10 Rainy Day Recipes to Cozy Up With

10 Rainy Day Recipes to Cozy Up With

Don’t let the downpour ruin your day – lighten it up with these comforting Asian delights

It always starts with a crackle of thunder or an ominous scattering of fat droplets from the heavens. The next thing you know, it’s pouring rain outside and many of us dash around to save our drying clothes. After the lightning-fast reaction to the start of rain, the cold and wet seeps in, and we often huddle at home, craving for a hearty warm stew or fulfilling bowl of noodle soup. Turn those chilly days into little cozy ones with these incredibly satisfying dishes below.

1. Soto Ayam

The thought of golden yellow Soto Ayam immediately makes our mouth water in anticipation of the mix of tangy herbs on our tongue with each delightful slurp. Nothing beats having a freshly made bowl of lightly spiced yellow chicken noodle soup when it’s pouring outside, especially when made by a bubbly Mak Cik (Malay auntie) who never fails to add a dose of empathetic conversation when serving your yummy noodles. Recreate this bright dish at home and chase all that chilly blues away!

2. One Pot Vegan Tom Kha Mushroom Soup

East meets west in this One Pot Vegan Tom Kha Mushroom Soup. Add instant heat to those cold days with this super easy to make risotto-based dish, that soaks up all that gloriously spicy Tom Kha broth so well. You could call it a Thai version of the Spanish paella rice, and it consists of an equally generous amount of seafood – sweet juicy prawns in this case – to wow any seafood lover. Risotto rice releases natural starches that thickens your aromatic soup, giving you a lovely gravy at the end of it. This one-pot meal is easily resized to meet bigger family needs, and is perfect for busy cooks who want a quick way to bring warmth to rainy nights. 

3. Comforting Wholesome Vegetable Chicken Soup with Rice

Chicken soup is a failsafe method to provide a sense of coziness on those under the weather days. There’s real science behind why this is so – chicken releases an amino acid called cysteine when cooked, which thins mucus in the lungs, clearing up your bout of nasty nasal congestion. Harness its anti-inflammatory properties by whipping up this simple Comforting Wholesome Vegetable Chicken Soup with Rice that only needs a few key ingredients .

4. One-Pot Ma La Pickled Vegetable Salmon Stew

Oo la la, did someone suddenly turn up the heat in the kitchen? The smell of Sichuan peppercorns cooking is sure to knock any rainy day drowsiness out of you instantly. If you need a meal to wake you up after a nice nap, this One-Pot Ma La Pickled Vegetable Salmon Stew is the perfect solution. Unlike your typical Ma La hotpot that uses copious amount of chili oil, this fragrant stew packs healthy omega-3 fats from the salmon in its herbylicious broth instead of over-relying on oil. Pair it with steaming hot rice to absorb all that spicy goodness and you are all set for a warming family meal.

5. Nilagang Baka (Filipino Beef Soup)

There’s nothing like tucking into a hearty Nilagang Baka (Filipino Beef Soup) when it’s storming outside! This piping-hot bowl of beef soup is simmered for about an hour (or longer if needed) with onions and long beans to add a touch of sweetness and to tenderize the meat. Even though it’s so simple to make, it makes for an incredibly satisfying meal that’s bursting with flavor.

6. Ban-Mian

Need something both filling and comforting after a tiring day or exhausting workout? A classic bowl of Ban-Mian will fill you up in no time! It’s a fun family activity to make your own egg noodles and you can cut them into thicker or thinner strips  – or even have them mee hoon kueh (hand-torn noodle) style to suit you own preferences. The beauty of handmade noodles is that the rougher texture allows it to pick up sauce and broth so much better than factory made ones, and cooks a lot faster too!

7. Old Cucumber & Pork Ribs Soup

If you want to chuck all your ingredients into a slow-cooker and just go on with your day without having to be constantly bustling about in the kitchen, this Old Cucumber & Pork Ribs Soup might be the ideal thing to make. Not only is this super nutritious, it’s the perfect soup accompaniment for those days when its pouring cats and dogs outside. We absolutely love sinking our teeth on that pillow-soft old cucumbers that adds the right amount of sweetness to the soup!

8. Law Uy

This Filipino vegetable soup is really popular in the Visayas and Mindanao regions. It pairs well with greasier grilled meats and takes the oiliness off your meal. The traditional ingredients in Law Uy are okra or ladies’ fingers, eggplants and squash or zucchini, which definitely mixes together for an eye-catching dish. You don’t need to wait for a cold day to have this healthy and tasty soup – it’s a lunch or dinner staple that you can have over and over again without getting sick of it.

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9. Bubur Lambuk

Bubur Lambuk is a creamy Malaysian take on the classic congee, and packs so much addictive umami taste to it that it’s going to win you over within the first spoonful! From its humble origins from a mosque in Kampung Baru, Burbur Lambuk is now a commonly found delicacy in Ramadan bazaars. You definitely don’t need a festive reason to indulge in this delicious bowl of porridge!

10. Pho Bo (Beef Pho)

When there’s a downpour outside, it’s no surprise that many of us crave for a steaming hot bowl of Pho Bo. This Vietnamese dish is probably the most popular one to have made it around the world, and is provides a satisfying slurp that’s zesty, earthy and refreshing with every bite. Its broth may take a while to cook, but we promise you it’s worth every minute.

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