10 Singapore National Day Dishes for a Colorful Taste of Home

10 Singapore National Day Dishes for a Colorful Taste of Home

There’s no shortage of absolutely fantastic local foods on this island nation. Here’s a refresher on the mouthwatering, melting pot of dishes you can enjoy to commemorate the 9th of August

From crispy Roti Prata that tears apart with a satisfying stretch to the savory tangy Laksa that warms the cockles of our hearts, Singaporeans are spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to eat, when to eat and where to eat. Need some inspiration for the kitchen or that take-out order? We’ve got just the list below to get those creative juices flowing for a memorable National Day meal.

1. Hainanese Chicken Rice

Craving for something on the lighter side, but equally delicious and aromatic? Hainanese Chicken Rice is popular wherever Hainanese immigrants laid their roots down in, and it’s been ingrained in Singapore’s food scene ever since World War II. There’s something simply addictive about that juicy chicken and slightly greasy, lightly spiced chicken rice that keeps us coming back over and over again.

2. Nasi Lemak Burger

Singaporeans really love their nasi lemak burger. The limited-edition burger, sold by McDonalds, continues to always sell out whenever the fast-food giant puts it on the menu. Now though, you can make it on your own, at home. This creamy coconut rice with spicy umami sambal topped with fried Ikan Billis (anchovies) is definitely a delicious treat anytime of the day. While this Nasi Lemak Burger may not come wrapped in the traditional banana leaf, it still captures the essence of the classic breakfast dish between its two fluffy patties. 

3. Black and White Carrot Cake

Snack, side, sharing dish or meal, you can’t go wrong with whipping up or ordering in this egg-y hawker dish to satisfy your mid-afternoon cravings. Chunks of radish cake are seared till golden and crispy on the outside, while staying moist and fluffy on the inside. In this version of Black and White Carrot Cake, you can enjoy the best of both worlds on a single plate!

4. Kaya Toast

Have some spare time this National Day holiday? Why not whip up your very own Kaya Toast breakfast, complete with homemade Kaya? It’s a fun, easy and fulfilling activity for your family that results in a sweet creamy jam that goes perfectly with butter on a thin slice of toast. Pair it with a steaming cup of Kopi and soft boiled eggs for the ultimate local breakfast.

5. Rojak

Sold primarily on the back of little scooters and pushcarts not too long ago, Rojak is a refreshing savory dish that makes for a light appetizer or side during family meals. Tropical fruits from the region, crunchy you tiao (dough fritters), peanuts and beancurd puffs are brought together with a toss in that uniquely zesty, sweet and savory sauce.

6. Singapore Chili Crab

We’re certain that this signature seafood dish crossed your mind when thinking about what to have for dinner this National Day. Gooey, spicy, sweet, egg-y and absolutely delightful, Singapore Chili Crab makes for the ideal family sharing main that will keep all hands busy cracking, digging and feasting. Whether you choose to hunt down some lively fresh crabs for preparation or get a take-out from the Cze Char restaurant down the street, indulging in this vibrant dish is a rewarding enough experience in itself.

7. Char Kway Teow

If you need an excuse to tuck into a greasy, wok-tossed, ultra slurp-worthy dish, National Day celebrations are the perfect time to enjoy a plate of Char Kway Teow. Rice and yellow noodles are fried with lup cheong (Chinese waxy sausages), egg, beansprouts and cockles to infuse the dish with a variety of tastes and textures. Sweet black soya sauce, light soya sauce and a dash of fish sauce gives this noodle dish its color and rounds up all the addictive flavors with a flourish.

8. Grilled Chicken Satay

Grilled Chicken Satay is a snack that’s so easy to devour that before you know it, you’ve amassed a stack of used sticks in front of you. The secret to the best satay lies in both the marinade and that optimum amount of charring on the exterior of the meat. Your meats should ideally be marinating for at least 2 hours, but we love to leave ours overnight for the succulent meats to absorb all those flavors inside out. Dip those sticks in the creamy peanut sauce and enjoy refreshing cucumber and onions in between your meaty chunks.

9. Singapore Hokkien Mee

Island life revolves so much around fresh seafood, and it’s no wonder that so many iconic local dishes feature fresh catch in their mix! Another addictive classic to indulge in this National Day is the glossy, ocean-briney, lightly charred Singapore Hokkien Mee. Slurp up this dish while its hot as that’s when the texture of the noodles and aromas are at its prime. We recommend that you only cook this at home if you have access to a wok, as the wok-hei flavors are essential to this hawker favorite. For spice-lovers, don’t forget to mix in a generous dollop of sambal into your noodles!

10. Sambal Stingray

Walk past the array of seafood stalls in any hawker centre and you’ll find the sourish, spicy and savory Sambal Stingray on all of their menus. This method of serving Stingray in Singapore is so prevalent that most of us don’t even know how else to prepare or enjoy stingray other than having it grilled and served with this addictive tangy sauce! Whether you pair it with rice or have it on its own, this seafood dish is a must-have when dining out on the coast.     

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