10 Quick and Easy Desserts to Sweeten Your Day

10 Quick and Easy Desserts to Sweeten Your Day

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a colorful array of tantalizing treats

Whether you are burying your face in an entire pint of cinnamon-spiced ice cream to get over a bad breakup or blowing out birthday candles in glee on a decadent multi-layer chocolate cake, desserts never fail to brighten our day. Create a myriad of eye-catching confections from plain buttery biscuits (the best kind!) to doughy deep-fried banana balls to fit every occasion.

1. One-Bowl Baked Coconut Kueh

Pass around these dainty chewy baked coconut cakes that's best paired with black tea - earl grey would be excellent for its citrusy hint to offset the flavourful triple coconut threat. Coconut milk, coconut oil and crunchy grated coconut are all used to full fragrant effect in this recipe - which all happens in a bowl. It only needs less than an hour in the oven, with the remaining time used on minimal clean-up. 

2. Biko: Coconut Milk Glutinous Rice Cake

Biko is a Filipino sweet glutinous rice cake that’s often had during tea time or meryenda. It’s traditionally served on a banana leaf, on top of a bilao (round bamboo wooden tray). We love tucking into this sticky, chewy dessert after a really spicy meal as all that milky sugar draws out the heat really quickly, providing quick relief to the taste buds. Depending on where you are in the Philippines, this popular dish is often known by different names, such as Sinukmani in the Southern Luzon area or Wagit in Maguindanao.

3. Halawet El Jeben: Sweet Cheese Rolls

Infuse your day with a taste of Arabia by making these creamy Halawet El Jeben (Sweet Cheese Rolls). Originally from the city of Hama, Syria, these cheesy rolls are now found throughout the Middle East, including Turkey and Egypt. With an outer layer of sweetened semolina wrapped around rich akawi cheese, this exotic dessert oozes with sweet cheesy goodness when bitten into. Crushed pistachio add a burst of color on the sides, making this treat too pretty to pass over! For the ultimate sugar rush, dip it into some sugar syrup.

4. One-Bowl No-Churn Five Spice and Orange Ice Cream

Craving for ice cream but don’t have an ice-cream maker? Fret not, as this One-Bowl No-Churn Five Spice and Orange Ice Cream can be whipped up easily without one. This unique ice cream features an addictive mix of aromatic spices and fruits to give you a moreish frozen treat to keep the afternoon heat at bay. This recipe calls for the common five spice powder to balance out the sweetness. If you don’t have it, simply add in nutmeg, cinnamon and ground ginger to achieve a similar flavor. Top it off with sliced almonds or chopped walnuts for some added texture.

5. Cream Cracker Chocolate Steamed Cake

Craving for a freshly baked cake but ran out of flour? Try out this decadent, beautifully layered Cream Cracker Chocolate Coconut Steamed Cake. It’s just like an easy version of the well-loved Kueh Lapis, and can be made with readily available ingredients. If you don’t have a cake mould, simply use a bread pan or a deep glassware dish (if the mould is wide and shallower than a cake pan, just create less layers). Remember to let it set before cutting into it!

6. Milo Krispies Cookies

Milo Krispies Cookies are exactly what you imagine -milo cookie chunks that are at once sweet, malty, and crisp. Chocolately malt milo, tiny rice puffs and chewy cookie dough combine in the air-fryer to make an addictive snack that’s completely oil-free. Drizzle your freshly made snacks with chocolate or sprinkle hundreds and thousands for extra colour.

7. Cedodok Pisang (Sweet Banana Balls)

Don’t bin your overripe bananas just yet! Make them into delectable little Cedodok Pisang or jemput jemput pisang (Sweet Banana Balls) for an addictive fried treat that your kids would love. You can even omit sugar in this recipe if your bananas are super ripe. They are perfectly good on their own, but you can dip them in sweet and spicy sauce for an extra kick. Bite into one of these crunchy balls and savor the creamy hot center as it oozes out!

8. Gula Melaka Bread Butter Pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding is a classic British dessert that’s perfect for a Christmas gathering, but we’ve given it an indulgent and familiar Asian twist with tropical flavours of pandan kaya and gula melaka palm sugar. Best part? It all happens in one bake tray, to serve up to 8 people, or more if you use more bread slices. 

9. Lidah Kucing: Cat Tongue Cookies

What a cute name for a cookie treat! Lidah Kucing, lady finger cookies or cat tongue cookies are shaped like cat tongues and really easy to whip up. Texture wise, it is similar to French Tuile Cookies but more cakey. These biscuits are commonly served during Hari Raya, and are a huge hit among kids. Sprinkle some hundreds and thousands on it or even dip it in chocolate before adding sprinkles for a dash of color. We are definitely addicted to its buttery crunch!

10. Orange and Five Spice Churros

Walk through a bustling night fiesta in south Spain and you will surely encounter the quintessential churro stand, where the vendor pulls out meters of long dough out of the churro maker, deftly cutting them and dropping them into the deep fryer. It’s a treat that’s synonymous with this fun-loving nation, with many locals having it after a crazy night out or as part of a supper outing with friends. Bring this sought-after fried pastry right into your home with this Orange and Five Spice Churros recipe. We promise you won’t stop at just one, especially when paired with an luscious chocolate dip.

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