10 Rainy Day Desserts For Instant Rainbow

10 Rainy Day Desserts For Instant Rainbow

Brave the stormy weather with these sunny sweets

As you gaze out into the bleak and gray pitter-patter of rain outside and feel a little down in the dumps, sometimes all you need is a splash of creativity in the kitchen to lighten up your day. Tuck into these cheery desserts that come in diversely vibrant hues and turn your wet afternoons and evenings into bright, cozy ones in no time!

1. One-Pot Apple, Osmanthus, and Cranberry Dessert Soup

Warm up the chilly nights with this super easy-to-make, steaming bowl of sweet soup. As the name suggests, this One-Pot Apple, Osmanthus, and Cranberry Dessert Soup has only three main ingredients, which you can toss into a single pot and simmer for half an hour before adding sugar to taste and serving up! Simple in preparation doesn’t mean it’s simple in taste – the natural sweetness from the caramelized apples combines with the tartness of the cranberries and refreshing floral notes of osmanthus to gives you a beautiful treat that delights all your senses. 

2. Peanut Soup with Glutinous Riceballs

Legend has it that Emperor Qianlong discovered this classic dish when he got lost in a village near the Yangtze River. An elderly woman who took the emperor in only had access to glutinous rice flour and black sesame seeds, and made a soup with round balls (Tang Yuan) for him. It has since been tradition to serve glutinous riceballs during the Spring Lantern Festival, where families gather for reunion. Today, many restaurants and shops offer a wide variety of both the soup and balls as part of their daily dessert menu. Recreate a nutty version of this historical dish – Peanut Soup with Glutinous Riceballs – that’s best enjoyed warm on a cold day.

3. Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding

The spicy sweet aroma of nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla wafting out of your oven while you are baking this Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding will surely whet your appetite right away. This soft and warm dessert is the perfect thing to dig into on those miserably wet days, as it's rich enough to fill you up without being cloyingly sweet. Raspberries add a sour tang to offset the creaminess and brightens up the dish instantly. You could even add rum for an extra kick and turn it into a boozy indulgence.  

4. Steamed Brown Cake

There’s something super mesmerizing about tearing a Steamed Brown Cake slowly down the middle with your hands, and watching the steam escape from its fluffy exterior. Not to mention taking in that ultra lovely coconut and Gula Melaka scent that rises up to fill your nostrils. These little cakes are just the thing to make for your family on those busy and rainy weeknights, where time is of the essence. It’s a hit with both kids and adults alike, and you can even color them all in various shades with natural food coloring to present an pretty irresistible rainbow collection to your loved ones.

5. White Chocolate Pots de Crème with Passionfruit

Decadent, silky white chocolate custard topped with zesty passionfruit certainly makes every mouthful oh-so-heavenly in this White Chocolate Pots de Crème with Passionfruit. Presented in little ramekins, these classy pots of white gold are the ideal party dessert to impress your guests with. Feel free to caramelize the top by melting a sprinkling of brown sugar with a blow-torch before garnishing with passionfruit and mint for that extra pizzazz.

6. Sinfully Hearty Stuffed Baked Apples

These Sinfully Hearty Stuffed Baked Apples are a great way to use leftover apples that are past their prime and going a tad soft. There are literally given a new lease of sweet life as centers are dug out, only to be filled with a chewy, creamy rolled oats mixture that is oozing with chocolaty Gula Melaka goodness. The apple shell keeps the warmth in for a long time, allowing you to savor this hearty snack bit by bit over a long rainy afternoon.

7. Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk

There’s no lack of this yellow fruit that’s rich in potassium, calcium, iron and B6 – just to name a few – in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia. We’ve all had that uh-oh moment where we realize our bananas were browning faster than we expected. Want an Asian twist to using up soon-to-be-squishy bananas? This Thai Bananas in Coconut Milk is a wonderfully velvety dessert that not only calms the burning heat on your tongue (especially after spicy Thai food!) – it offers a warm respite for those frigidly cold days.

8. Champorado

There are many variations to this story, but Champorado or tsampurado was basically invented by Filipino hero Jose Rizal, when he accidentally spilled hot chocolate onto his meal of rice and salted fish. Though it is traditionally served during breakfast, this rich sweet and savory treat can also be appreciated on those wet weather nights.

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9. Snow Fungus Dessert

Snow fungus may lack taste on its own, but surely makes up for it in terms of crunchy texture! This ethereal-looking fungus has been used by royalty in China and Japan for centuries to give the skin a boost of moisture and collagen. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits, soothes dry coughs and improves white blood cell circulation. What better way to enjoy this nourishing ingredient than having it in a colorful Snow Fungus Dessert?

10. Mango Tapioca Pudding

Refreshingly sweet mangoes pair with chew tapioca pearls in this Mango Tapioca Pudding recipe to give you a delightfully sweet and zesty reward after enduring an overwhelmingly spicy meal. The reinvigorating mint and lemon zest toppings will definitely wake you up on those dull, sleepy rainy afternoons as well. If this dish isn’t sunny enough to perk up your day, have it warm to chase those chilly blues away for good!

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