5 Ways to Make Delicious Chicken Wings

5 Ways to Make Delicious Chicken Wings

Are you a wing lover or something other? These wings, original, juicy, spicy, can be done to delicious in five ways, whether you like them deep-fried or oven-baked

Are you a wing lover or something other? Well, these five mixes are some of our best ones, from the classic garlic honey blend, to a spicy creamy buttermilk gravy. These wings, sticky, juicy, crispy, can be done to delicious in five ways, whether you like them deep-fried or oven-baked. 

1. Classic Garlic Honey Soy

For an equal parts sweet, gingery, garlicky and savoury song in your mouth, make this chicken wing glaze. It's mostly a simple pour and mix blend, with the brief chopping of ginger and garlic. Then, cook the mixture all down for a bit, pour over the wings and straight into the oven it all goes for a half hour minimum, more if you want a deeper golden gloss. 

2. Korean Sweet Spicy Gochujang

In this recipe, we used six drumlets and mid-wings, but of course you can go all wings too. That's not really important. What matters though, is the sticky sweet spicy Korean coat that drips all over it. You'll need some soy sauce, vinegar for a touch of sour, and the classic Gochujang chilli paste that's a big Korean flavour. To begin though, you should first fry the chicken. Rub it with some salt, ginger, pepper, and dip the parts in a thick coat of potato starch flour before dropping into really hot oil, you know when it's hot enough- it'll crisp and crackle.

3. BBQ Maple Vinegar Glaze

Like all of the best food in life, this too starts with a little bit of sugar and salt. Then, to get a gorgeous deep brown-reddish hue, in come paprika and chilli powder. For a highly seasoned rub, add onion, cumin and garlic powder in the mix. Straight after, it's a big toss and turn over the wings. Now, for the big sweet and sour coat, equal parts golden maple syrup, and apple cider vinegar - and a nice sizzling fry to seal it all in. 

4. Original Salt and Pepper with Chicken Gravy 

If you've stayed in the Philippines, you'll recognise this fried chicken blend instantly. And the Jollibee-inspired seasoned chicken is thankfully, easy enough to recreate at home. It's a simple salt-and-pepper blend, with garlic and the fragrant Asian five-spice blend of smoky cinnamon, Sichuan peppercorns, strong, spiced cloves and more. All that is held together by eggs, cracked and mix into the meat, before they're padded with a mix of two flours. Deep-frying is the last step, with really hot oil necessary to transform the skin into a brittle crackling coat. And don't forget the brown sauce too, plenty of the fast-food chain fans love it that dip. It's a good pour of chicken stock in melted butter and creamy milk - all simmered to thicken. Addictively easy and incredibly satisfying. 

5. Spicy Creamy Buttermilk 

This is hands-down, our most-clicked recipe ever. Why? Well, buttermilk for one, is a sure bet - a creamy coat historically associated with fried chicken. Our recipe here uses bite-sized chicken chunks, but we know this goes well with wings too, so just swap them out, or whichever part you like actually. Now, the luscious sauce buttermilk is given an oomph of heat with sharp garlic, curry leaves and chilli padi. Allowed to thicken, the sauce becomes denser and flavours tighten, coating juicy deep-fried wings with a strong creamy hit - it's a real winner. 

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