10 Unusual Sweet Treats that You can Nibble on After Every Meal

10 Unusual Sweet Treats that You can Nibble on After Every Meal

Revitalize classic desserts with a sweet, tropical Asian spin and create eye-catching bakes that stand out from the crowd

Concoct a different sort of sugar rush this weekend with this fascinating mix of colorful bakes. These East-meets-West fusions make for some quality family playtime and afternoon treats, and the best part is that most, if not all the ingredients are widely available in most Asian supermarkets! From soft Mochi Cookies to crumbly Blondies, there’s a treat waiting for every kind of sweet tooth.

1. Ondeh-Ondeh Mochi Cookies

What most of us love most about Mochi is its soft exterior, with its surprise sweet center that is often filled with jam, custard or even ice cream. These Ondeh-Ondeh Mochi Cookies are just like the traditional Nyonya kueh in the sense that a single bite will allow the aromatic Gula Melaka filling to burst forth. Cover these pretty green cookies with icing twirls and they are all set for the dessert table!

2. Thai Tea Panna Cotta 

Sweet Thai milk tea, in a cake? This jelly-like cake-in-a-glass is infused with seeping fragrant Thai tea leaves, topped with a rumble of tart strawberries and chewy nata de coco cubes. Quick to cook, in just 10 minutes. Most of the time spent is waiting for the confection to cool in the fridge, quite simple for a rather decadent dessert!

3. Brown Butter Miso Brownies

Dark meets light in this ultra decadent Brown Butter Miso Brownies that will satisfy the sweet cravings of any chocolate lover. The extra egg yolk adds structure and additional moisture to the batter, allowing your brownies to hold up better and obtain a denser, more chewy texture. The unconventional miso paste actually lends an umami flavor to the brownie, balancing out the sweetness from sugar and chocolate while lending more earthy notes to this rich treat. 

4. Pumpkin & Salted Egg Mochi Cookies

The beauty about pumpkin is that it’s such a versatile fruit (though we do use it like a vegetable) that works well in both savory and sweet dishes. This Pumpkin & Salted Egg Mochi Cookies combines the best of the savory and sweet worlds with a bright pumpkin crust and gooey salted egg center. Sea-salt dessert lovers as well as salted egg fans will definitely relish this yummy twist to typically sweet mochi that’s topped off with a hint of heat! If you can’t find pumpkin at the market, butternut squash makes for an equally amazing substitute in this vibrant recipe.

5. Mala Molten Lava Cake

Yes, you heard it right. Mala molten lava cake. The ooey, gooey chocolatey cake now spiced up with hints of mala, it's a mouthful of rich cakey goodness. Pair it with vanilla ice cream to calm your palette from the spicyness of the mala paste and cut the bitter sweet richness of the chocolate.

6. Durian Airfryer Burnt Cheesecake

Cream cheese and decadent durian flesh come together in this recipe to give you a rich slice of heaven that’s definitely going to fill the house with its lovely scent while baking. This Durian Airfryer Burnt Cheesecake lends a tropical twist to the traditional Basque Cheesecake, which is most well-known for its caramelized or “burnt” top. Baking at a higher than normal temperature (200 °C in this case) will allow your cheesecake to develop that coveted brown or almost black crust, while retaining a soft and moist interior. It’s hard to find this cheesecake in most restaurants, so it’s time to throw on that apron for a new baking project!

7. Purple Sweet Potato Kueh Lapis

A variation of the traditional nine-layer Nyonya Kueh Lapis, this version uses purple sweet potatoes for its natural colour and earthy flavour, alternating with traditional pandan-scented, coconut milk layers. The bright and unique purple colors are sure to attract itching fingers waiting to try some!

8. Milo Dinosaur Brownies

How can anyone turn down this nostalgic brownie? Milo dinosaur is a premium treat at any local coffeeshop, and is basically an super creamy and gao (thick) Milo, topped off with a heaping spoonful of Milo powder. Relive those lighthearted childhood times with a handful of Milo Dinosaur Brownies, which pack all that yummy malty flavors into little squares for convenient snacking. It’s a perfect afternoon treat for the young and young-at-heart. Pair it with a Milo Dinosaur for the ultimate Milo experience.

9. Barley Soya Milk Dessert

A refreshing dish, it combines many barley, milky soya and fragrant pandan juiced pearls to make one lovely chilled dessert. Of course, you can have it warm too. The whole thing, which you can make quite effortlessly from scratch, takes slightly over an hour, plus an overnight soak of soya beans. The extra touch is slicing up into chunks, a stalk of aloe vera for that heightened texture crunch. 

10. Crisp and Fluffy Pandan Chinese Doughnut

Bite into these fluffy fritters for a colourful treat to the eyes and taste buds. Pandan is a well-loved Asian ingredient due to its distinct aroma and subtle sweet taste. This doughy recipe calls for only pandan leaves, but if you love the flavour of pandan, feel free to add a few drops of pandan essence!

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