10 Kimchi Fried Rice Spots Around Indonesia

10 Kimchi Fried Rice Spots Around Indonesia

The hallyu K-Wave trend has taken over the world and Indonesia is no stranger to that – especially when it comes to Korean food.

While everyone is raving over Korean delights like Tteokbokki, Ramyun and Jajangmyeon, Kimchi Fried Rice, or Kimchi Bokkeumbap, has been welcomed with open arms in Indonesia, a country full of hardcore fried rice fans. Made with, of course, a mix of kimchi and gochujang, the quintessential Korean paste, it’s hard not to love the sour and spicy flavors that comes with this meal.

Not sure where to find it? Here are 10 places around the country where you can get a good bowl of Kimchi Fried Rice.

1. Kyochon 1991, Jakarta

Photo: Kyochon 1991

Don’t call yourself a Korean food lover if you haven’t heard of Kyochon. A purveyor of crispy Korean fried chicken, this global franchise is known for their signature chicken wings with flavors that linger in your dreams. And what pairs really well with that is their Galbi Chicken Steak with Kimchi Fried Rice. 

Have the best of both worlds with their signature chicken menu and their tantalizing Galbi Chicken. Served with a side of fresh salad, their Kimchi Fried Rice is the ultimate dish to refresh your taste buds. Across Jakarta, Kyochon has 6 branches for dine-in options with 4 additional spots especially for deliveries to wherever you are.

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2. SGD Old Tofu House, Jakarta

Photo: SGD Old Tofu House

Known as the specialists of Korean sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) since 1962, SGD Old Tofu House is the place for authentic Korean comfort food – including Kimchi Fried Rice! Exclusively available for takeaways and deliveries, this Kimchi Bokkeumbap takeout box is topped with a fried egg and chewy, boneless chicken bites. 

What makes SGD Old Tofu House’s Kimchi Fried Rice truly special is that it comes with a choice of their signature stews. Pick between their 10 delicious tofu stew options for a complete, fulfilling lunch.

With 3 branches around Jakarta, find one closest to you and get your fix delivered right to your doorstep.

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3. Moonlight Pocha, Jakarta

Photo: Moonlight Pocha

Looking for a glimpse of Seoul’s nightlife in Jakarta? Moonlight Pocha got you covered. Started by a Korean chef, this restaurant-pub joint adopts a typical Korean pocha concept where food is meant to be shared and beers are meant to be smashed. 

At Moonlight Pocha, the serving for Kimchi Fried Rice is big enough to go around. With bits of beef bacon and sesame seeds, it pairs even better with a side of their Signature Pork Ribs. Come with your pack of friends for the amazing food and stay for a taste of fun in Seoul. You can also have the party delivered to your doorstep instead.

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4. Warung Korea Pop, Jakarta

Photo: Warung Korea Pop

A quaint, modest place to gather for K-Pop lovers, Warung Korea Pop celebrates the love Indonesians have for Korea. It’s also a great place to go if you need a crash course in Korean food.

Warung Korea Pop’s Kimchi Fried Rice is a must try – a reviewer even said it tastes just like the one they had in Korea. Topped with the quintessential fried egg and a warm soup on the side, they also have a beef belly version that really packs a punch! Enjoy it at one of their outlets or order in for a feast at home.

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5. Namsan, Jakarta

Photo: Namsan

Namsan is born from the kitchen of native Koreans in Jakarta. Focusing on daily comfort food for everyone, you’ll know you’re in good hands when you dive into their Kimchi Fried Rice. Just like how it’s meant to be served, it’s topped with a fried egg and a serving big enough for both lunch and dinner. 

Aside from their homemade Bokkeumbap, another dish you really need to try is their bestseller, Japchae (Korean glass noodles). We promise you won’t regret it. Just remember to order a day ahead as Namsan still runs on a PO-basis. It will be worth the wait!

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6. Rayjin Teppanyaki, Bali

Photo: Rayjin Teppanyaki

You wouldn’t think a Japanese fusion teppanyaki bar would serve a mean Kimchi Fried Rice, but Rayjin here is defying those odds. A contemporary menu with a wooden open-kitchen concept, it’s the go-to weekend casual dining spot in Bali’s foodie central of Seminyak. 

Paired with gyutan, or Japanese-style grilled ox tongue, their Kimchi Rice Gyutan Don is a ride of sensational textures and flavors. As Rayjin’s specialty is in Japanese fusion, you know it’s a dish you won’t regret! Only available for dining in, it’s best if you book your spot ahead especially if you’re coming with friends.

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7. Matshik, Surabaya

Photo: Matshik

A hidden gem of Surabaya, Matshik is a homegrown Korean kitchen born out of quarantine that specializes in Korean street food. They make fresh, preservative-free kimchi everyday, resulting in an irresistible bowl of Kimchi Fried Rice. It’s even a popular lunchtime order for city folks, especially with their sunny side up and nori topping. 

There’s so many other tempting items on Matshik’s menu but their most unique item is the Korean fried chicken coated with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. It’s a spicy sensation that pairs perfectly with Surabaya’s heat! Order these homemade creations through your favorite delivery platforms or even Tokopedia. 

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8. Perak Vegetarian, Medan

Photo: Perak Vegetarian

Who would’ve thought a vegetarian joint would be home to Medan’s best Kimchi Fried Rice? Perak Vegetarian isn’t a Korean restaurant but if you ask any foodie in Medan, this spot will definitely top the list for the best vegetarian eatery in the city. With their mouth watering assortment of fried rice, it's no wonder that their Kimchi Fried Rice is a gamechanger. 

Packed with flavor and cabbage crunch factor, this healthy take on Bokkeumbap is nutritious, delicious and of course, guilt-free. And if you’ve got company that’s not a fan of kimchi, Perak Vegetarian has other fantastic dishes for everyone. Have your orders delivered to your home, or try it on site with the family. 

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9. Chikin Oppa, Bandung

Photo: Chikin Oppa

Chomping down crispy Korean fried chicken in Bandung weather is always a good idea and here is where Chikin Oppa comes to the rescue. A newcomer to the scene, this home kitchen is bringing the hype for boneless crispy chicken to the city between the hills. And in better news, they’ve just recently introduced Kimchi Fried Rice to their menu. 

Chikin Oppa’s rendition of Bokkeumbap is simple and sits just right with the local taste buds. With a generous dried seaweed topping, you can rest easy knowing that you can get your Kimchi Fried Rice fix when you’re in Bandung. Available only for delivery, you can order it through your usual delivery platforms.

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10. Samwon House, across Indonesia

Photo: Samwon House

Samwon House is living proof that the Korean food trend has transpired across the Indonesian archipelago. With outlets in big cities like Jakarta, Semarang, Pekanbaru, Medan, Bali, Makassar, and Bandung, it’s good news for anyone anywhere craving for Kimchi Fried Rice!

Their Bokkeumbap leans more towards the traditional side, served atop of their iconic hot stone dolsot pot with raw egg yolk and tender slices of beef. On top of that, you can also try their classic Korean-style BBQ and other delightful Korean dishes. Head to a branch closest to you or get it sent straight to your dining table.


Read the article in Bahasa Indonesia: 10 Tempat Makan Nasi Goreng Kimchi Sekeliling Indonesia 



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