10 More Addictive Asian Desserts

10 More Addictive Asian Desserts

It's much more of our irresistible treats from Filipino's most brilliantly purple Halo Halo dessert, to Indonesia's icy cold Es Teler

If you haven't seen our first list of 10 Addictive Asian Recipes, well, here's more of our irresistable treats. This time, we've got it all from Filipino's most brilliantly purple Halo Halo dessert, to another purple punkster- the stretchy Ube Mochi. But that's not all. Seek out a warm bowl of classic Chinese Steamed Ginger Milk Pudding and cool down with the Indonesian Es Teler, a party of fresh tropical fruits in an icy tower.

1. Biko

Sweet, sticky, coconut-soaked glutinous rice is a real sweet-tooth seducer. The Filipino treat is a magical party of fluffy soft rice and crumbly coconut latik, or brown-sugar infused coconut crispies. If you didn't know, latik's actually coconut milk heated and reduced until it forms coconut curds that tastes altogether heavenly in this satisfying Biko rice cake.

2. Ube Mochi

As with most things Japanese, this dish has the cutest of names - Mochi! Mochi is a traditional rice cake that is typically steamed and pounded intensively to give a sticky consistency. Make this chewy delight with a sweet purple yam twist, all ready to impress your family and friends! Put in the chiller first to sink your teeth into a cool soft, chewy ball. 

3. Steamed Ginger Milk Pudding 

Guaranteed to make you fall “love-in-first-sight/smell/taste” is the Ginger Steamed Milk. Made predominantly of egg white and milk custard, and infused with the pungent flavor of ginger, this silky white pudding is the perfect summer dessert, served chilled, after a heavy meal! Fun fact: Ginger is known to be good for blood circulation and digestion.

4. One-Dish Gula Melaka Banana Pudding

Glowing golden brown with spiced nutmeg powder and bananas, this wonderous one-dish should really be eaten alone. The buttery delight is infused with coconut milk and a gorgerous swirl of dark gula melaka, then baked to a fluffy warm pudding that you'll finish up in no time. 

5. Halo Halo

Here’s a dessert can cheer the crabbiest of characters –the sprightly and colorful Halo Halo (or Haluhalo to some), is a popular and traditional Filipino dessert. Perfect for the tropics, this dessert is essentially a concoction of crushed ice, topped with ingredients such as sweetened beans, jackfruit, sweet potatoes, and smothered with evaporated milk. Here, we give you a modern take to the classic Halo Halo!

6. Onde Onde

In what can only be described as a party in your mouth, the Onde-Onde is a cute, little ball that quite literally bursts when you take a bite. Imagine a jelly-filled donut but soft- the dough is made of glutinous rice flour infused with pandan, or screwpine leaf, juice, then filled with palm sugar and rolled in with grated coconut. A traditional pastry that is popular in Malaysia and Singapore, ieaten as a snack or a dessert.

7. Es Teler

As easy as it looks. Just slice and stack- a refreshing icy cocktail of avocado, jackfruit and coconut for a hot day. The Indonesian classic dessert is easily made with a variety of sliced fruit, including Southeast Asia's many tropical fruits like papaya and mangoes for sweetness and colour. Want it colder for longer? Chill the glasses ahead. 

8. Buko Pandan

Oh-so-soft pandan fragrant jelly cubes, drowned in a sweet, condensed milk sauce and slurpy sago. If you so desire, we recommend topping the Filipino treat up with a spoon of chewy nata de coco cubes and velvety vanilla ice-cream. Eat cold, and freeze your bowl ahead for a nice icy touch to the lips on a hot afternoon. 

9. Kaya Portugese Egg Tarts 

In just an hour, transform a yellow Portugese egg tart into a lovely green kaya-infused one. And you need very little prep work to bite into a tray of buttery flaky egg tarts with pandan's lifting aroma. 

10. Bua Loy

Bua Loy, translating to “floating lotus”, is a dessert as beautiful as it is named. Bright orange and green orbs intermingling and floating in a sea of white coconut milk, it is a traditional Thai soupy dessert that is fragrant and will satisfy any sweet tooth. While relatively easy to prepare, there are quite some steps to do but trust us, the result is worth every minute!

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