10 Tastiest and Easiest Ways To Make Vegetables

10 Tastiest and Easiest Ways To Make Vegetables

With a few delightful twists, every vegetable can be satisfying, lip-smacking or just plain good

With a few delightful twists, every vegetable can be satisfying, lip-smacking or just plain good. Kai Lan drenched in buttermilk gravy is savoury, creamy and lovely. And how about a deeply rich peppery Vegetable Tagine? There are endless dishes to choose from. So, pick up your fork and spoon and dive into our top 10 lip-smacking vegetable recipes. 

1. Vegetarian Briyani

The classic briyani is really for everyone, especially if you’re going all-veg. A versatile dish, you can always replace jackfruit in this recipe with potatoes, carrots, broccoli, or anything that you have in your fridge. A brilliantly coloured dish with the lifting fragrance of garlic, coriander, ginger and turmeric, all done within the hour.  

2. Buttermilk Stir Fried Kai Lan

This leafy, dazzling green vegetable is a very common ingredient in quite a few vegetable dishes in the Chinese cuisine. Give it a unique twist by dressing it in thick, creamy buttermilk for a savoury, buttery aftertaste. If you like it spicier, throw in much more chilli padi or curry leaves, and get ready a cool drink at hand. 

3. Vegetable Tagine 

We might have swept the vegetable section for this one. A super healthy, flavour-bursting list of vegetables ranging from explosive black and cayenne pepper, to invigorating turmeric and cinnamon powder. And don’t forget sharp garlic, all added to warm soupy vegetable broth that is made even better with bread.   

4. Buddha's Delight

You can probably guess where this comes from. This dish is traditionally eaten by Buddhist monks and it is a very (and I mean, very) satisfying dinner. It’s full of shiitake mushrooms, cabbage leaves and glass noodles, making it an ideal vegetarian meal. And who can resist a good nutritious crunch with sweetly addictive sauces like kecap manis, or sweet soy sauce?

5. Keto Stir-Fried Dragon Chives & Beansprouts

Don’t be put off by the “keto” in its name. That’s because it’s a very tasty buttery ghee and soy-sauce like crunchy dragon chives. Chop it short, quickly stir-fry and in a half hour, it’s all done. If you like more crunch, more juice, and more texture- watch the heat. A few brisk stir-frys and you'll be biting into juicy beansprouts, lovely! 

6. Japanese Pickled Cucumber

Just like most Japanese food, the Japanese Pickled Cucumber is a delicate-looking dish that will surprise you with its bold flavors. Made simply with thinly sliced cucumbers, salt, sugar and rice vinegar and chili oil, it is traditionally served as a side dish but also works great as a little healthy snack! Want a slightly sweeter taste? Use small cucumbers, you will thank us 

7. One Pot Vegan Tom Kha Mushroom Soup    

Making Thai food vegan means creating flavour without fish sauce. Japanese kombu seaweed and mushrooms add plenty of umami without the use of meat. And coconut, too is the x-factor in many curries and Thai soups, lending a fragrant, coconuty infusion into this light mushroomy soup.

8. Kang Kong Sambal Belacan

Who can forget about the marriage of spiciness and vegetables? The spicy shrimp paste in Kang Kong Sambal Belacan may be salty but it is oh, so good. With just one bite, you can savour the flavor and the aftertaste hangs at the back of your mouth. Spicy and savory? Say no more and count us in!

9. Pickled Radish Omelette

You may be familiar with minced meat omelette, shrimp omelette, but have you ever eaten Pickled Radish Omelette? If you haven’t, it’s a must-try dish for you. Although this originated from China, it’s loved by Singaporeans and Malaysians too. With just a few ingredients, the Preserved Radish Omelette or Chai Poh Neng, as it’s known, has the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Eat it simply with a bowl of rice or porridge, or with a variety of side dishes.

10. Salted Egg Kale Chips

The Asian egg sensation is now paired with kale, and it doesn't disappoint. The superfood is baked in buttery goodness, curry leaves, the heat of chillies and the super side-kick -creamy umami-filled salted eggs. Need some sweetness? We used gavia instead, it's a sugar replacement and a rare sugar equivalent. But other sugar replacements work too. Be warned though, it's addictive and absolutely keto-friendly.

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