10 Of The Cheesiest Cheese Recipes Ever

10 Of The Cheesiest Cheese Recipes Ever

Begin a life-long love affair with cheese with any one of our 10 cheesiest recipes ever

Cheese, it is not for everyone but for many, it is a life-long love affair. Some prefer it as an accompaniment, dousing their pizzas and pastas with parmesan, while the more zealous take it on its own - a chunk of manchego or a hunk of blue cheese with some cold cuts. Regardless of which you are, we guarantee that you will find something you will thoroughly enjoy and come back to in this list of 10 best cheese recipes… ever!

1. One-Pan Paneer Palak Baked Gnocchi

Go on a smooth cheesy ride with this velvety Indian-Western one-pot. Palak Paneer is a rich spinach gravy with cubes of Indian cottage cheese. A creamy dish, it’s made even better when combined with any kind of starch to smooth its strong flavour - from rice, prata, even pasta. And here, we’ve combined Palak Paneer with gnocchi in this One-Pan Baked Palak Paneer recipe. A great dish for the family dinner or potluck. 

2. Army Stew

The best part of this Korean staple is the last. That’s when you slip in a slice or more of cheese and let it melt slowly in the bubbling stew. The Army Stew, borne out of necessity after the Korean War, is now a trendy table-cooking item at home and in restaurants. It combines processed meats of the West (spam and hotdogs) with the flavours of the East (kimchi, hot pepper paste and rice cakes, to name a few), resulting in a dish that is complexed but well balanced. Army Stew is best eaten while simmering in the pot, and with family and friends!

3. Curry Beef Cheesy Tacos

A crispy, cheesy shell on the outside. And on the inside, soft beef with a spoon of savoury-sweet miso, all rolled into curry flavours of cumin, coriander, chilli, onion and garlic. Need we say more? Keto-friendly and accomodating, it's a recipe that's delicious and doesn't discriminate.

4. One-Pan Okonomiyaki Quesadilla

Combine layers of shredded Mozzarella cheese in a Mexican Quesadilla with the the Japanese Okonomiyaki, and you're in for a treat. The japanese pancake is a must try when you visit Japan, But if you are craving one right now, this fun Mexican version is easy to make and has all the right flavours of the original version. Top on the delicious dark okonomiyaki sauce and you are good to go, perfect for a lunch time snack or fast dinner.

5. Thai Milk Tea Cheesecake

The Thai Milk Tea Cheesecake is a relatively new but growing worldwide phenomenon, and no wonder! It is silky and refreshing, thanks to the lovely marriage between strong bitter black tea and sweetened condensed milk. Now imagine it combined with the good old cheese cake with a lovely crunchy biscuit base. What a threesome! For extra indulgence, throw in some vanilla ice cream.

6. Savoury Bacon Avocado Muffin

A kick-ass and keto-friendly bacon-cream cheese-avocado muffin you'll want to eat all day. Combine a tasty mix of cream cheese, garlic and coconut milk with the magic juice of fried bacon and golden yellow butter. Sink your teeth through all that packed in a lightly sweetened muffin cup of coconut or almond flour.

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7. Matcha Tiramisu

You can probably already imagine how it tastes, the bitter, grassy aroma of matcha combined with sweet mascarpone cheese. If tiramisu isn’t already a sure winner among your guests, matcha will seal the deal with this magical mix. All you need is mascarpone cheese, ladyfinger biscuits, the usual tiramisu ingredients and an extra dose of matcha powder and azuki red beans. 

8. One-Pot Kimchi Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

Heard of Mac and Cheese, what about Kimchi Pumpkin Mac and Cheese? This dish is a must-make for those who find want another way to eat more cheese! With this addition of Kimchi and Pumpkin, you get a Classic Western dish a Korean twist. To make things easier, this recipe only requires one pot and two steps. Yes, that simple! Time to make your own Mac and Cheese at home!

9. Hong Kong Style Egg Tart

Easily one of the most loved dim sum dessert, the origins of the Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts can be traced back to the Portuguese arrival in Macau at the turn of the 20th century. A variation of the Portuguese pastel de nata, these egg tarts have an outer buttery shortcrust pastry that quite literally melts in your mouth. This versatile dish can also be made with a cheese filling or pandan flavoured egg filling.

10. Martabak Manis

They say the best topping on Martabak Manis is shredded cheese, and we agree. Get ready for those calories because you will definitely sink your teeth into this traditional Indonesian dessert. A sweet treat, the Martabak Manis can be described as a hefty “pancake” pie – a thick pastry enveloping a filling of your choosing! Try it the local way and have it filled with chocolate, condensed milk, butter and heaps of airy shredded cheese. 

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