10 No-Bake Dessert Recipes for Last-Minute Treats

10 No-Bake Dessert Recipes for Last-Minute Treats

No oven? No problem - these 10 recipes use other kitchen appliances, from the cooling effect of the fridge in a chilled Matcha Tiramisu, to a regular pot in a Steamed Chocolate Layer Cake, and there's so much more

1. Icy Berry Sorbet


Hot days? Cool down with a refreshingly icy Berry Sorbet! With a rumble of berries, sparkling grape juice and lifting mint leaves, you get a blend of sweet and zesty pick-me-up. Put all that in the freezer and simply wait to dig in. Freeze your spoon and sorbet cup too, if you want an extra chilled effect on your lips!

2. Chocolatey Milo Batik 


It might look modern, but the Milo Kek Batik really is a recipe from Malaysia long ago. Inspired by the British biscuit cake, you use just four ingredients probably already in your kitchen to get a chewy condensed milk milo cake sandwiched with layers of classic Marie biscuits. All you really need is a hot pot to let everything mix and melt into each other, then straight into the fridge to set. The next morning, slice or break the cold chocolately cake into rough squares and savour with a warm cup of your favourite drink. More Milo perhaps?

3. Steamed Carrot Cake


Anna Olsen's inspiration for this dessert isn’t actually a dessert at all, but a name. She shares that when visiting the hawker centres in Singapore, she would enjoy eating “carrot cake” which in fact a steamed daikon radish side dish and about as far from a dessert that you can get. She says, "I love the idea that what I know of as carrot cake is completely different from the hawker version, so I’ve created a dessert where the carrot cake is closer in taste to the dessert I’ve grown up with, but with inspiration taken from the steaming technique, and a little savoury spice addition." 

4. Chewy Rose Sago Kueh


There’s no flour needed for an eye-popping delight. The ruby red Rose Sago Kuih is simply made with caster sugar, sago, floral rose essence and a few other common ingredients to make for a soft, chewy delight during your afternoon tea or post-dinner indulgence. If you’re a fan of fresh grated coconut, take delight in flipping your kuihs in a tangle of the refreshing fruit, until you get a perfect coat of juicy coconut shreds.

5. Peanut Soup with Mochi Balls


Golden brown peanuts first roasted then crumbed and tossed into rich butter. Then, they are portioned gently into chewy rice flour balls and bubbled in a brown sugared soup. When still warm, eat this traditional Chinese festive dessert comfortably, popping it whole or delightfully stretching it into two.

6. Matcha Tiramisu


The East meets West in a lovely marriage with this tasty dessert - the Matcha Tiramisu! This recipe gives you the creamy and richness of tiramisu with a burst of bold matcha flavour. You will be hard-pressed to miss the subtle sweetness of red bean and the milk-soaked ladyfingers. Best served in individual glasses, cold!

7. Cream Cracker Chocolate Steamed Cake


Craving for a freshly baked cake but ran out of flour? Try out this decadent, beautifully layered Cream Cracker Chocolate Coconut Steamed Cake. It’s just like an easy version of the well-loved Kueh Lapis, and can be made with readily available ingredients. If you don’t have a cake mould, simply use a bread pan or a deep glassware dish (if the mould is wide and shallower than a cake pan, just create less layers). Remember to let it set before cutting into it!

8. Pandan and Pumpkin Kueh Kosui


These soft and bouncy dimpled kueh are naturally coloured and flavoured with pandan, pumpkin and topped with salted coconut, making them a moreish treat.The rough and smooth textures makes this a delight in the mouth and will definitely have you reaching for just one more (especially one of a different color –got to try them all!). If you don’t have the appropriate mould, simply use your muffin tray and fill it to the midway point to make bigger kuehs.

9. Thai Tea Panna Cotta (Cha Yen)


Sweet Thai milk tea, in a cake? This jelly-like cake-in-a-glassis infused with seeping fragrant Thai tea leaves, topped with a rumble of tart strawberries and chewy nata de coco cubes. Quick to cook, in just 10 minutes. Most of the time spent is waiting for the confection to cool in the fridge, quite simple for a rather decadent dessert!

10. Microwave Mug Chocolate Brownies


Nothing beats a quick Chocolate Mug Cake on a rainy afternoon. This warm, moist and decadent dessert is so easy to create with just a microwave that there’s no reason to skip the sweet treat after you meal. We love to top ours with rainbow sprinkles, some healthy nuts and complete it with a honey or chocolate drizzle. For nutella fans, scoop out a tablespoon of nutella into the brownie mix before putting it into the microwave. This one's part of Matthias' 8 Miracle Microwave Hacks, so there's even more magical things you can do with your microwave!

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