10 Noodle Recipes for Easy Anytime Meals

10 Noodle Recipes for Easy Anytime Meals

Noodles might just be the easiest carbs to make - a quick simmer, blanch, or fry and it's cooked. And these recipes make them great - from a ginger-scallion noodle, to a buzzing mala beef one or a chilled Vietnamese shrimp glass noodles, there's always one for anytime.

1. Turmeric Fish Noodles

Inspired by the world-class Vietnamese dish known as Cha Ca La Vong, this dish is sure to tantalize all your senses. True to its Vietnamese roots, this colourful dish uses a variety of aromatic ingredients such as tumeric, galangal, shallots, and shrimp paste. You will be glad to know that aside from tasting heavenly, the use of tumeric aids in fighting inflammation and preventing chronic illnesses. 

2. Spicy Suan La Fen Tang (Szechuan Spicy Fragrant Noodle Soup) 

Once the noodles are done, the next part to making China's wildly popular hot sour soup, or Suan La Fen Tang, is the soup itself. You might be surprised but simmering chicken stock is the base of the red hot, vinegary soup. It's only overshadowed by show stopping flavours of buzzing Sichuan red pepper oil, and the sharp zap of black vinegar. Of course, the proportions are flexible, so play around with it if you want more heat, less vinegar, and so on. What pulls this whole thing together is a spoon of smooth sesame oil that gives it a nutty, aromatic heaviness that mellows out the heat and sour.

3. Mee Goreng Mamak 

A stir-fried noodle dish famous in Singapore and Malaysia, Mee Goreng Mamak is a delicious plate of dry noodles that is sweet and spicy with a hint of nuttiness. The key to this dish lies in the paste –a concoction of sauces mixed with peanuts, dried chilies, dried prawns, dhal and red onion. If you have access to prawn fritters, toss some in there for added crisps and crunch!

4. Scallion Oil Noodles

A quick work of oyster sauce, soy sauce and a grassy buzz of spring onions (or scallions) is all the flavour this simple Shanghai noodle bowl needs. To draw out the aroma of scallions, fry it up and watch it patter on the pan as the juices seep into the hot oil. That's the magic sauce of this addictive egg noodle dish, but some like it even more fragrant, and so add some fried shallots for a bit of jammy sweetness and crisp. Make some of Charlotte Mei's oily, savoury and gingery Scallion-Ginger Oil for an extra layer of flavour.

5. Kimchi Fried Noodles 

Not your regular instant noodles - these instant noodles are made with the triple threat flavour well of spicy, sweet and sour in an all-in-one simmering, warm noodle broth. The sauce is key, see, so let the Korean sweet-pepper paste of Gochujang bubble with tomato juice, kimchi juice and the savoury beefyness of a bouillon cube for a mellow and sharp noodle gravy. Chop up kimchi too, and best to have it straight out of the fridge for the chilled effect against a steaming noodle bowl. Slurp up. 

6. Charred Eggplant Pad Thai

It’s more salad than Pad Thai, but just as delicious, and even more healthy. A powerful burst of Thai flavours of Thai basil, chili, tamarind and garlic perfumes this addictive one-meal bowl. The draw here is an amazing variety of vegetables and condiments that replaces the usual mix of meat and seafood. There’s bursting cherry tomatoes, creamy eggplants and sweet tamarind giving flat rice noodles all its flavour and juices. This vegetarian dish is more assembly, than cooking!

7. Cantonese Supreme Soy Noodles

As one of our community commented on the recipe, "simply simple and tasty with just soy sauce." Well, there are just a little more ingredients for this Cantonese classic, but she's quite right. This recipe's an all-time favorite in dim sum restaurants and Chinese homes - frequently eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In just a couple of minutes, and with ingredients of your choice (meat, veg or plain noodles) and a good splash of soy sauce and sesame oil. Quick tip: Cook with chopsticks instead of a spatula for easy maneuverability!

8. Mala Beef Noodles Soup 

Steaming hot and spicy, the Mala Beef Noodle Soup is the ultimate warming dish for a cold winter’s night. It is incredibly aromatic, thanks to the liberal use of garlic, ginger and Asiatic herbs such as star anise, cloves and, of course, the Chinese peppercorn. Fair warning though, you might end up perspiring so make sure you have more than a couple of napkins at hand!

9. Yakisoba

If you're dreaming of Japan - start with a noodle dish that is everywhere in Japan. Yakisoba, eaten at noodle stands and fine restaurants, is a quick slurp-worthy noodle dish of meat, veggies and savoury-thick yakisoba sauce. The dark glossy sauce is made of a rich smelling blend of oyster, worcestershire, soy, ketchup and honey for a drip of tangy sweetness. 

10. Vietnamese Shrimps and Glass Noodles Salad

Fresh and fabulous, the Vietnamese Shrimps and Glass Noodles Salad is a dish that will add some flair into your regular food roster. Quintessentially Vietnamese, this recipe is wonderfully textured and has layers of flavors, thanks to the use of fresh herbs and vegetables, with sprinkles of calamansi juice and fish sauce. One of the best things about this dish? You can make it in advance and refrigerate for later!

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