7 Mouthwatering Semur Recipes For Any Festive Occasion

7 Mouthwatering Semur Recipes For Any Festive Occasion

Paired with a variety of meat and vegetables, this delicious Indonesian stew won't fail to excite your taste buds with its flavorful dark brown gravy. The perfect dish to liven up the dinner table!

Semur is a type of Indonesian stew that is characterized by its thick brown gravy, usually made with sweet soy sauce mixed with a blend of local spices. Fragrant and flavorful, varations of this popular Dutch-influenced dish are available across Indonesia, with each region adding their own unique spin on the recipe. Whether it contains its signature braised meats, vegetables or tofu, you can be sure that each version is as tasty as the last.

A great dish for sharing, Semur is also perfect for festive gatherings. Have a go at recreating some of these recipes for a delicious meal with family and friends.  

1. Semur Ayam

While this wholesome, earthy dish is commonly made using beef, this recipe is a variation that uses chicken instead. The tender juicy chicken pairs well with the sweet and savory sauce, made of Indonesian sweet soy sauce (kecap), nutmeg, chicken powder and a fragrant spice paste. Diced potatoes and fried shallots also give additional crunch and texture to this festive treat.   

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2. Semur Goreng Khas Samarinda

Semur Goreng Khas Samarinda is a delicious fried chicken stew that is commonly found in the East Kalimantan province of Indonesia. Unlike other Semur recipes, the meat and potatoes here are fried first before being added to the stew later. The slightly charred taste, combined with the sweet, sticky and spicy sauce offers an addictive way to enjoy fried chicken, and can be paired with rice to soak up all that yummy gravy.

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3. Semur Kentang

Semur Kentang is often whipped up in many Indonesian homes. While this humble potato stew does not contain any meat, it is still packed with loads of flavor. Filled with aromatic, earthy spices, the sweet soy sauce also adds a unique caramelized taste that you just can’t resist. Enjoy this hearty dish on its own, or pair it with rice for a more fulfilling meal.

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4. Semur Tahu

Another meat free version of Semur, this Semur Tahu uses tofu and eggs as its main ingredients instead. Cooked together with herbs and spices, this recipe offers a warm stew that is perfect for cold days. Throw in some potatoes and tempeh to enrich this stew for an even more flavorful dish if you’d like.

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5. Semur Daging Khas Betawi

Semur Daging Khas Betawi usually contains a different choice of meat and a wider variety of spices (14 or more!) as compared to other variations of semur or stews. Traditionally cooked with buffalo meat, this recipe uses beef instead. This delicious stew is often paired with ketupat, and served on special occasions such as lebaran (Hari Raya) as well as weddings.

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6. Semur Jengkol

Jengkol is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, and while its distinctively strong smell might deter some, just boiling it in salt water and sprinkling some coffee powder over it after will reduce its smell. Add this ingredient to your semur recipe to make a delicious Semur Jengkol! The stew is enriched by the pea’s natural bitter taste while the spicy sweet semur seasonings make these peas more palatable or even addictive to some!

7. Semur Terong Khas Jawa Barat

Although Semur may have variations featuring different meats as its main ingredient, Semur Terong Khas Jawa Barat is perfect for vegetarians. A specialty of West Java, this stew is filled with soft purple eggplants and tofu. It is equally rich and flavorful, and offers a unique texture that gets more addictive with each bite. 

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