6 Tropical Jackfruit Recipes for Sunny Days

6 Tropical Jackfruit Recipes for Sunny Days

Soft, springy and sweet-smelling, the jackfruit is a welcome fruit to any party

1. Lobster Tails in Coconut Gravy with Young Jackfruit

There are so many ways to prepare succulent pieces of lobster tails, but if you are looking for an aromatic, creamy version that has brings some heat to the palette, this Lobster Tails in Coconut Gravy with Young Jackfruit is the perfect dish to whip up. Tamarind and jackfruit enhances the naturally sweet flavors of lobster, while lemongrass, bird eye chillies and typical Asian spices add a touch of heat that’s offset by the creaminess of the coconut milk. Whether you have it with steamed rice or a crunchy baguette, this mouth-watering gravy will definitely make your day.

2. Jackfruit Sago Dessert   

An amazingly creamy and refreshing dessert with the sweetness of jackfruit, juicy chestnuts and creamy salted pistachios all in one. The only “cooking” needed is the first step, as you gently warm the jackfruit with milk, sugar and salt. After that, it’s really assembling the rest and popping it into the fridge for a couple hours.

3. Caramelised Turon: Plantain and Jackfruit Spring Roll

Turon is part of the classic Filipino street fare that is so well-loved nationwide. It often consists of bananas or other fruits that is wrapped in thin layer of pastry before being deep-fried to a beautiful golden brown. This Caramelized Turon uses plantains and jackfruit to give you a crispy snack that oozes creamy goodness with every bite. It’s super simple to make and a huge party snack favourite!

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4. Jackfruit Salad (Kerabu Nangka)

Switch up your ordinary Caesar salad to this eye-catching Jackfruit Salad and your taste buds will definitely want more of it in the future! This vegetarian dish packs a punch in terms of its sweet zesty bite, which comes from juicy pineapples and limes. Textures abound in this Malaysian dish – from the soft pillow tofu to the fibrous jackfruits – giving you an interesting mix with every mouthful.

5. Sweet Potato Balls with Jackfruit 

Isn't it pretty? It's really not hard to make these eye-popping treats, you'll be shaping sweet potatoes with tapioca flour to get that a ball-shaped chewy texture, then boiling and simply scooping into a cup with a splash of fragrant pandan syrup. There you go- delightfully gummy colourful sweet potato balls balanced by the signature floral sweetness of jackfruit. 

6. Red Ruby with Jackfruit in Coconut Milk

The whole dessert is a cocktail of shaken sweet fruits, assembled like jewels in a glass. You have glowing red chestnut gummies, fresh floral jackfruit, juicy bursts of pomegranate and sweet creamy coconut milk ribboning through the glass. For a trace of zesty sourness, hook a lime to the mouth of the glass and serve straight from the fridge to get a lovely chilled effect.

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