10 Ultimate Ice Cream Recipes To Sweeten The Day

10 Ultimate Ice Cream Recipes To Sweeten The Day

Creamy, cold, lick it up by itself, or spoon some over brownies, isn't ice cream the ultimate treat?

1. Sweet Potato Ice Cream 

Inspired by the popular technicolor Filipino yam dessert, Halo Halo, Anna Olson creates a Sweet Potato Ice Cream Sundae with a crumbly nut brittle and sweet spiced maple cream. It might not look easy, but mostly it’s all whisking, for the ice-cream and maple cream, and for the brittle, all the hard work happens in the pot!

2. Creamy Avocado Ice Cream

It’s the easiest thing – to turn your avocados into a richer, and creamier version of itself, make avocado ice cream. Here, we’re adding nutty sweetness with a kind of rich Vietnamese sauce called Nước cốt dừa, or sweetened coconut cream that’s used widely in Vietnamese cuisine. Essentially, you’ll scoop the flesh out of an avocado and blend with a milky mix that includes condensed milk and, to balance it all out, a citrusy buzz of lime juice. The final few steps include plopping the smooth blend into the freezer for a no-churn, no-fuss, spoon-licking cold treat that’s all happiness.

3. Earl Grey Ice Cream

Just 3 ingredients, really - and you'll get a creamy, cold swirl of ice cream scented with the zesty, citrusy lift of Earl Grey tea leaves. If you want a stronger hint of tea, use a bigger pinch of leaves and let it steep for longer in the warm cream mixture. You can also add shaven orange peels for an extra bright, uplifting fragrance of orange. 

  • Make the 3-ingredient ice cream here

4. Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Grilled Peaches

While ice cream is something you usually buy or enjoy outside, you can actually make this creamy delight in the comfort of your own home. Here, I’ve got a simple recipe for Sweet Corn Ice Cream with Grilled Peaches that you can enjoy after your meals. I’ve kept some of the crunchy texture from the corn as a contrast to the ice cream, but feel free to blend the cream corn to a smoother paste if you prefer it to be less chunky. Serve this sweet treat with a side of caramelized peaches and mint for a satisfying finish.

5. No-Churn Five Spice and Orange Ice Cream

One can never resist desserts and definitely not ice creams. Try making your own ice cream, but this time, try using our One-Bowl No-Churn Five Spice and Orange Ice Cream recipe. It's a unique Asian dessert that is especially suitable for those who don't have a sweet tooth. The addition of five-spice powder balances out the sweetness, yet at the same time, it is not overpowering. Given that this entire recipe can be completed with the help of one bowl, it is perfect for everyone!

  • The perfect ice cream treat, here

6. Es Podeng Bandung (Frozen Coconut Milk)

Es Podeng Bandung is a cold confectionery made with frozen coconut milk instead of ice cream. This frozen coconut milk “ice cream” is known as Es Puter. Es Podeng Bandung uses es puter together with jelly, white bread, sago, avocado, and topped with sweetened chocolate condensed milk, peanuts and chocolate sprinkles. Found mostly in street stalls, restaurants, and caterers, it's a must have for dessert!

7. Berry Sorbet

Hot days? Cool down with a refreshingly icy Berry Sorbet! With a rumble of berries, sparkling grape juice and lifting mint leaves, you get a blend of sweet and zesty pick-me-up. Put all that in the freezer and simply wait to dig in. Freeze your spoon and sorbet cup too, if you want an extra chilled effect on your lips!

8. No Churn Coconut Milk Ice Cream (Es Nona)

This Es Nona is a legendary drink from Pontianak, West Kalimantan. With pink shaved ice and various rainbow fillings, Es Nona stands out from your standard beverage with its attractive appearance. At first glance, it is very similar to the typical Bandung Ice Doger. The key difference lies in the filling and shaved ice used. While Ice Doger contains ketan hitam or black glutinous rice and cassava, Es Nona is packed with red beans and soft jellies instead. Both Indonesian drinks are great treats on hot days!

And 2 desserts that pair well with store-bought ice cream 

9. Raspberry Pineapple Crepe With Vanilla Ice Cream

This is a variation on Crepes Suzette, a classic French dessert where the crepes are prepared tableside in an orange sauce. Here I warm the crepes in a caramelized pineapple sauce and top them with ice cream and fresh raspberries.

10. Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream

Sticky date pudding always brings to mind the heavenly butterscotch drizzle and vanilla ice cream over a sticky warm pudding. You don’t have to head to a fancy restaurant to recreate this –we’ve got you covered with our homemade recipe below. Dates are naturally sweet (they are a source of fructose), so you can definitely add less sugar or even go without. You can also replace the sugar with molasses or honey to give it an even stickier texture. It’s one of our absolute favourite desserts –so give it a try!

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