent boozy treat. 

There are still cakes in stock for pick up from 12 December onwards, but once they’re sold out, it’ll be another month-long wait for new orders, so make sure to grab yours soon.

Check out Munch-kins on Instagram here, and message them for orders.

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8. Madeleines by Rachel

Winterland Madeleines. Photo: Madeleines by Rachel

If a whole fruitcake is a bit too daunting though, perhaps you’ll enjoy these Winterland Madeleines ($20 for four) from Madeleines by Rachel instead. With macerated minced fruit and Griottines cherry puree, you can expect a slight kick from the rum inside along with plenty of fruitiness. The madeleines definitely have a strong Christmas vibe, and you’ll want to just lay them out on a platter for that aesthetic Instagram photo!

Check out Madeleines by Rachel on Instagram here, and message them for orders.

For more delicious recommendations and recipes for Christmas, see our Festive Feasts page. 

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