10 Ramadan Recipes To Look Forward To For Iftar

10 Ramadan Recipes To Look Forward To For Iftar

Break your fast with one of these delicious dishes and drinks this Ramadan.

After a long day of fasting, there's nothing like a plate of homecooked food to warm your belly and soul. While you may have read through our 10 Great Ramadan Dishes To Cook For Iftar, we've got another 10 ideas on what you can make for you and your loved ones this year. After all, when it comes to food, you can never have too many choices! With these tasty dishes and refreshing drinks, you're guaranteed a satisfying dinner that you can definitely look forward to. 

1. Roti Jala and Chicken Curry

Roti Jala, a tasty net-like crepe, is a must-have during Ramadan, be it for Iftar or Sahur. Paired with a luscious Chicken Curry, this traditional dish is fun to make and easy to eat. This recipe comes with a gluten-free option where you use liquid aminos in place of soy sauce to suit your dietary needs. Make this in under half an hour to satisfy your taste buds.

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2. Ikan Pepes

Impress your family for dinner with this flavorful Ikan Pepes - a dish which consists of tender fish meat wrapped in banana leaves and smothered in spice. Fresh banana leaves always add that subtle touch of fragrance to any dish, and its beautiful aroma opens up even more in the heat of the oven! The banana leaves serve both to protect the fish from excessive charring while at the same time infusing it with flavors and fragrance that we all love.

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3. Kangkung Telur Puyuh (Water Spinach with Quail Eggs)

Kangkung Telur Puyuh is a Chinese inspired dish that is famous in Indonesia. Made with water spinach and quail eggs as its main ingredients (as its name implies), it is commonly served as a side dish with steamed rice for sahur and also when breaking fast. While this tasty dish traditionally uses water spinach, any green leafy vegetable can be used as a substitute.

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4. Nasi Campur

The reliable Nasi Campur is an affordable option for those who seek an instant yet complete meal. Literally translating to “mixed rice”, this humble Indonesian dish usually consists of rice and a variety of side dishes, from stir fried vegetables to grilled chicken to begedil (fried potato patties). Dive into the flavors and aroma of Bali with this recipe as white rice is paired with tasty sides like the spiced ayam betutu, aromatic sate lilit and nutritious lawar. Put your best efforts into the preparation and your family will definitely thank you for the delicious feast.

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5. Mie Celor Palembang

Mie Celor is a unique noodle dish from Palembang which consists of a coconut milk and shrimp broth, mixed with bean sprouts and topped with sliced boiled eggs, celery slices, green onions and fried onions. Celor means to blanch, and that’s exactly what you do with the ingredients here before ladling a generous amount of savory creamy sauce on top to serve.

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6. Coto Makassar

Coto Makassar, also known as Coto Mangkasara, is a traditional Indonesian beef soup from Makassar in South Sulawesi. The beef is stewed until soft and tender in a perfectly seasoned broth filled with fragrant spices. Enjoy it on its own or with some rice cakes and chili sauce for an absolutely wholesome meal.

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7. Traditional Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan Bilis

Fluffy white rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves for a satisfyingly rich flavor, Nasi Lemak is a local favorite in Malaysia and Singapore. While it is traditionally eaten for breakfast, it can also be enjoyed throughout the day with fried chicken or fish, eggs, ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and peanuts. In this recipe, a mean Sambal Ikan Bilis is served with the Nasi Lemak for a spicy kick. Feel free to pair this dish with a delicious batch of Ayam Goreng Berempah (Crispy Spiced Fried Chicken) as well!

8. Bubur Sum Sum (Coconut Rice Porridge)

Bubur Sum Sum is a traditional Indonesian dessert that is well-loved by locals and tourists alike. Made of coconut milk and rice flour, this sweet treat is cooked with pandan for added fragrance and flavor. The velvety smooth coconut rice porridge is creamy with a subtle hint of salt, and just the right amount of sweetness from the palm sugar syrup. Nothing like a well-balanced dessert to end your meal on a sweet note.

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9. Es Semangka Kelapa Muda

Es Semangka Kelapa Muda is a refreshing drink that is usually served to break fast in Indonesia. Simply mix watermelon and young coconut juice, and top it off with watermelon balls, grated coconut flesh, and basil seeds for added crunch and texture. Guaranteed to quench your thirst and reinvigorate your body with a watermelon sugar high!

10. Es Mangga Susu

Es Mangga Susu, which literally translates to Iced Mango Milk, is another thirst-quencher that you should try making as a treat for your friends and family for Iftar. Made with a sweet blend of mangoes and condensed milk, this creamy concoction is served with chewy jelly pieces for a delightful contrast in texture. The best drink to cool you down on a hot day! 

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