10 Impressively Easy Mothers' Day Recipes Your Family Can Make Together

10 Impressively Easy Mothers' Day Recipes Your Family Can Make Together

From the cutest heart-shaped savoury dishes, to an always-pleaser chocolate pancake, there's something everyone can make for mum this Mothers' Day

1. Dried Shrimp Sambal Rice Balls 

Things may just get a little messy in the kitchen, but after you're done frying the dried sambal paste, dimple your rice balls with a heart-shaped trace and fill in with sweet savoury sambal. It's delicious and a real photo-stealer. Plus, we're sure that with every bite, mum will remember this day for that very special plate of Dried Shrimp Sambal Rice Balls.

2. Oreo Chocolate Bowl Cake

Make a simple Oreo Chocolate Bowl Cake in the microwave with just six pieces of chocolate vanilla cream biscuits and cold milk. Microwave for slightly over a minute and now's the fun part. Dust over some icing sugar on a heart-shaped stencil, and roughly cut up some sweet citrusy mandarin oranges for a pop of colour on the side. Sweeten mum with chocolate, and balance it out with zesty fruits. Aren't you the thoughtful one? 

3. Heart-Shaped Chicken Patty Sticks

Cute as a button, and easy as 1, 2, 3. Make regular chicken patties with just a bit of seasoning and spring onions, and fry to a delicious golden brown. Grill to get those crisp, chewy meat bits that everyone (including mum) will chew on. Bring in the kids when shaping the patties, they'll love to put the "heart" into these Heart-Shaped Chicken Patty Sticks. An instagrammable Mothers' Day meal for sure. 

4. Ham and Cheese Bread Roll Sushi

Even if it's simple, you can always find a way to make it special. And with these Ham and Cheese Bread Roll Sushi, that's what you'll achieve. Grab bread slices (does she take wholemeal or white? How about raisin-filled?), ham, cheese (go gourmet if mum prefers a touch of fine today), lettuce (her health's important! Also, the crunch), and stack it on top the bread, roll it all up. The final's part the real clincher- cut cherry tomatoes into hearts and tie it to the bread using a tear of spring onion. You'll make her heart melt. 

5. Milo Dinosaur Chocolate Pancakes

Let mum wake up to a sweet familiar favourite - with a surprise. Whip up our Milo Dinosaur Chocolate Pancake and we guarantee a morning of laughs and joy on Mothers' Day. On top of the usual pancake ingredients, we throw in a good dose of Milo powder which gives the pancake a lovely malt chocolate flavour. Top it off with our easy coconut whipped cream and Milo powder (yes, more chocolate!) for added indulgence.

6. Chocolate Peanut Fruit Kebabs

If you've got young kids excited about making mum a meal, this is an awesome starter recipe for them. Involve the little ones by getting them to piece together the fruits and peanut chocolate while you do the “dirty” deed of melting the chocolate. Not only are these sticks of Chocolate Peanut Fruit Kebabs healthy, it will keep them happily entertained, and mum blushing with pride. 

7. Mala Molten Lava Cake

Is your mum up for an adventure? Then venture into making a Mala Molten Lava Cake. The ooey, gooey chocolatey cake now spiced up with hints of mala, it's a mouthful of rich cakey goodness. Pair it with vanilla ice cream to calm your palette from the spicyness of the mala paste and cut the bitter sweet richness of the chocolate.

8. Egg Custard Mochi Puff

Mum will smile with this custard-filled puffed pastry recipe. All you need is store-bought sweet custard balls, and puff pastry. Now, place pastries on the baking tray, drop a custard ball into a sheet, cover with another sheet and brush all over with egg wash. It's an easy enough recipe to have fun with, and you and the family could go on with great fun with the final step a pop in the the oven, and ta-daah! A bursting sweet custard pastry just for her.

9. Stuffed Tofu Pok

Stuffing a tofu puff is a fun, mess-free activity for anyone who wants to make something for mum, but is a novice cook, or just a rather lazy one. First you pinch out all the tofu flesh out of its skin, then combine it with some potatoes and have everyone roll it all into a ball and stuff it right back in. Then pop it into some hot oil for deep-frying. It's a creamy and tasty treat that mum will delight in.

10. Sticky Rice Banana 

Sticky rice with bits of banana, that's what mum will love. Since it's steamed, there's no messy splashing and spilling of oil or water. An easy clean-up for you, a fun activity for to make with everyone. A popular Thai snack, the Khao Tom Mud is a sweet coconut milk sticky rice with a centre of soft banana, something to enjoy. 

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