10 Quick and Easy Asian Meals

10 Quick and Easy Asian Meals

Simple in preparation, fast to cook and delicious – what more could you ask on busy weeknight?

Too busy to think of what to have for dinner? Get inspired by these quick and easy dishes that can be sized down for individual portions or up for family-sharing.

1. One-Bowl Microwave Veggie Pilau Rice

Dive into an aromatic One-Bowl Microwave Veggie Pilau Rice without the hassle of chopping vegetables or even turning on your stove with this handy microwave recipe. Quick dinners don’t get any faster than this, and it will beat the time taken to order dinner in by a huge margin (especially during peak hours). Pair it with any leftover soups or curries for a heartier meal and you’re all set to for immediate energy refueling.

2. Sambal Salmon Parcel

Want to enjoy an omeg-3 rich fatty salmon in under 10 minutes? This Sambal Salmon Parcel will let you dig into that pink, flaky and lightly spiced salmon flesh in no time! The parcel made from baking paper seals in all that ocean-brine juices from the fish, while allowing it to cook rapidly in the microwave. Be careful when you peel it open as the hot steam will escape! Serve with some instant mash made from potato powder or have it with some steamed microwaved vegetables for a keto-friendly meal.

3. Hong Kong Style Soy Sauce Noodles

Classic stir-fry noodles don’t get any easier than this Hong Kong Style Soy Sauce Noodles. Chewy egg noodles are tossed in the wok with ginger, garlic, vegetables, chilies and soy sauce to infuse it with traditional Cantonese style flavors before being served hot. It can be had as a single main dish or paired with other steamed or fried sides for a bigger family sharing dinner.

4. Cheesy Baked Tomato Fried Rice

Love cheese and have a few more minutes to spare? This Cheesy Baked Tomato Fried Rice is one of the quickest way to enjoy molten cheese that caramelizes into a lovely golden crust over the top of your fried rice. The ingredients are super easy to get ahold off, if you don’t already have tomatoes and cheese in the fridge. We promise the extra time in the oven is utterly worth it as you spoon that stretchy, oozy bit of cheese coated fried rice into your mouth.

5. Mala with Rosti

Fans of potatoes will relish this crispy Mala with Rosti recipe that brings together simple ingredients for a fast weekday lunch or weeknight dinner. The classic Swiss Rosti dish is given a spicy Asian twist with thinly sliced ham and mala oil and powder, which also imparts a beautiful crimson color and heavenly aromatics. Top it off with a poached egg for an added protein boost and it’s ready to serve!

6. Rice Cooker Chicken

The versatile Rice Cooker can be a lifesaver for time-strapped home chefs. Beyond just plain white rice, it can be used to whip up quinoa, dal, cakes and mixed rice dishes like this Rice Cooker Chicken. Dinner doesn’t get an easier than tossing in all the ingredients into your home rice cooker and pressing start. Garnish with spring onions when its done and dig in with some chili on the side!

7. Canned Tuna Roti John

There’s a good reason why Roti John is a crowd favorite at the Pasar Malam (local night market). Greasy, crusty, spicy and absolutely delicious, this Asian take on the western hamburger might be a mess to eat, but it’s so finger-licking good you wouldn’t mind getting the sauces all over your hands. Like how it’s so quickly prepared at the Roti John stall at the night market, replicating this popular street food at home is a breeze. After a skillful flip to serve this dish the right way up, top it off with Japanese kewpie mayonnaise and chopped bird’s eye chili for a fulfilling dinner or supper.

8. Kung Pao King Mushroom

Warm up those cold days quickly by frying up some Kung Pao King Mushroom. This vegetarian take on the classic Sichuan chicken dish will leave your tongue equally numbed and satisfied from all those umami mushrooms. Feel free to mix in different kinds of mushroom like button, shitake or straw mushrooms for varied textures – they all soak up the spicy gravy really well! Pair this dish with some white rice and you won’t be feeling chilly anymore.

9. Kimchi Oyakodon

Korea meets Japan in this fusion Kimchi Oyakodon one-bowl meal, which is almost effortless to whip up and a delight to tuck into. Succulent stir-fried chicken is mixed with sour-ish kimchi to infuse it with that zesty tang, before egg is poured over. The resulting viscous mixture is then dished out over a bowl of steamed rice. The still gooey egg sauce must be our favorite part of this dish, as it acts as a savory gravy for the rice.

10, Tomato Egg Drop Soup

Soups don’t always take a long time to make – this Tomato Egg Drop Soup is definitely proof of that. Whether you crave for a simple, comforting dinner or racing against the clock to whip up several dishes for the family, this traditional Chinese sweet and sour soup can be put together in less than 20 minutes. Make sure your soup is at a rapid boil before stirring the egg mix it! This will allow the egg to cook fast, and prevent it from clouding up the soup or clumping together.

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