10 Seriously Refreshing Fresh Fruit Recipes

10 Seriously Refreshing Fresh Fruit Recipes

Honeydew, pomelo, mango, and even an eye-raising durian make for some of 10 seriously refreshing fresh fruit recipes

Need to find inspiring ways to incorporate healthy fresh fruits into your diet? Well, there's no place like here because we have gathered 10 seriously refreshing fresh fruit recipes, whether they come hot or cold. 

1. Honeydew Sago Pomelo 

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as an ice-cold bowl of Honeydew Sago Pomelo on a hot summer’s day, and you will see why! Balls of cold melon, sago and pomelo floating in a cooled mixture of honeydew and evaporated milk that is both sweet yet incredibly refreshing. Not into Honeydew? It can be replaced with durian, jackfruit or mango!

2. Chinese Rojak

Ever heard of a fruit platter that is vastly unhealthy (and thus really tasty) for you? Enter the Chinese Rojak – a salad concocted in Singapore that is both sweet and savoury, an ensemble of fruits, fried dough fritters and fried beancurd tossed in a dressing made of shrimp paste, tamarind, sugars and peanuts. Eat it like a local and throw in some chopped chili padi in that sauce!

3. Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup

Yes, you read that right - Soup made from apple and pear! Originating from China, the Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup is rumoured to be nourishing for your throat and lungs, and have anti-aging properties. There is some prep work involved, and some time is required for the soup to be simmered to perfection but it is well worth the effort!

4. Pulut Durian 

This one's for the durian haters. If you hate it on its own, you may just find yourself warming up to the thorny fruit with a comforting ball of durian sticky rice in our Pulut Durian recipe. It's easy to eat, a gentle first step to the divisive fruit. Drowned in coconut milk goodness, the rice is plump and soft and when dipped into a warm bowl of melted bittersweet durian- a game-changer. 

5. Es-Teler

As easy as it looks. Just slice and stack- a refreshing icy cocktail of avocado, jackfruit and coconut for a hot day. The Indonesian classic dessert is easily made with a variety of sliced fruit, including Southeast Asia's many tropical fruits like papaya and mangoes for sweetness and colour. Want it colder for longer? Chill the glasses ahead. 

6. Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache 

A bright, light and sweet citrus cake that infuses the air with the inviting scent of tangerines -the fruit that symbolises a brand new year for the Chinese. Spread smooth on top is a thick rich layer of melted vegan chocolate ganache for extra pleasure. For a gluten-free alternative, use almond or coconut flour instead.

7. Khao Tom Mud

Looking for an alternative to banana bread? We recommend the Khao Tom Mud, an aromatic and sweet snack that comes in a cute little leaf pouch and popular in almost every city and village in Thailand. Don’t be deceived or daunted by the prep time – most of it is attributed to soaking the rice in water! Not into banana? Simply replace it with durian, mango or jackfruit.

8. Mango Sticky Rice 

When life gives you mangoes... you know the rest. Slice it up and make one of Thailand's most instagrammed desserts, Mango Sticky Rice. The classic Thai dessert is warm glutinous rice and cold juicy mangoes in a delightful double act. For a more coconutty taste, let the steamed rice sit and soak thoroughly in creamy coconut milk. Yum! 

9. One-Pot Apple, Osmanthus, and Cranberry Dessert Soup

Off to a sweet start. This one's a refreshing dessert soup for anytime. Chock full of apples and dried cranberries for a plump pink sparkle, the good fruit adds tartness and texture to an otherwise feather-like soup. But that's not all. Mellow yellow osmanthus leaves a lingering floral scent in this super easy one-pot boil of Apple, Osmanthus and Cranberries

10. Coconut Milk with Corn and Boba

A versatile dessert that can be served hot and cold; drank from a cup or sipped from a bowl, the Coconut Milk with Corn and Boba is a tasty treat for the young and old. Enjoy the creaminess of the coconut with the delightful sweetness of corn and sago pearls. Best served with a touch of mint leaves and sesame seeds!

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