8 Delicious Celebration Foods for Hari Raya

8 Delicious Celebration Foods for Hari Raya

With a good mix of classic and modern dishes and desserts, get inspired to whip up the best feast ever this Eid.

Prepare for some joyful reunions ahead after a challenging month of Ramadan fasting. Whether you are whipping up a big meal and goodies for the extended family or creating a special dinner for a few loved ones, our list of mouth-watering dishes and snacks below will bring big smiles to you and your family alike this Eid.

1. Biskut Suji Pelangi (Rainbow Sugee Cookies)

Stash a few of these precious Biskut Suji Pelangi or Rainbow Sugee Cookies away before bringing it out onto the snack table as these bright confections won’t last five seconds with kids around! Plain Sugee cookies are given a vibrant makeover with this festive recipe, which can be a fun family project for the weekend. Let your little helpers shape and roll the dough, and they will better appreciate these rainbow biscuits when they are fresh out of the oven.

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2. Semur Ayam

Influenced by the Dutch, Semur Ayam is a warming savory-sweet stew that works well with red or white meats. This particular recipe uses chicken as its main protein, but beef or lamb works well too. It’s super simple to whip up for a last minute addition to your Eid feast, providing yet another choice gravy for pairing with rice, ketupat or lemang.

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3. Nasi Impit

Nasi Impit may not be the star dish of celebrations, but you certainly can’t do without it. Compressed rice scented with lemongrass and pandan makes for a great carb base for all those gravy-heavy dishes like rendangs and peanut dips. It captures the aromatics of the ketupat, without needing the dexterity of weaving the leaf pouch. Definitely a choice recipe when you need to whip up some extra rice quickly!

4. Kuah Kacang

Sometimes all you need is a rich, nutty sauce made from roasted or fried peanuts, and your rice snacking is complete. Kuah Kacang can be made from scratch from unroasted peanuts, or you can use chunky peanut butter like in this recipe to skip the roasting and grinding. Sautéing the spice paste or rempah brings out the maximum flavors and aromatics, which gives your Kuah Kacang the amazing taste to pair with your juicy satay sticks or Nasi Impit.

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5. Gulai Nangka

Gulai Nangka translates to jackfruit curry, and while fruit curries are not as commonplace as meat curries, this luxuriously creamy curry from Padang offers a lighter, sweeter gravy to pair your rice dishes with. Stinky beans or jengkol is also an optional add-on in this classic dish, if you are a fan of its strong aroma and taste.  

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6. Bambooless Lemang

There’s so many ways to prepare rice for Hari Raya Puasa, and Lemang is one of the popular choices. Traditional lemang is made by cooking glutinous rice with coconut milk and salt in a hollowed bamboo tube lined with banana leaves to prevent sticking. In modern kitchens, not many of us have access to open fires or bamboo tubes, but you can achieve the same flavor profiles with this Bambooless Lemang recipe. 

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7. Rendang Ikan

Rendang is usually cooked with either chicken or beef, but fish is a great alternative, as seen in this Rendang Ikan recipe as it's a little lighter, and cooks much faster. The key to this dish is a slow simmer, that way you’re able to reduce the gravy down to its flavorful essence - bathing the fish in coconut milk, turmeric, sweet spiced cinnamon, star anise and the welcoming tanginess of kaffir lime leaves. Soak up the rich gravy with Nasi Impit, or Lemang.

8. Daging Dendeng

Love the chewy texture of jerky? Daging Dendeng is the Indonesian version of preparing thinly sliced dried meat for the dinner table – and as you’ve guessed, it comes with a big dose of mouthwatering spices! Beef tenderloin is marinated before being fried, and then slow cooked till caramelized in the sour and sweet spice blend for a dish that will surely heat up your taste buds this Hari Raya!

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