10 Sweet Donut Treats With Cream, Glaze, And Sugar

10 Sweet Donut Treats With Cream, Glaze, And Sugar

It's the simplest treat - fried to hot and crisp, or baked to a toasty chew. Try a melty double dip chocolate vanilla donut, or chew on a sweet glazed mochi donut ball and more

1. Double Dip Chocolate Vanilla Donuts

Easy, sweet and delectable black and white donuts with delicious vanilla and chocolate glaze that's so perfect for Christmas dessert. Pro tip: decorate them with flakes or colorful sprinkles for a magically whimsical treat!

2. Coconut Donut Balls

The addition of lime zest and nutmeg adds a nice touch that complements the coconut. The glaze with the coconut sets as a crunchy shell, yielding to the soft, cake inside of these gems.

3. Potato Donut : Donut Kentang

You can find Potato donuts sold on the street, we had it for breakfast or snacks, commonly dusted with icing sugar

4. Chocolate Fudge Keto Donuts

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Being on a keto diet doesn’t mean that you don’t get to satisfy your sweet tooth. To keep it low carb, almond flour is used instead of normal all-purpose flour, but stuffed with a gooey chocolate fudge filling, these fluffy keto donuts are just as decadent and hits the spot for a perfect afternoon snack.

5. Donut Cassava Singkong

If you’re bored of the typical donut recipe, this Donat Tape might be for you. Donat Tape is an Indonesian take on the sweet fried confection, using fermented cassava, or tape, as its main ingredient. Soft and chewy, it’s the perfect afternoon snack to serve when you have friends over. Just remember to rest your dough for 10 minutes to get the perfect pillowy texture.

  • The perfect donut treat, here

6. Old Fashioned Donut Rings & Balls

Old Fashioned Doughnut Rings and Holes are a little heavier than your usual store-bought fluffy doughnuts or donut holes. A taste that is a cross between cake and scone, this old-fashioned doughnut does fill you up fast. An alternative to cake, these guys can be decorated with any of your favorite sprinkles, or keep it simple and go with the classic sugar coating. 

7. Fried Mochi Donut

This bowl of mochi delights are thoroughly addictive and the kind of chewy affair that you can only have with donuts - hands down. It's simple to make, with easy kneading of typical flour batter, cookie-cutter shaping, or just rolling palm to palm, before they're thrown into hot oil and cooled with swirls of icing sugar. 

8. Crisp and Fluffy Pandan Chinese Doughnut

Did you know the “nut” in the western doughnut referred to the hole in the middle, which allowed the insides and outsides to be cooked evenly? Well, even though these yummy Crisp and Fluffy Pandan Chinese Doughnuts don’t have holes, their small rounded surface definitely makes it fast and easy to fry! Bite into these fritters for a colourful treat to the eyes and taste buds. Pandan is a well-loved Asian ingredient due to its distinct aroma and subtle sweet taste. This recipe calls for only pandan leaves, but if you love the flavour of pandan, feel free to add a few drops of pandan essence!

  • Make it easily here

9. Salted Egg Baked Donuts

For a healthier twist to the classic donut, ditch your deep-fryer and try your hand at baking them instead. Not only does this cut down the time for prep and cleanup, the results are just as tasty. What makes these baked donuts extra special is the creamy salted egg custard filling that’s just the right amount of sweet and savory.

  • Follow the recipe here

10. Sweet Potato Donut : Kueh Keria Donut

Kuehs don’t just come in steamed and baked varieties – they can be enjoyed deep-fried too! Kueh Keria is the perfect snack for those who relish a crunch with their kuehs. It looks just like a donut but is slightly healthier due to the use of sweet potato and tapioca flour instead of refined white flour. It’s definitely more hearty than those classic little kuehs, so save some space for these sweet chewy rings!

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