6 Small Local Food Establishments In Malaysia With Exciting Chinese New Year Deals

6 Small Local Food Establishments In Malaysia With Exciting Chinese New Year Deals

These Malaysian food businesses are making sure your Chinese New Year festivities are jam-packed with great food to ring in the Year of the Ox. Best part? It's delivered straight to your doorstep.

This Chinese New Year season may be a little different due to the restrictions of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that you can't (safely!) celebrate and feast with your loved ones in the comforts of your homes. Here are 6 local establishments and home cooks that are ready to serve you all the yummy dishes before you can even finish saying Gong Xi Fa Cai!

1. RC Deaf Missions Malaysia

A variety of Chinese New Year treats. Photo: RC Deaf Missions Malaysia

RC Deaf Missions Malaysia was founded to provide an avenue for the deaf community to be employed, with the sole aim of enhancing their livelihood and giving them the opportunity to earn a sustainable income. This Chinese New Year, their staff are keeping up the holiday spirit by making an array of baked goods for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

From the classic Pineapple Balls and Chinese Walnut Cookies, to the unique “Pak Tor” (Dates) Walnut Cake and Oriental Red Bean Mochi Cake (a chewy delicacy with a satisfying crunch, thanks to the kuaci seeds), the folks at RC Deaf Missions Malaysia are putting their own twist to these sweet Lunar New Year treats. If that’s not enough to tempt you, try their Orange Cranberry Cake and Muffins or the Cashew Nut Cookies.

To place an order, WhatsApp them at +6019 261 9920 or DM them on Instagram here.

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2. Auntie Sim Kitchen

Chinese New Year feast. Photo: Auntie Sim Kitchen

From the aromatic HK premium Lap Mei Fan to their tender, melt-in-your-mouth prosperity pork knuckle, celebrate Chinese New Year with a feast courtesy of Auntie Sim Kitchen. Not only that, add prosperity to your dinner with their Imperial Treasure Dried Seafood Pot (with Abalone). With options for 5 or 10 pax, it comes with a complimentary CNY gift bag and stainless steel pot. As if that’s not enough, usher in the Year of the Ox with their Four Seasons Treasure Combo and Yee Sang, prepared fresh daily – perfect for you and your family to gather around the table and toss together for good luck and prosperity.

Call +603 7731 0926 or +6012 224 8206 to order or check out their Facebook page for their full menu.

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3. Kitchen Confidante

 Spring Gourmet Gift Set. Photo: Kitchen Confidante

If what you’re looking for is edible Chinese New Year art, then look no further than these aesthetically-pleasing sweet treats by Kitchen Confidante. The woman behind Kitchen Confidante, Chef Karen Chai, puts her own refined touch on everything she makes.

Get your hands on the CNY 2021 Collection! There's the Spring Gourmet Gift Set, which comes with 4 boxes of cookies of your choice, all packed up in a beautiful gift box with stained glass art that depicts the early hopeful life of spring – the Pink Tulip is known to mean good wishes and love while the Daffodil symbolizes new beginnings. Alternatively, the Blossom Gourmet Gift Set consists of 2 boxes of artisanal cookies or a Kek Lapis of your choice, perfectly packed in a rustic handwoven seagrass basket box, dolled up with a satin ribbon and a charming oriental ornament.

Order now via WhatsApp at +6012 636 6296 or DM on Instagram here

4. Yang Kee Kitchen

Homemade Abalone Lo Mai Kai. Photo: Yang Kee Kitchen

Yang Kee Kitchen puts their own twist on the classic Lo Mai Kai, a Chinese steamed glutinous rice dish topped with chicken, mushrooms and Chinese sausages, by creating their Homemade Abalone Lo Mai Kai. Their take on the Lo Ma Kai sees the glutinous rice infused with delicious gravy, packed with a generous amount of chicken meat, mushrooms, lapcheong (Chinese sausages) and secret marinade, with the addition of abalone – giving their version a premium twist that is perfect for a Chinese New Year meal.

Don’t miss out on their CNY Bundle Deals: 10 Abalone LMK for RM138 (usual price: RM150), or at RM15 per piece - it comes in a special CNY packaging, fit for gifting your family and friends.

To order, DM them on Instagram here.

5. Papasan Canteen

Papasan Rainbow Lou Sang. Photo: Papasan Canteen

No Chinese New Year celebration is complete without Lou Sang (also known as Yu Sheng or Yee Sang)! Enter Papasan Canteen with their Papasan Rainbow Lou Sang, perfect for you to take home and enjoy together with your loved ones as it is big enough to feed 5 to 8 pax.

What’s in the Lou Sang, you ask? You can find Norwegian salmon fish fillets, red octopus, sesame oil jellyfish slices and seaweed, fragrant pomelo, pears, strawberries, mandarin oranges, peanuts, eggs, yellow radish and chicken jerky; all food elements have their own significant meanings behind it. Colorful, vibrant, robust and abundant, Papasan Rainbow Lou Sang will most definitely bring forth prosperity and good luck to ring in the Year of the Ox the right way.

Available as takeaway for pickup or delivery via Aliment (for the time being): order now via WhatsApp at +6012 580 0883.

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6. Ili Pot Delivery

MALApetaka soup. Photo: Ili Pot Delivery

Looking for a Halal steamboat and grill delivery service? Look no further than Ili Pot Delivery, founded by celebrity chef and AFN Foodie, Ili Sulaiman. Much like how Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, Ili Pot Delivery offers you everything you need to enjoy a hot pot in the comforts of your own home – down to the pot, grill, burner, bowls, soups, sauces and all the ingredients!

Upon ordering, you have a variety of options to choose from: 5 soup flavors including Saranghae Jjigae, Mi So Spicy and Chanko Nabe (non-spicy), 4 marinades such as the House BBQ, Teriyaki (non-spicy), Spicy Korean and Thai BBQ, in addition to 2 special dipping sauces and the option to purchase her Signature Chili Oil.

This February for Chinese New Year, Ili Pot Delivery is launching their MALApetaka soup! By using their promo code “MALAMB”, you will get free lamb slices with every purchase of MALApetaka soup. Keep an eye out on their Instagram page for more updates on their CNY promos. 

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