5 Late-Night Food Deliveries In The Philippines

5 Late-Night Food Deliveries In The Philippines

Whatever time cravings call...here is the answer

Hello, night owls! Tired of the same fast food deliveries whenever you get hungry at night? We feel you. That is why we have compiled a list of delicious go-to food spots that can be the delicious answer whenever cravings call you while the rest of the world is asleep.

Whether you're working the night shift or you’re up late binge watching, we present the must-try dishes that would make your night!

1. Goto Monster

Goto Monster food spread. Photo: @sandundermyfeet from Instagram.

Let’s settle the debate once and for all -- lugaw is essential. Especially when the nights are cold and you are in desperate need for comfort food. Goto Monster is ready to serve all of your most loved Pinoy dishes. They have something for everyone from their lugaw (starts at PHP 55) to their silog meals (starts at PHP 200). They also have fun ice cream pops for dessert (PHP 60) to end your munching session on a sweet note. What makes them stand out are their fun twists on lugaw with toppings such as pork bagnet, chicharon bulaklak, and even our all-time favorite -- chicken adobo. This crowd favorite restaurant will surely not disappoint. 

  • Open until 12:00 am.
  • Location: Makati City
  • Contact Number: 0916 300 2600

2. Pares Retiro

Pares. Photo: @shutter_bite from Instagram

Dive into a bowl of everyone’s favorite beef street food! Pares Retiro has always been a go-to place for affordable Filipino staple food. Their pares are perfectly paired with fried rice, chili sauce, and hot beef soup. They proudly claim that they are The Best Pares in Town and we totally agree! They also serve rice toppings (starts at PHP 115), silog meals (starts at PHP 110), and most of the well-loved local meryenda that you can think of. Over the years that they have been operating, it’s safe to say that Pares Retiro have elevated our traditional cuisine.

  • Open 24 hours.
  • Location:Quezon City (other branches are located all over the country)
  • Contact Number: (02) 351 2868

3. Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

Grilled Salmon. Photo: Calle Preciousa

Breakfast for midnight snack, anyone? Kanto Freestyle Breakfast aims to give a gourmet twist to the food we normally find in carinderias and eateries all over the country at a reasonable price. They are loved for their generous serving of their silog meals (starts at PHP 128), pancakes (starts at PHP 88), and waffles (starts at PHP 132). Their coffee (starts at PHP 60) and other beverages is also perfect for those who are working the graveyard shift (or those who love caffeine any time of the day). What’s best about them is you can customize your order to mix and match their tasty dishes just the way you like it.

  • Open 24 hours.
  • Location: Mandaluyong City (other branches are located all over the country)
  • Contact Number: (02) 400 2268

4. Daddy Doogie’s Kitchen

Chicken Cordon Bleu. Photo: Daddy Doogie’s Kitchen

Daddy Doogie's Kitchen is just one of the many paluto online delivery services that opened during the pandemic, but it’s also the one you shouldn’t miss out on. Their menu offers a wide range of Pinoy classics like crispy pata (starts at PHP 399) and embutido (starts at PHP 240). But they also have a fun variety of party favorites like baby back ribs (starts at PHP 360), Buffalo style chicken wings (starts at PHP 360), shrimp thermidor (starts at PHP 950), and Chicken Cordon Bleu (starts at PHP starts at 150). The best part is that you can also request dishes off their menu!

With their smooth customer service and amazing dishes, you will surely have the perfect food to serve during your late-night get-togethers with your fellow night-owls.

  • Open for orders until 5:00 pm, but delivers 24 hours.
  • Location: Mandaluyong City
  • Contact Number: 0917 507 4635

5. Elle Moreish

Choco Lava Crinkles. Photo by: Elle Moreish

Nothing is sweeter than delayed gratification. Elle Moreish’s specialties are baked fresh when delivered to you. Their Choco Lava Crinkles (starts at PHP 180) is definitely a must-try. The fudge at the center of their soft and tasty crinkles that’s baked just right definitely redefines the way we enjoy this familiar pastry. They also have chocolate chip cookies (starts at PHP 120), and regular chocolate crinkles (starts at PHP 100) that will surely make you want for after your first bite.

  • They are open for orders until 11:00 pm, but delivers after 2 days due to large numbers of orders.
  • Location: Manila City
  • Contact Number: 0905 655 3134
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