6 Made With Milo Recipes That You Can Eat

6 Made With Milo Recipes That You Can Eat

MmmMmm, the chocolately goodness is just as delicious in brownies, pancakes and malty cookies

1. Milo Dinosaur Brownies

We love our Milo Dinosaurs, so why not have it as a brownie? Dense and chewy, this Milo brownie is familiar and indulgent all at once.Like normal brownies, they are incredible easy to make and is often the go-to recipe for whipping up something quick for the kids over the weekend. Milo adds a sweet, malty taste to this classic dessert, and pairs so well with all that chocolate-y goodness.

  • Bake a round of these squares here

2. Toothsome Milo Krispies Cookies

Milo Krispies Cookies are exactly what you imagine -milo cookie chunks that are at once sweet, malty, and crisp. Chocolately malt milo, tiny rice puffs and chewy cookie dough combine in the air-fryer to make an addictive snack that’s completely oil-free. Drizzle your freshly made snacks with chocolate or sprinkle hundreds and thousands for extra colour.

  • Make a tray of cookies here

3. Avocado Milo

Be it as a salad topper or a sandwich spread, the avocado has proven itself to be a versatile ingredient that is loved by many at any occasion. Here, it is used to make a creamy yet refreshing Indonesian drink simply called Avocado Milo. Made with a blend of mashed avocado and condensed milk, this sweet chocolatey concoction is topped with Milo powder and oreos for a decadent finish. Just the thing you need for a midday treat.

4. Delectable Chewy Milo Cranberry Cookies

There’s a sort of simple indulgence you get from a cookie. And this one’s no different with an easy dump of milo, cranberries and general cookie batter into a mixer. The next thing you know, you’re placing it into an oven and in 15 mins, it’s fresh, hot and ready to be enjoyed. The best part? Pour a cup of cold milk to go with these marvellously milo-rich cookies with morsels of tart cranberries in every nibble.

5. Sinful Chocolatey Milo Batik

It might look modern, but the Milo Kek Batik really is a recipe from Malaysia long ago. Inspired by the British biscuit cake, you use just four ingredients probably already in your kitchen to get a chewy condensed milk milo cake sandwiched with layers of classic Marie biscuits. All you really need is a hot pot to let everything mix and melt into each other, then straight into the fridge to set. The next morning, slice or break the cold chocolately cake into rough squares and savour with a warm cup of your favourite drink. More Milo perhaps?

6. Milo Dinosaur Chocolate Pancakes

Having trouble with sleepyheads at home? Whip up our Milo Dinosaur Chocolate Pancake and we guarantee that they will spring right out of bed! On top of the usual pancake ingredients, we throw in a good dose of Milo powder which gives the pancake a lovely malt chocolate flavour. Top it off with our easy coconut whipped cream and Milo powder (yes, more chocolate!) for added indulgence.

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