7 Small Local Businesses To Try During Community Quarantine In The Philippines

7 Small Local Businesses To Try During Community Quarantine In The Philippines

Eat local. Support local.

With the rising COVID-19 cases in the Philippines, many of us have pressed an indefinite pause on enjoying our regular habits of dining out. But this shouldn’t stop us from enjoying delicious food, right? That is why we have compiled a list of 7 very promising small businesses to support during the community quarantine. Now, you can give in to your cravings while showing our local home cooks some love. The best part? They are all open for deliveries!

So, scroll down and get ready to order. Here are the must-try dishes during the community quarantine.

1. Lodi Pop Chicken Corner

Shrimp Ahoy. Photo: Lodi Pop Chicken Corner

While Lodi Pop Chicken Corner was created to serve flavored fried drumsticks (starts at PHP 199) and chicken burgers (starts at PHP 139), the true star of the show right now is their Shrimp Ahoy (PHP 179). This Java rice meal is topped with a generous serving of buttered shrimp served with a selection of dips you can choose from. If you’re looking for quality shrimp and chicken dishes on a budget, then you should really go for their tasty creations.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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2. Dampa Express Kitchen

Seafood Bilao. Photo: Maite Cruz

Now that dining in is highly restricted, this well-loved food spot is focused on bringing the seafood experience to your homes. Dampa Express Kitchen is known for their delicious food trays (starts at PHP 688) filled with our all-time favorite dishes from under the sea. With their delicious classic recipes on shrimp, crabs, oysters, and mussels, this is surely the place to call when you are planning a feast for seafood lovers.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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3. LadyBagaPH

Gypsy Salmon. Photo: LadyBagaPH

LadyBagaPH is proudly owned by two females who initially wanted to establish a food truck in Baguio as a retirement plan. However, due to the pandemic, this plan was postponed and they are now offering home deliveries in the meantime. Their slow-cooked BBQ food is prepared using Oak Wood. Their menu includes Lady Gaga-inspired dishes such as Porker Face (10-hour smoked pork, PHP 380), Beef Romance (14-hour smoked beef, PHP 480), and Gypsy Salmon (12-hour cured salmon then smoked, PHP 2 per gram).

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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Lechon has been a staple in every Filipino gathering, and now you can enjoy this classic favorite with a modern twist with PORCHÓN (PHP 1,200). This one-of-a-kind dish beautifully combines the best of Lechon and Porchetta into a beautiful roll of meat filled with lemongrass. With an original recipe created by a former Los Angeles chef, this will surely be the center of attention in your next small get-together at home.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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5. Potluck Sunday Cooking

Spicy Scallops with Tausi. Photo: Potluck Sunday Cooking

Potluck Sunday Cooking will bring you back to the family gatherings that we all miss. Their Spicy Scallops with Tausi (PHP 320) is definitely a must-try. Their other dishes such as Special Humba (PHP 380), Savory Chicken Mushroom Rice (PHP 210), and Cheesy Chicken Pastel (PHP 230) are all unique yet familiar takes on our usual intimate potluck meals with our loved ones. In a time of social distancing and isolation, their food is truly the kind of warmth we all need and deserve.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

6. Sandybaker Pastry Shop

Leche Flan Donuts. Photo: Sandybaker Pastry Shop

If you’re a big fan of leche flan, then this is definitely a must-try. With its soft and pillowy bread covered in just the right amount of icing sugar and topped with a thick slice of leche flan, Sandybaker’s Leche Flan Donuts (starts at PHP 250) will hit the sweet spot with every bite you take. Aside from this, you can also indulge in their other drool-worthy baked goodies such as Donut Pizza (PHP 350), Milky Cheese Donuts (starts at PHP 170), and cakes customized to your preference.

Available via direct order through their Facebook page.

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7. Nothing But Jill

Nothing But Jill Pastries. Photo: Nothing But Jill

Made fresh every day, Nothing But Jill has been the one-call-away treat for every foodie who has a sweet tooth. Their creamy Cannoli (starts at PHP 350) and Choco Strawberry Cream Puffs (starts at PHP 400) are perfect whether you want to eat it as a dessert or a snack. On top of that, its beautiful packaging and IG-worthy look will make it a thoughtful gift to send to those you’ve missed while in community quarantine.

Available via direct order through their website.

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