5 Easy Mooncake and Tea Pairings for Mid-Autumn

5 Easy Mooncake and Tea Pairings for Mid-Autumn

What tea is perfect with a sweet lotus paste mooncake? From full-bodied pu-er, to floral jasmine green, here are five teas to go with your mooncakes this Mid-Autumn

1. Lotus Paste Mooncake + Oolong Tea

The sweet lotus paste mooncake with salted egg yolk is among the most traditional of mooncake flavours. Experts say that for its dense, often times intense sweetness, oolong tea makes a great match. The Fujian rooted black tea, with its light, slightly floral fragrance balances the lotus paste mooncake's sweet side. Among the black Chinese teas, oolong is not as earthy and intense as pu-er. Its uncomplicated, clean taste usually complements baked mooncakes, as well as heavier flavours. 

2. Five Kernel Mooncake + Pu Er Tea 

The five kernel mooncake is a nut-stuffed maltose mooncake - filled with at least five types of chopped nuts and seeds, and held together with thick corn syrup and traces of citrusy orange peels. Typical ingredients include walnuts, sugared winter melon, almonds, pumpkin seeds and more. Fans of this chew-and-crunch mooncake prefer to enjoy all these nuttier flavours with pu-er. The stronger, more robust fermented black tea produced in the mountains of Yunnan nicely settles the melody of flavours in this highly textured mooncake.

3. Snowskin Mooncake + Jasmine Tea 

Snowskin mooncakes, with its delightful mochi-chew and more playful flavours compared to baked mooncakes, go perfectly well with a brew of jasmine tea. The highly perfumed, floral green tea tends to subtly harmonise with the amazing variety of flavours in snowskins, including red bean paste, lotus seed paste, mung bean paste and more. And a thing to note - the longer you leave jasmine to seep, the more bitter your tea will become, so watch it. 

4. Yam (Orh Ni) Mooncake + Roasted Green Tea (Houjicha)

Peony Jade's Flaky Teochew Yam Mooncake is an annual big seller in Singapore come Mid-Autumn season. Photo: Peony Jade

Another crowd-pleaser flavour is the Yam or Orh Ni mooncake that comes from the Teochews. You might be more familiar with the dessert itself, Orh Ni, a swirling creamy paste of mashed yam and pumpkin, with coconut cream. While still less sweet than the lotus paste mooncake, this goes well with an earthy, smoky Houjicha tea. The Japanese green tea is roasted, unlike the usual steamed green teas, and so lends a distinctive toasty flavour that refreshes after all the creaminess. 

5. Durian Mooncake + Osmanthus Tea 


Durian mooncakes continue to enjoy brisk sales. Fans love its rich, bittersweet flesh encased in a powdery smooth snowskin, often eaten straight out of the fridge for ultimate enjoyment. Here, we've selected a popular, inexpensive flower tea to go along with this indulgent mooncake. The mildly floral osmanthus flower, also frequently added to chrysanthemum flowers in a choice herbal tea blend, is the perfect partner here. Simply boil some osmanthus flowers (add chrysanthemum too, if you wish) in water, then sip to mellow and lighten this decadent treat.

Got a mooncake and tea pair to recommend? Tell us in the comments below! 

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