Check Out the 6 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Manila

Check Out the 6 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in Manila

Find yourself craving for some sweet treats? The sweets that make up Manila’s dessert offerings run a wide range. But the chocolate chip cookies are, without a doubt, an irreplaceable treat in the hearts of dessert enthusiasts. Over the decades, the classic chocolate chip cookies have their recipe constantly tweaked and reinvented as bakers continue to ride on the waves of trends and get creative with their innovations. Today, these delectable treats look and taste vastly different around the globe. Whether you are a fan of soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, gooey, or crispy and crunchy ones, there is undoubtedly one for you – you won’t be surprised to effortlessly find one that tickles your taste buds. Here, you can find a rundown of some of the city’s takes on the modest classic. Read on to unravel some of the best chocolate chip cookies in town. Words by Miguel Ortega, Photos by Miguel Nacianceno, Produced by Michelle V. Ayuyao

1. Cookie Bar Manila

Started off as a home-based business, Cookie Bar Manila has a ten-year track record of baking cookies in all forms, from cookie cups, to cakes, to shot glasses. The traditional chocolate chip cookies are closest to the classic Toll House version; petite and flat, each piece has a delicately crisp shell, encasing a crumb with a chew that springs back. With their deceptively thin texture, reaching over for just one more piece will send any cookie nut into a vicious cycle. 

Extra Bites: While some like their cookies thin, others love themselves an impressively thick cookie. Their Big Fat Cookies are exactly that—big and fat. Comes in Nutella Hazelnut, Choco Walnut, and Cornflake Mallow, be ready to indulge in a treat like no other.


2. Mo‘ Cookies


The Moment Group’s headquarters is home to their open-to-all canteen called ‘The Mess Hall’, which lists favorites from their shops, and some Mess Hall-only specials. Among them, a glass display of glorious cookies, which had people flocking over for. The cookies were in such high demand that Moment made a brand out of it called Mo‘ Cookies. The OG Chocolate Chip cookie has its recipe refined to give off equal parts crunch and chew, with globs of chocolate that ooze between the crags. As their tagline suggests, each piece is guaranteed to be larger than your palm. 

Extra Bites: The signature large pieces of Mo‘ come in a myriad of flavors that include Triple Dark Chocolate Macadamia, Nutella Crinkle, White Chocolate Walnut, South Cotabato Dark Chocolate (using single origin Filipino chocolate), and a trio of oatmeal cookies. For those that can’t handle the big bites, you can opt for the small portions called Crumbs for easy snacking. 

Instagram: @mocookiesforyou

Available at The Mess Hall, Power Plant Mall, SM Aura Premier

3. Mood Bake

A fondness for baking, and a desire to come up with something cool that her son would enjoy, are what urged fashion stylist, Liz Uy, to launch her own cookie brand. Prior to its official launch, Mood was the talk of the town amongst celebrities, who fawned over it with Instagram posts featuring the brand’s signature mint green box. Mood cookies are tightly packed into compact pieces that, when bitten into, feel like tucking into a chunk of cake. Because of its dense cake-like texture, Mood may even want to consider putting out jars of their cookies in edible cookie dough form. These big, gooey and chewy chocolate chip cookies are sure to put you in a good mood all day.

Extra Bites: Apart from its staple Chocolate Chip flavor, Mood also has a luscious Double Chocolate, and a milky Matcha White Chocolate, giving your timeless cookie a little fun twist. All variants available in regular size and as minis.

Facebook: @moodbake

Available at Greenbelt 5 and Glorietta 4

3. Ollie’s Kitchen

Ollie’s is part of the mix of bakers that sell their baked goods straight out of their home kitchens. Ollie’s version of the classic has an ample amount of chocolate mixed into a flavory dough, with flecks of sea salt on top. It’s a cookie that’s infallible, especially where a complementary glass of milk is concerned. Recently, they’ve introduced a large version of it – a heavenly 800g heavy cookie cake that is here to blow your mind.

Extra Bites: While its classic version has a good chocolate-to-dough ratio, the Quadruple Chocolate has the chocolate in glorious excess. If you love yourself a decadent masterpiece loaded with chocolate chunks, the Quadruple Chocolate is one not to be missed.


4. Two Bakers

Using technology to its favor is Two Bakers, which runs a tight shop online. A calendar is posted on their Instagram page at the start of each month, listing which cookies will be baked each week, how many slots are up for grabs, and a disclaimer to wait for the order post before calling dibs. Its flagship products are 6 oz. cookies that look rocky on the outside, with an inner crumb that is anything but. Soft and lush, with pockets of chocolate layered all throughout, these cookies are truly worth hitting the refresh button on for orders.

Extra Bites: The 6 oz. ones come in Dark Chocolate Peanutbutter, Triple Chocolate, and Black & White. However, the soft batch cookies in flavors like Ube White Chocolate Macapuno and Ovaltine Triple Chocolate are a definite must-have!



5. Wildflour

Since the opening of its first shop, Wildflour has become known as the de facto choice for brunch (and all other meals that follow), as well as the go-to for killer pastries. Its loaded display calls out to any diner, even those not looking for a sugar fix. It comes as no surprise then that they would have a chocolate chip variant of their own which, unlike the usual chewy ones, calls out to those that like the crunch. The chocolate used is more bold than milky, which is rolled into a dough that isn’t so sweet, rendering a gratifying cookie that begs for a hot cup of coffee to go with it. Like the other pastries in its roster, its cookie isn’t one to disappoint.

Extra Bites: Other cookies you’ll want to look out for in the Wildflour display include their giant crinkle called the Earthquake, the Gluten Free Chewie made of dark chocolate, and the Gluten Free Almond. 


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