7 Decadent Brownies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

7 Decadent Brownies to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

It’s hard to say no to these rich, gooey, chewy squares when you can easily finish them in a single bite.

Sitting in between cookie and cake in terms of texture and taste, brownies have been around for over a hundred years and evolved from blondies – dense, butterscotch-like cookie bars. Often small enough to fit between your fingers without breaking apart, brownies are the perfect treat to have on the go. Alternatively, it can be served warm with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with almond shavings for an extended indulgence. As National Brownie Day approaches in the US, who's to say that us Asians can't have our brownies and eat it too?

1. Milo Dinosaur Brownies

As the name suggests, this Milo Dinosaur Brownies is like the cake version of the famous malty drink that you can order at street side beverage stalls, which comes with a generous scoop of milo powder on top. The malty milo powder is less cloyingly sweet than sweetened cocoa powder, but still pairs so well with the nutty-chocolatey taste we all love, giving this party treat a familiar Asian twist that melds well with the brownie’s Western origins.

2. Brown Butter Miso Brownies

If you’ve ever sautéed butter, there’s this beautiful caramel-like aroma that fills the house when it turns golden brown – and that’s exactly what goes into this brownie! It lends intense nutty and toasty flavors to your brownie, making it stand out among its more traditional cousins. Miso paste is adds a modern savory twist and a new dimension of flavor that is simply irresistible. Brown sugar is also another essential component in this Brown Butter Miso Brownies recipe, lending that coveted chewy texture that comes from the presence of molasses in brown sugar. Dark brown sugar has an even higher percentage of molasses, so feel free to switch to darker sugars for extra chewiness!

3. Thai Tea Boba Blondies

The key difference between blondies and brownies is the addition of chocolate and for those who are missing chocolate powder in their kitchen, blondies are an equally amazing substitute to satisfy your fudgy brownie cravings. These Thai Tea Boba Blondies have the signature sweet roasted Thai tea flavors and that extra chew from the addition of boba, which can be easily homemade from scratch with just tapioca flour, sugar and water. Enjoy it on a hot afternoon with some refreshing Bubble Tea for non stop chewiness!

4. Lime and Sea Salt Brownies

Salt in brownies don’t exactly make your desserts salty – this universal condiment is an enhancer and when small amounts are used in sweets, it serves to enhance the flavors and sweetness of your favorite treats! Lime and Sea Salt Brownies is a classic way to enjoy this sweet-salty pairing, and the zesty zing of lime leaves a nice refreshing aftertaste on the palette. Enjoy it with some Citrus Masala Chai for more intense citrusy flavors.

5. Musang King Blondies

If chocolate brownies are not strong and punchy enough for you, how about some Musang King Blondies? This aromatic (for those who like durian) treat is definitely not a subtle or shy dessert. Its scent will definitely permeate through your house while you are baking it, and it’s either going to attract or repulse your loved ones, depending on whether they like the king of fruits. For durian lovers, this is one of the best treats to make with frozen durian paste to satisfy the bittersweet, creamy, pungent fruit cravings during the off-seasons. 

6. Layered Brownie Butter Cake

Why make a plain butter cake when you can stack it on top of a fudgy brownie layer for a truly indulgent dessert? This Layered Brownie Butter Cake has a sticky sweet brownie base that is a little more dense in texture and perfectly compliments the light butter cake with an extra burst of decadent chocolate-y flavors. Fluffy and moist, each slice is simply delectable and can be enjoyed as a teatime snack.

7. Chocolate Brownies with Salted Caramel Drizzle

You can't go wrong with a good old classic chocolate brownie. Rich and fudgy in the middle, the best brownies seem to simply melt in your mouth - and these Chocolate Brownies with Salted Caramel Drizzle are no exception. Complete with a crackly crusted top, it is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and, last but definitely not least, salted caramel drizzle for maximum indulgence. Consider your sweet tooth satisfied!

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