10 Lip-Smacking Indonesian Rice Recipes

10 Lip-Smacking Indonesian Rice Recipes

Beyond nasi goreng, there's a perfect rice recipe for the rice lover

1. Nasi Bakmoy

Soup is the best comfort food for when you’re feeling under the weather. With an added carbo boost, Nasi Bakmoy is the perfect meal to have for extra energy. A combination of warm soup and rice that soothes the body and soul, this wholesome Indonesian dish features white rice bathed in a savory chicken broth and topped with sauteed chicken, sausage and tofu bakmoy topping. Add a slice of hard boiled egg and shrimp fritters for a complete meal. A bowl of Nasi Bakmoy for breakfast will definitely get you going for the day.

2. Nasi Uduk

Jakarta’s favorite breakfast, Nasi Uduk can be found practically everywhere in the Indonesian capital. Cooked with coconut milk and seasoned with aromatic spices like ginger, galangal, lemongrass and lime leaves, the fluffy white rice comes with a variety of sides. In this recipe, it is topped with fried shallots and omelette strips, and paired with fried rice vermicelli and semur, a savory stew filled with chicken, tofu and eggs. Served with spicy sambal, it’s an instant energy boost to greet your day in the morning – a perfect meal before your bike ride around the city!

3. Nasi Goreng Gila

While Nasi Goreng Gila is made with the same spices as regular fried rice, this popular Indonesian variation contains an additional mix of delicious ingredients that can drive you - as its name suggests - 'crazy'. It’s rarely found outside Jakarta, so if you crave this hearty, mouthwatering dish with a spicy kick, we’ve got your back with this simple recipe.

4. Nasi Campur

The reliable Nasi Campur is an affordable meal for those who seek an instant yet complete lunch. Literally translating to “mixed rice”, this humble Indonesian dish usually consists of white rice and a variety of side dishes, from stir fried vegetables to grilled chicken to begedil (fried potato patties). Dive into the flavors and aroma of Bali with this recipe as white rice is paired with tasty sides like the spiced ayam betutu, aromatic sate lilit and nutritious lawar. Put your best efforts into the preparation and your family will definitely thank you for the delicious feast.

5. Nasi Tumpang : Tumpang Chilli Tempeh with Rice

Nasi Tumpang, popular in Boyolali and its surrounding areas, is often sought out for breakfast. Sold in the morning at food stalls, Nasi Tumpang is a dish where Tumpang chili sauce, made with over-fermented tempe, is served with rice. The way it is served is exactly the same as the popular nasi pecel. Do note that fresh tempeh will not work well with this recipe.

6. Nasi Tutug Oncom : Rice Wrapped in Banana Leaf

Nasi Tutug Oncom, or sometimes simply called Tutug Oncom, is an Indonesian style rice dish, made of rice mixed with oncom. Oncom is the byproduct of tofu where the remaining soybeans are mixed with processed peanuts and fermented. This dish is originally from Tasikmalaya, a town in West Java, a place famous for its embroidery handcrafts. Tutug oncom is usually wrapped in banana leaves, to contain the flavors that wafts out deliciously when unwrapped.

7. Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin : Salted Fish Fried Rice

Nasi Goreng Ikan Asin is a variation of fried rice, using salted fish to enhance the flavor of the normal fried rice. This dish is quick-to-cook and is widely found in restaurants or prepared easily at home.

8. Nasi Goreng Dendeng Lemak : Beef Jerky Fried Rice

Out of all the nasi goreng (fried rice) recipes, this Nasi Goreng Dendeng Lemak is one of my favorites. You can choose to use store bought dendeng (beef jerky) but here, I will show you how easy it is to make it from scratch. Tip: It’s best to use fatty beef brisket for the jerky to give your nasi goreng that extra burst of flavor. A truly Indonesian rendition of the beloved fried rice, this dish is sure to satisfy your tastebuds with its savory blend of spices.

9. Nasi Liwet: Indonesian Spiced Coconut Rice

Satisfying and flavorful, the Nasi Liwet is an Indonesian classic which features rich and super fragrant coconut rice. You read that right, the rice is cooked not with water but with coconut milk, bay leaves, and lemongrass. Paired with stewed chicken, choko (a green vegetable of the gourd family) and a special omelet, you’ll have a full nutritious meal for you and the family.

10: Lemper Ayam: Indonesian-Spiced Chicken in Glutinous Rice

Lemper is a famous Indonesian snack made from sticky rice. There is usually shredded or minced chicken inside this warm, banana leaf-wrapped treat. Creamy coconut milk and lemongrass gives this treat a sweet aftertaste and aroma, and sinking your teeth through the warm, sticky glutinous rice to reach the richly flavored chicken makes all that prep work worthwhile. Make it for a weekend treat for the family or as a party snack – we bet these delicious Lemper Ayam will be gone in no time!

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